Monday, 29 December 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well after having a very good KissMouse with Mummy, Daddy, D'Boy, my brother Ramses and our housemate Tigmut'hep and our special guest Daddy's Mum (who Ramses rather liked!), it's time to get back to normal and celebrate my 2nd Birthday today! :) Yes, I feel it's about time I got more presents and extra yummy meals! ;) Not that Mummy's venison, pheasant, partridge and rabbit jelly for us cats on KissMouse Day wasn't the bestest thing we've ever tasted - but there is a time and a place for Applaws chicken too and that time and place is most definatly on my Birthday! :) Not to forget the added perks of having a nice big bowl of cat milk at lunchtime... ;) Oh yes that'll do me quite nicely, between sessions of batting my new 'nip cushion around the house!

Yes, I must admit that life here is sweet and that I'm enjoying all the best that life can offer! Talking of the best I think it's about time I payed a visit to my sweet Sen-Chan Mummy! :)

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Loud and Clear!

Well that's it I've decided to tell Mummy it's time to take me to visit Solo. I just can't wait a moment longer, honestly I did start telling her at 3:30am and she's still not taken the hint... What does a whoremoanall girlycat have to do to get her needs dealt with?! Oh what's that Mummy, I have to pack my bags and be ready to leave here in 45 mins!!!! :) Ok, I take back all the bad things I've said and thought for the last few hours - you really are the bestest Mummy ever and I promise to really enjoy myself. Ah, so I'm supposed to be Solo's combined Birthday adn KissMouse present all rolled into one am I?! ;) Oh and if I decide to mate with him today I could have 'ickle baby kittens due on Valentine's Day - well that's just too darn purrfect, I will do my bestest to seduce Solo in that case as Valentine's kittens would be so utterly wonderful! :)

So I'll be away for a few days, but I'm sure Ramses will keep you all up to date with anything interesting that happens around here during that time. Other than that I'm sure Mummy will start my Pregnancy Diary up again on our breeder website, so you can keep informed! :)

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Wonderful Wednesday...

Well yesterday wasn't half as good as we'd all hoped... I mean what's the use of having Daddy home only to have him take Mummy off to the Fizzy-O place for a vet man to come and stick a big needle in her and then to add insult to injury, not bring her straight home for some feline therapy?! Oh no he took her our KissMouse shopping for D'boy - I mean what does he want with catnip stockings and toy mice? It just doesn't make any sense to any of us...

However Mummy's come home now and is very pleased that she's found some local area postcards to send to people in the New Year. At long last she is pleased to say she's found a place that always has them in stock and they told her about 1 or 2 other places as well - so she's no longer feeling all crabby about that. Though I don't understand why she thinks other people will be interested in a herd of concrete cows?! While finding this place she's also seen a very "kyoot" coffee mug that is just right for Daddy to take to work, declaring his love for concrete cows - strange I though Daddy loved Abyssinian cats! ;)

With Mummy home today I'm hopeful of an afternoon chance to snuggle with her and have a good old nap. Mummy however says I must run around and play with the boys as that's more likely to bring on my "whoremoanall" feelings than curling up on her bed and snoozing will. I'll have to see about that though, as it's purrty cold and bed keeps calling to me... ;)

Tomorrow D'Boy is going to a lecture with a lot of the 6th Form at his school - Mummy says they're like Grade 12's in Canada. This is mega cool as D'Boy is only 12 yrs old and it's a science lecuture at the local University, given by a Professor from Harvard! This is because D'Boy is very good at science and is a part of the school's Astronomy and Space clubs. He's the only kid in his year to be a member of the Astronomy Club - the rest are over 3 yrs older than him and studying for their GCSE's and A Levels. I guess he'll need to be on his bestest behaviour for that!

The one redeaming feature of Daddy being off with Mummy yesterday was his bringing home a nice big turkey crown for our KissMouse dinner! What do you mean it's not all for us Mummy?! No, silly Mummy you've got that one all wrong... Turkey is for cats, just look at one of the labels on our Bozita - see it says "TURKEY for cats" - now you can't argue with the experts! ;)

Friday, 5 December 2008

Fun Friday!

Miss Peach is having a tea party today and celebrating her Mommy's Birthday too! I am therefore taking sweet little Tama-Chan (who is on her bestest behaviour) over there with a large plate full of shrimp puffs to help set things up. I trust that every girlykitty will turn up and join in the teaparty and maybe even some of the well behaved mancats might drop by and wish her Mommy a Happy Birthday, while not scoffing every treat in sight! ;)

Here are the first photos of my newest cousin, Julius Maximus Clawdius! He is 18 months old and has just gone to live with my Auntie Lyn and Uncle Jez. He's a very big boy as you can see from these photos - bigger than Tigmut'hep apparently! In fact he's so big Mummy's had to send our Uncle a list of supersized kitty litter trays to look at, the poor boy can't fit into a normal sized one! ;) I guess at least I have one furry family member now who won't say my butt is getting big when I'm pregnant... *giggle*

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Wishing on Wednesday etc...

Here I am wishing for a new book to read this Wednesday! Oh yes I really NEED this Book!!!! You see I am out of good kitty books to read and am planning on being pregnant soon so will need to put my paws up and relax with a good book then and this book about Dewey the Library cat seems to fit the bill purrfectly! :) You can learn more about this great book at Kimo & Sabi's bloggy...

Other than that I have learnt about the existence of a breed of kitty that I didn't know about before today! It seem there is a cat called a T-Rex I'm most impressed by it's cool name and think that it has rather purrty furs too, though of course mine are more purrty and special! ;) It's amazing what cool things you can learn on the internetty thing you know. Currently I am purrsuading Mummy to study my geniology at present she's got back to the 1960's, but I'm hoping she can get further back with all my relatives the thing is it's a growing project in every meaning of the word as for each kitty ancester I have, they had 2 and they in turn had 4, then 8 and so on! Though when Mummy pointed this out I did remind her that I wasn't asking her to look into all my aunties, uncles and cousins too! ;) You've just gotta help your beans stay focused on the job in paw, they're far too easily distracted - no wonder they're no good at mouse hunting! ;)

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Talkative Tuesday!

Well so much has been going on since last I put paw to computer it's hard to know where to start... I guess with my Exhibiting at the UK Supreme on Saturday is a good enough place! ;)

As I have mentioned I went to the UK Supreme Cat Show on Saturday and was the first and main Aby to be used in the talk on the breed in general. Showing me off as a wonderful example of type and temperament, with a nice talk from my breeder on the purrty ticking pattens on our furs - being a little lighter than some in the undercoat meant that everyone could see the lighter under furs on me. Though I must admit to sharing my furs around with Daddy as he held me for much of the talk and day in general so that people could come and see me close up and tell me how beautiful I am! I sincerly approved of that bit you know! ;)

Next my friend Baillee's Mum came over squeaking a lot as Baillee had won her 3rd CC and is now a Champion! Baillee is a sorrel girl and quite purrty, so I am very pleased for her, plus her momma cat lives with my big sister Noodle - so she's kinda family! :)

Then I met A.S. Cat in the fur and gave him a good talking to about not appreciating pedigree cats enough! It seems to have worked, well that or he was just mesmerized by my amazing beauty (I understand this can easily happen you know...) because he didn't argue with me one bit! :) I must say he's quite a nice looking mancat, especially for his age (not that my lovely Sen-Chan need worry, there's just no competition that can rival you in my affections!) Anyway A.S. Cat was very sweet and I think someone got a photo of the meeting, hopefully I will get my paws on a copy of this soon so I can share it with you all! :)

When we eventually got home I had a great big bowlful of Applaws chicken with Ramses and Tigmut'hep, while Mummy, Daddy, D'boy and Pete the kitty sitter had fish and chips. The Applaws was so yummy not even Tigs started begging for fish! ;) After that I took myself off to Mummy's corner of the bed and slept lots...

Sunday I did yet more sleeping and a little playing in the run too, even though it was raining most of the day. We also played with the cockerel feather Ramses former owner sent home for him with Mummy. It came off of Ramses fave cockerel! We also got a chicken feather from one of the chickens Ramses used to watch from his stud run - sometimes Ramses missed his chickens you see, although Mummy gets him lots of pigeon feathers it's not quite the same... So we now have some very special feather to play with! :)

Now yesterday we thought was going to be a good day, after all we had Mummy and the house all to ourselves most of the day. Then came the news that we had to go visit Hubert the Vet... Well none of us dislike Hubert, but then again he's a Vet - so it's hard to be sure what to make of him! He's nice to fuss and cuddle with than then the goes and turns on us and sticks needles in us or in my case steals some furs and bloods to do tests on... Though he was gentle and did keep telling me what a pretty girl I am and let me watch him do the lab test on my bloods to show that I'm clear of FIV and FeLV and can therefore go off and breed! This final bit of news is what clinched it for me and I have decided I still quite like Hubert. Ramses even agreed to let Hubert keep all his own bloods in place, which is pretty much a paws up from Ramses for any man - let alone a vet man! ;) Tigmut'hep even decided not to cry or loose control of his bodily functions at the vets, so all in all Mummy is very pleased with everykitty here right now - Oh Mummy doesn't that call for another tin of Applaws?! ;)

Friday, 21 November 2008

Fizzy-O Friday!

Well I certainly don't know what all the fuss about this Fizzy-O thing and Mummy's left shoulder is! I mean I decided to investigate it at 4am and found nothing interesting at all about it... I poked the shoulder, had a darn good sniff and eventually even licked it all over! There is nothing Fizzy at all in the taste or smell of Mummy's shoulder, it was maybe just a little warmer than the rest of her though and felt a little swollen (possibly even sore as she kinda woke up and moaned at me for poking at it). That was just before I started the taste test... The main shoulder just tasted of "Mummy", though when much prodding I did eventually get to try out the arm-pit area too which smelt and tasted a good deal different, kinda floral smelling but unlike any plant I've ever menaced, especially when it came to the taste! ;) I have to admit that by this point Mummy was becoming pretty wakeful and restless so I fled the scene back to the safety of my usual sleeping spot on her toes before I was ushered from the scene like some communal garden type Paparazzi! ;) That's right, nothing worth investigating can be kept from the eyes (or tongue) of this intrepid reporter... :)

Monday, 17 November 2008

We has Squirrel!!!!!!

For many years we have suffered a great deprivation here, one that no amount of manipulating Daddy or purring to Mummy could help with... Yes that most basic of needs for any cat, that of a squirrel of their own. One to plan elaborate attacks on and dream of tasting during the victory celebrations! Oh yes, we may have had doves and a good level of big fat juicy looking wood pigeons to visit the bird table every winter, with a chorus of suicidal frogs being born in our pond every spring, we even had the odd field mouse to watch from the perches in our run, but until yesterday morning we had no squirrel to call our own... :(

It's a hard life being a cat without a squirrel to dream about you know!

Oh yes, but what joy it bought to all of us when yesterday during breakfast that as last we had a squirrel to call our own! As soon as we got past the initial shock and joy, we of course started to dedicate a great deal of time to planning it's demise! ;) So far our planning is going well, we have worked out that the squirrel needs to be tempted down from the apple tree and into our garden. For this we're planning to use a large nut (or Tigmut'hep if we can't find a real nut, after all he's gotta be the next bestest thing!) Then Ramses and I plan to swoop down on squirrel and pounce good and hard. Of course it'll take a lot of training to accomplish this, so for now I'm off to practice my pounces with Ramses, while we leave Tigmut'hep on squirrel watching guard! I'm planning to swat at his tail at regular intervals to make sure he doesn't start sleeping on the job... ;)

Now were did I leave catnip squirrel, I'm sure he needs a good bunny kicking to get me in the mood! :)

Friday, 14 November 2008

Friday Exclusive

I've just got my paws on this breaking news in the cat world! Oh yes, you're right nothing gets past this eagle eyed Abyssinian unseen... ;) It seems that A.S. Cat's latest Press Release made it's way to my secret paw-mail address, so now I can share with you all this excerpt from it. Golly gosh, I think we may well find a new influx of British Cat Bloggers arriving here soon once they read this and come for a visit. I mean who can resist the power of the Blogsphere?! :)

Press Release

Subjest: A.S. Cat has Abyssinians in an Uproar
For Release: Exclusive to Cat World
Today's Date:
12th November 2008

A.S. Cat, emerging literary icon of the UK Pet World with his Life in the Cat’s Lane diary, has at least one breed of pedigree cats “spitting slugs,” if heated comment on the Isis Meows blog is anything to go by.While an online cat crit from one Isis D’Lynx gave the self-made moggy’s book a basic paws up, it nevertheless ended on a tail twitching note. Notably, Isis – who describes herself as “a beautiful pedigree female Abyssinian (cat) who lives in Buckinghamshire with her lovely half-brother Ramses who's a sorrel Abyssinian and Tigmut'hep who's big and black and often grumpy” -- his misguided assumption that all pedigree cats … are over-bred and useless. The result to date has been a furore of whisker-twitching responses posted on the Isis Meows webblog (, which is clearly devoted to giving a voice to Abyssinians worldwide.
Now Cat awaits crits from other Abyssinian reviewers from as far a field as the West Coast of America and France who are likely to be heavily biased by Isis remarks.

Never fear I'll be setting A.S. Cat right about the identity of my friends! Honestly I think he sees Abyssinians as elitists... Far from it we like pretty much all cats and most beans too - especially ones who come bearing Malt Kisses! ;)

Thursday, 6 November 2008

World Peace Day, plus my latest review - possible KissMouse presents for the Beans in your life!

Having spent most of yesterday taking Nana (who's blind) out and about, Mummy had to put her feet up yesterday evening to recover for a bit and decided to listen to one of her favourite silly CD's while I snuggled up with her. This was really the first time I've listened to this CD properly and since I found it so very funny I thought I'd share it with you all - well sometimes us kitties do get the urge to treat our beans to little KissMouse presents... ;)

Since I think the first track from the 1st CD pretty much speaks for itself I though I'd just write down the silly poem for you and let you all have a good giggle! :) The rest of the CD is pretty much just as funny, even if it's not all about cats... My other suggestion of good KissMouse presents for your beans are some of the "Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers" of Marc Gunn!

(words by Les Barker/music by Cindy Mangsen)
© 2005 Mrs. Ackroyd Music, MCPS / Compass Rose Music, BMI

The word 'futile' springs to mind;
Mission Impossible; yes, that's
The attempt to harness for mankind
The intelligence of cats.

You've made a basic error;
Now let me expound;
This master/servant thing's OK
But no, not that way round;

We don't do the faithful subject;
We don't do the daily grind;
You should never have attempted it;
Guide cats for the blind.

Give kitty so much trust
And we'll abuse the privilege;
You think you're going out?
You're opening the fridge.

You think I'm trying to help you?
I'm not serving man but mammon;
You think you've gained a faithful friend;
You've lost a plate of salmon.

I might lead you down the High Street;
I'll be back when I have dined;
We get very, very hungry being
Guide cats for the blind

It can't be very pleasant -
Of this I've little doubt -
To have your head stuck in a catdoor,
Whether facing in or out.

You could be here a day or two
One half out in the rain;
I've got to go; I've things to do;
Maybe I'll pass this way again.

A dog would go for help;
Cats are not that way inclined.
Cats have better things to do than being
Guide cats for the blind.

Of some matters I am ignorant,
But this I know for certain;
The best place for a blind man
Is not halfway up a curtain.

And why should he they have to be
Up on a roof at 4am?
It's the perfect place for me
But what's in it for him?

It was where I had to go
And he just tags along behind
I don't know why; only a fool would follow
Guide cats for the blind.

I once met a man called Pavlov;
From time to time, he rang a bell;
Simple toys make humans happy
But I have to say that, well,

I found it a disturbance, and
Poor chap, I think he knew it,
And soon he only rang his bell
When I wanted him to do it.

Did you ask for our assistance?
If you did, well we've declined;
Here we are, an oxymoron;
Guide cats for the blind!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Life in the Cat’s Lane - A Book Review by Isis D'Lynx

Life in the Cat's Lane

At first I was sceptical of this first paw account of life with a Chow Chow and a pretty poor excuse of an owner, but soon I found myself really enthralled by it.

You certainly get a good look at the workings of A.S. Cat’s brain as he works out how to use the invading foe (a.k.a. Dog) to his advantage. Not easy when faced with a dog who seems to be at least part cat, I mean it’s curious and very unpredictable for a member of the canine species! Though not once do you feel the need to pity cat (and a good job too and cats HATE pity), after all if Sooty had only but trained his alleged owner properly to start with, none of this would have happened surely…

Having pawed my way through the book, I feel I have learnt a number of valuable life lessons though. Firstly to extract a vow from Mummy, that I can have her committed if she ever so much as mentions the thought of bringing home a Chow! Secondly that given a good deal of training even the most scurrilous of owners or dogs might eventually be reformed. Lastly I am far more appreciative of Mummy now, seeing that she came to me well trained! ;)

The only bone I have to pick with A.S. Cat is over his misguided assumption that all pedigree cats or house cats are over breed and useless. This is far from the truth, especially where Abyssinians are concerned!

Isis D'Lynx
An Incredibly Superior Abyssinian Cat!

Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween!

I've been trying to look for some cute little bags to make for all my treats, but the only ones I have found so far are WAY too small for all the treats I want to get! Honestly they've got the scale all wrong, it should read 1 meter not 1 inch, well ok at least 1 foot... ;)

Happy Halloween Everyone

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Thinking Thursday...

This Thursday I've been thinking about what I could try Trick or Treating for! ;) For some reason it keeps coming back to the same few items that I'm most interested in getting my paws on...

Firstly my Malt Kisses, cause they're so darn yummy even if I don't get hairballs I desire all things malt flavoured!

Secondly there's my Malt Paste for the same reason... ;)

Then there's Nurish-UM, good for helping me keep up my strength and energy when I have kittens. I always look forward to this 'cause once more it tastes like Malt! :)

Now before you all start thinking I only ever think about stuffing my face full of Malt Flavoured Treats, my next most desired treat is Applaws Chicken! Oh how totally yummy, moist and chickeny it is. Although I guess at this time of year I really should be asking for their Chicken and Pumpkin flavour! ;)

Oh and never fear that I'd forget a nice bottle of catmilk to help wash it all down! Now, just how big does my goodie bag have to be and how to get Mummy to part with a little of all my faves on the big day?! ;)

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Winning Wednesday!

Wow, what a great response to my little Competition! I had Mummy put all the names on bits of paper and then put them in a bowl. Then I picked out (and run off with) the bits of paper I wanted most of all - though if I could I'd have let you all win a chance to get your paws on this book as so far I'm rather liking it - in that I'm feeling very sorry for poor A.S. Cat...

The results are as follows:
Sen-Chan - your name tasted really good, but Mummy could still read it! ;)
Kaze, Latte & Chase - it took a while for Mummy to rescue your piece of paper from under the sofa, but you're winners all the same! :)
Skeezix - I was a good girl and didn't yack up your bit of paper, but it did get batted a few times before I'd let Mummy have it back... You win too and will no doubt love the stylish pink and black cover - I'm pretty sure you can find a cute outfit to match it! ;)

Oh well off to e-mail the winners and make sure all the books get sent to the right addresses... Do you think I can now add secratarial skills to the list of my accomplishments? ;)

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Terrific Tuesday Competition Time!

Ok everykitty it's time for a really cool competition here! Since quite a few of you have shown an interest in the book "Life in the Cat's Lane" that I'm reading at present (with a little help from Mummy), the nice Author lady has said I can have 3 copies to offer to my friends who'd also like to review this book by A.S. Cat. If you think you can and would like to read this book in the next few weeks just let me know and make sure that Mummy has your proper mailing address so that she can make sure the books get sent to them...

Just remember that you'll have to put paw to computer and write a review of the book, like it or hate it A.S. Cat needs to know as your feedback is invaluable. Should he really make more time available in which to train his human? Should he give up all hope of ever living a peaceful life again and make an effort to like the strange doggy creature? Or are his gut feelings right and has his human has totally lost the plot?! ;) Be as scathing as you like, just be prepaired to have your review go to print along with a photo of you (just make sure your human remembers to make it a good one and not the one of you after too much nip or a night on the tiles!)

Oh and have fun! :)

Monday, 20 October 2008

Media Monday...

Well I have set myself a new task it seems, with a little help from Mummy I plan to read this fascinating book about a poor cat who's forced to share his house with a dog. What's worse is the dog thinks it's a cat part of the time and I tend to think that his owner isn't a skilled communicator as she doesn't seem to understand poor A.S. Cat's complaints... Well having met her and given her a quick interview it's pretty obvious she doesn't listen properly to A.S. Cat, even if she's quite a nice person! I've started to wonder if she might be related to my poor dear friend Yao-lin's slave as their feline communications skills do seem to be of a rather similar and grossly inferior level... Oh well we shall see as I make my way through this book over the next week or so. Once I've read it all I promise to give you all a proper book review so you can find out what it's all about! :)

Ok time to go drag Mummy off to help me read this, well I do need someone to put the reading light on and turn the pages you know - it's that lack of opposable thumbs thing once more... Dratted evolution

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Thwapping on Thurdsay

I've had a wonderful day thwapping my half-brother Ramses today... Oh yes there is little that beats a good thwapping betweens siblings! ;)

So far this has consisted of Ramses burrowing down Mummy's bed and my pouncing on him repeatedly, then once I got him back out of there I gave him a good chase around the house too... Since then we've been playing in the run mostly as I seem to have woken up with loads of energy today and a real desire for pouncing and thwapping! ;)

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Tremendous Tuesday...

It's defiantly a tremendous Tuesday today, what with Mummy getting older and all that...

To mark the occasion I decided to give Mummy a nice early wake up call, sitting on her chest and gently poking her in the face with my paws. This is exactly the view that she woke up to - personally I think it's just the best! :) Though I didn't manage to get Ramses bottom into the picture as well, he was trying to weld himself into Mummy's armpit as she woke up to this great view of me to make sure she felt extra wanted... ;)

D'boy got up shortly after I'd woken Mummy up and came in with two lovely birthday cards (with cats on them), one from him and one from Daddy (he'd been hiding them from Mummy) and a couple of new sudoku books to add to her presents she already knew about: new fluffy suede slippers, a very cuddly short hooded dressing gown (perfect for cat cuddling in) and a very pretty new nighty to go along with her fantastic new bed! :)

Mummy then had a lovely breakfast of Croissants and tea. She says she's saving herself for later when Daddy and D'boy are taking her out to dinner at a Japanese Tappanyaki Restaurant - I'm just trying to work out how I can smuggle myself into the restaurant as they have all sorts of yummy sounding meat and fish there! Oh and Mummy has a very posh looking chocolate torte thingy for pudding with a little cream, so if I can't make it to the restaurant I'll just have to settle for cream licking! ;)

Friday, 10 October 2008

Facts on Friday...

Well I have a few new and interesting Facts to share with you all this Friday... Oh yes it's far more interesting here than reading those silly bean "Gossip Columns" ;)

Firstly it's true that I'm taking part in the Catster Coolest Cat Competition this year, with that wonderful shot Mummy got of me climbing the cat run wire just like a great big squirrel - showing I'm more than just a stunning beauty, amazing mother and fantastic investigative journalist! ;) So do please take a moment to vote for me if you can...

Secondly I'd like to introduce you to the lovely Sorrel Aby Man, Solo. Seeing as my love Sen-Chan is not only geographically unavailable to me, but physically so, I've had Mummy looking around for the next best Aby Man to father my next litter of kittens! Oh yes it's big news indeed as Mummy has told me that if I want I can keep one of my daughters from this union at home with me here forever!!! :) So when I go to visit Solo in December, can you all keep your paws crossed that I come home with at least a few daughters in my belly, so I can pick my very favourite one to stay with me and my half-brother Ramses... I do so hope that all you girlycats agree with me over my next choice of mate, he really is quite the mancat you know! ;) *giggle*blush*

The last fact of the day is I was awarded this lovely charge card by Castle and this new brother Timmy. I plan to use it to by myself a really good and stinky catnip fishy at the next cat show we go to and then to buy in lots and lots of yummy Bozita cat meat too, as well as stock up on my Queen bikky at the Supreme where I'm Exhibiting myself to the public at the Abyssinian Cat Association stand in Club Row - so do pop along as say hello to me if you can, if not send your beans to the show and they can bring me lots of nice kitty friend smells to sniff! :)

I'd like to award this to Sen-Chan for being the bestest Boyfriend in the World! As well as to My half-brother Ramses pretty girlfriend Marie, so she can help her Mommy buy lots of things for the pink bean kittens she is expecting in the New Year! :)

Link to Catster now fixed, so please vote for me showing off my athletic climbing abilities - after all no feline can do "squirrel" quite like an Aby! ;)

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Trendy Tuesday

Being a budding feline supermodel isn't as easy as it sounds you know... Today I've been trying out a new look and while I rather like it, I don't think I'll be wearing it all the time - well just think of what my hair would look like after a visit to the kitty litter box! ;) Ok maybe that should read, DON'T think what it'd look like! However I do think they've done well to replicate the intricate beauty of each of my furs with this hair purrty blonde and it's great highlights and lowlights...

Oh well it makes a change from my needing a "Candy Stripe" outfit while I work around the clock to make all the family feel better. It seems my tireless devotion as worked wonders and D'boy made it back to school yesterday and today even Daddy managed to leave his sickbed and get back to work - although the vet has put him on yucky steroids until his asthma stops playing up as a result of this nasty case of manflu... Mummy is ok too, even though she had to go and have some of her bloods stolen at the vets this morning before breakfast - though I'm sure if I play my cards right I can have her back in bed for a cuddle soon! ;) I bet Ramses will help me arrange this if I ask nicely... :)

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Tremendous Tattle Tail Tuesday!

Well as promised some weeks back following my interview with Yao-lin's pretty slave lady, I have at last completed my investigative report into where Marie, Cassey and Donny have been for the past few months!

To get to the bottom of all this I have been in secret correspondence with Marie for some weeks now and can confidently tell you that Marie now has good reason to suspect that her Mommy hasn't just been eating too many cream cakes!

In the beginning Marie suspected that her Mommy was just very sleepy and then she started to get a little more comfy to sit on too... This continued for a while and got Marie a little worried for a time as in the past her Mommy's been very ill indeed and only because Marie's Big Brave Daddy could help her Mommy, that she get better again! Even so she's got to watch her health closely for the rest of her life... So you see Marie, Donny and Cassey have all been taking turns to keep an eye in their Mommy now so she stays fit and healthy!

Anyway after weeks of worrying Marie, her Mommy came home with something called a sonogram picture, it seems she's in kitten and is now coming up for week 20!!!! :) It'd be so much easier if humans would just "pink up" you know... So when Marie finally told me this, I was able to reassure her that being in kitten made you very tired at times, as well as hungry, and that she needed to help look after her Mommy a lot now. She assured me that she is doing this, but said that it's taking all her spare time as well as Donny and Cassey's. Sadly this is making blogging impossible for now at least and quite possibly for quite some time to come... After all kittens need a lot of care and feeding, even if you only have one at a time and it's all pink and fur less! ;)

So it seems quite likely that Marie's Mommy will be having her big pink people kitten in early to mid February, in the meantime Marie will stay in touch privatly and keep me up to date with it all. :)

I was also wondering if some kitties would like to help me sort out a little package of goodies for the new people kitten once we know if it's a boy or girly one?! I'm not sure if it would like one of the toy mousies my kittens so enjoyed, and it'll be way too young for catnip, but I'm sure a few of us can come up with some good ideas if we ask our Mummies! :)

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Things on Thursday

Well I've been helping Mummy tidy up some of my things today and even got her to photograph some of them. Oh yes these are my purrty ribbon things from the cat shows as well as my big shiny medal. So that I looked the part I decided to wear my other shiny thing, yes thanks to the gorgeous and adoring Yao-lin I have the most wonderful Coco Chanel diamond collar! :)
Anyway after much assistance and even more close snoopervision Mummy got things right and took the pictures I asked for. Now I can show you all the amazingly purrty rosettes I have been given by nice people wearing white coats recently (I had a good sniff at them all and non smell like vets, so I think they must be show judges!).

Firstly there are all my ribbons and my lovely Best of Breed medal from the Three Counties show where I interviewed Yao-lin's pretty slave lady. I'm especially fond of my medal as I'm sure you can imagain... :)

Then there's the 1st place Open Rosette from the Herts & Midds Show a few weeks ago where I won my second Challenge Certificate and of course the Best of Breed Rosette from there too, it's so purrty and reminds me of a glittering star! :) Lastly there are my 1st, 2nd and 3rd from all the side classes I took part in at the Herts & Midds Show. I think they're all very purrty and have been adding my demands that Daddy hurry up and get my ribbon display case put up in Mummy's study to my list of things to moan and yowl about for now...

Well I do like to moan when things don't get done to my satisfaction! ;)

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Wailing on Wednesday...

Well seeing as I'm on a role I thought I might as well wail all Wednesday too... After a very good sleep snuggled up on Mummy's feet I decided to start off the day on a high note so to speak! ;) Oh yes I was noticed by both Mummy and Daddy too when I decided that I needed to start complaining about the lack of suitable male companionship of the type I desire at 4:55am. In fact they were somewhat of a captive audience as I stood in the doorway and reached for the high notes! ;)

Seeing as I already have hit the big time as a beauty pageant contestant, been very successful as a model as well as breaking into journalism as an investigative reporter and all the while being a mother of 4 at a relativity young age - well you can see why I'm considering taking up Opera singing too! ;) I'm just not sure Mummy and Daddy are as keen on my constant practising of late and for some reason both Tigmut'hep and Ramses have taken to hiding when I do it too... I think this has something to do with Tigs taking too much 'nip, or was it not enough?! I'm not sure which but it's certainly one of the two! ;) Ramses on the other paw is just being a silly Mummy's boy, well honestly he burrowed under the covers when Mummy was making the bed this morning...

Looks like I'll have to make do with gazing at Sen-Chan's picture and dream of a visit to my next professional boyfriend, 'cause Mummy says if I keep up my Opera practice she's going to get some ear plugs!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Traumatic Tuesday

Oh yes it's all very traumatic today... Mummy had to get up extra early to get Daddy and some other people from his company off to London for a seminar today, didn't he know I was having a lovely time fussing Mummy before the alarm went off?! Well I was and it was all very nice, I'd had an ear rub and a chin rub, a nice stroking and was working my way around to getting a good belly rub and on came the alarm! :( Look into these pleading eyes and do you not feel for my plight? Can't you see how much I need a good belly rubbing and maybe 30-40 minutes of good grooming too just to make up for the rude interruption to my pleasure... Oh how I suffer, just like my ardent admirer Yao-lin - he knows how hard it is to get enough attention! I know my gorgeous boyfriend Sen-Chan would have obliged and groomed my belly purrfectly if only he was here by my side... So I think it only fair that I wail at the top of my lungs all day long, demanding the attention of all who hear me even if it's making Tigmut'hep try to cover his eyes and ears with his paws in an effort to sleep through it all! ;) Mummy says he as a hangover and we're not to tease him *all* the time about it - ok Mummy I'll just tease him *most* of the time! :)

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

Well after a very busy morning peace has at last returned to the house here... Dad's off to work and D'boy is at his new school looking very smart in his grown up school uniform! Before he left the house Mummy made sure his collar was done up and that he had his name on everything - I guess this is because she hasn't had him microchipped yet... I'm not sure why this is, as my kittens were a lot smaller than D'boy when they got theirs! Then again they were old enough to leave home a few days later, so maybe Mummy's waiting until D'boy is 16-18 yrs old... ;)
Anyway the thought of collars and getting ready for shows bought me back to the lovely gifts my ardent admirer Yao-lin sent me via his pretty slave lady... I really must get around to posing in my new Coco Chanel diamanté collar for a start, but I think I'd like to twin it with my gorgeous Best Of Breed Medal, so I will be sending Mummy out for a little black velvet ribbon soon. I think I shall pose against either the black or red background for that shot once I have the required ribbon and Mummy has sorted it all out for me. Yes I am sure that not only Yao-lin will like that, buy my beloved Sen-Chan! :) I have also been looking through my new dressing up box also supplied to me by my devoted admirer HRH Yao-lin (well you see he recognizes class and breeding when he sees it) and thinking about trying on that cute little Hawaiian outfit... Tigmut'hep says he has dibs on the nice warm scarf and blue Deer Stalker as he's the biggest Venison lover in the house! Ramses seems to think the leopard print hat will look best against his colouring, but is willing to share it with me in a most sweet and brotherly fashion if I want it too... :)
Anyway for now you'll all have to make do with a few of my professional photos taken by Robert Fox a few weeks ago at the Three Counties Cat Show. Thanks to him my Mummy now has a little handbag with my photo printed on it, just right for taking to cat shows I think! :)
This photo above is the one on Mummy's handbag! :)

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Thursday Thirteen

My list of 13 reasons why Mummy's been keeping us cats from the internet lately:

1. Something she calls "having a life", we all disapprove of this as you can imagine.
2. Repainting the dinning room and kitchen as well as retiling the kitchen - it's called DIY I hear...
3. D'Boy came home and bought home the mother of all laundry piles!
4. Getting D'boy ready to go to "Big School" - really Mummy we can teach him all that's needed here at home! ;)
5. Cleaning up after the DIY
6. Getting gorgeous professional photos done of me! Ok, so I don't disapprove of this one! ;)
7. Taking me to cat shows and letting me wow the judges! Ok, so I don't mind that one either... :)
8. Taking me for long car rides in my little luxury PTU, look Mummy I've told you what I think of this one repeatedly and occasionally very loudly too! ;)
9. Researching Aby genetics and looking for good matches for my next eeer professional boyfriend. Well the end results of this are nice, but the rest is boring Mummy!
10. Spending squillions of hours on the phone talking to other Aby breeders about eer professional boyfriends. Again this is boring Mummy!
11. Mummy driving all over the place to look at eer professional boyfriends from her "short list". Errr, Mummy I like my mancats tall and gorgeous, none of this short stuff ok! ;)
12. Mummy spending squillions of hours looking over these lucky few potential eer professional boyfriends. Well at least she comes home smelling Wonderful!!!!!! :) Come on Mummy let me sniff those trousers again before you wash them... ;)
13. Sticking nasty cotton swabs in my purrty little mouth in order to steal my skin cells for genetic testing. Look Mummy I told you I was perfect, but you insisit on having some geek in a white lab coat tell you so too, so don't blaim me for wanting to put the bitey on you! :P

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Meezer Monday - The Truth Comes Out at Last!

Well as you all know, our good friend HRH Yao-lin is a truly tortured soul, having to share His Island with Baby Mao while putting up with a Slave who seems to lack the required training levels needed to meet his high regal standards...

While this reporter found the Slave to be utterly charming and lot prettier than Yao-lin had led us to believe, we understand his deep and unrelenting suffering. Being unique, superior in all ways and utterly regal to the very core of his being, poor Yao-lin finds it difficult in the extreme to put up with anything less than purrfection. While no doubt well intentioned his Slave is no purrfectionist... I mean when he demands Steak for the Royal Dinner, she offers him beef flavour cat food! Oh yes and it doesn't end there... When he feels the need for a little shrimp or lobster, he is served with nothing more than a bit of fish or some fishy smelling food from a tin of all things! His Slave also refuses to cook individual meals for him and Baby Mao, nor does she believe in taste testing each and every dish before offering them up to him! Yes, I too was shocked to hear all this, but it seems the Slave was happy to confess all under my amber eyed gaze...

One of Yao-lin's main issues is the lack of round the clock care for his Royal Self, to this charge the Slave admitted her guilt, mumbling something about "having a life" - it seems the demands of a single gorgeous Royal Meezer are not enough for her... Yes, this is his other big complaint! Why have Baby Mao around, if she can't look after his demanding needs to the level of purrfection he requires?! So it's not so much that he hates Baby Mao, as he hates anything and anyone who adds to the distractions his easily distracted Slave uses as excuses for his exceedingly poor care... Plus Baby Mao's happy acceptance of the afore mentioned low standards in the Slave just add to poor Yao-lin's growing disgust. To quote Yao-lin, "How can such a creature call himself a Meezer?" This reporter feels that if Baby Mao could only learn a little more meezer like behaviour from Yao-lin and shun the Slave and recoil in horror at the mealtime offerings, they might just get along a little better... Sadly Baby Mao is still a sweet and trusting boy, full of love and affection for all - if coming with a decidedly "interesting odour", best not described. ;)

Now to answer a few of your specific questions:

The lovely Miss Peach asked:
Where do you buy his colorful contact lenses?
- As you all know eyes are the mirror of the soul and extreme suffering and the colour blue go paw in paw with each other, Yao-lin's gorgeous eyes are this startling colour of blue purely because of his extremes of neglect...

The insightful Castle wondered:
Is Yao-Lin's slave surprised that Yao-lin has stuck around, and not wandered off to find a new home? - Oh he does on a daily basis, but sadly His Island seems to be inhabited by a truly inferior level of slavekind and he has yet to bribe the ferryman to smuggle him over to the Mainland!

My guru and mentor Daisy enquired:
Is it difficult to find royal fashions that suit Yao-Lin's high standards? - Oh yes! His Island lacks a pet Fashion Boutique, such as should be found in any truly civilized Principality... This has lead to some online ordering mishaps because the Slave just wouldn't listen and as you all know clothing sizes around the World differ.

Goldie simply needed to find out:
Does Yao-Lin really hates Baby Mao ALL the time? This was easy to answer... Oh Yes!

While lastly, Shade wished to know the following:
Does the Slave walk in on moments of cuddling and grooming once in the rare while? Most emphatically not and you should wash your mouth out for so much as suggesting that the Royal tongue might so much as willingly touch Baby Mao's odoriferous fur!

In conclusion, Yao-lin's sufferings are real, profound and ongoing, although his Slave is far nicer than he'd have you think as is the cute Baby Mao - as long as you remain up wind of him! So there you have this reporter's full findings on her maiden assignment. I think my next one might be an exposé on what has happened to cause the lovely Marie's long spell of blog silence recently... I tell you folks this will not be one to miss! :)

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Super Saturday!

Oh what a wonderful day it has been, I have the makings of a really wonderful bit of investigative reporting to share with you once I have had sufficient beauty sleep! To add to that I had 3 more BIG FIRST's today!!!!

Yes, I won the first of the 3 Certificates that I need to make me an Official Champion today, as well as wining Best of Breed - meaning I was the very best Aby at the Show today! :) This was utterly amazing as two of my friends from Silversmoke were there and they both won huge milestone Certificates making one a Grand Champion and the other an Imperial Grand Premier as of today. To round off a wonderful day, Mummy took me to have my photo taken by a proper professional photographer! That's right I did proper professional modeling and was brillaint at it - all those tips from Daisy really have paid off and I wowed the photographer as well as Mummy and Dad! :) Now I just have to count the days until the photos arrive!!! :)

Oh and Mummy ordered herself a little handbag to be made with a photo of me printed on it, so she can show all the World her utter devotion to me! :)

I so liked Yao-lin's Mum eer Slave that I let her take phones of me with some of my nice new ribbons. Though since I understand she likes food just as much, if not more than Yau-lin, I have left him a detailed message as to the contents of his "Care Package" we sent home with her, so that he can question her if she arrives home full, while his "Care Package" is missing certain items... ;) Well you do have to be careful when dealing with sensative items like food around most humans - I put my Mummy's own acceptance of the fact that she can never ear a whole steak without feeling the overwhelming urge to share it with all us cats down to her being well trained by her Meezer queen many, many years ago. For this we are all greatful to Meezerkind in general, as you may imagain! However, I will not let this fact cloud my journalistic integraty and I shall soon report to you in great depth about the deep suffering poor Yau-lin puts up with on a daily basis...

Oh and the gorgeous pin-up photos of Yao-lin and the nice box of cute dressing up fashions that the generous and lovely Yao-lin sent us to play with will have no affect either, nor the primo 'nip he sent for Tigmut'hep (even getting him his most favoured brand). Oh no I am strictly professional in all my dealings as you shall all see very soon! :)

Now hurry up and take some photos of my new medal and purrty ribbons Mummy so I can show all my friends...

Thursday, 14 August 2008

My latest career move...

I have decided to take a leaf from my friend and mentor Daisy the Curly Cat's book and launch my new career as a investigative reporter! Oh yes, I have an impressive first assignment too, I am off to interview Yao-lin's wayward and generally inadequate slave! I am also planning to look over all her purchases for Yao-lin and Baby Mao to make sure that they reach the highest standards possible - she won't be allowed to take him home general tat for a change... Oh no, nothing but the best will do for Yao-lin! :)

If any of you have questions you think I should pose to the slave, do let me know in the next 24-36 hrs so that I have time to remember them all before the big interview takes place! Oh and watch this space for the full report on Sunday or Monday - well I must get my beauty sleep in after a big day out! ;)

Be the First to Find out if
This is The Face of Suffering?!
For this level of truly unbiased upcoming investigative reporting and so much more, TT's family have awarded me with this most impressive award! :) Unlike my silly Brother Ramses, I have remembered that such awards need passing on, so I am pleased to pass this most prestigious award to:

Sen-Chan - for being both gorgeous and interesting all the time!

Skeezix - for his tireless reporting on Vishus Deer!

Princess - for all her lovely little quotes and being the sort of ladycat I hope to be one day!

Miss Peach - for always being by my side when I need her and always being sweet, kind and thoughtful to all cat and kittenkind! :)

Monday, 28 July 2008

Moaning Monday

Mummy says I've been moaning all weekend, well ok so she's right this time - but if she'd only get me a mancat here and now I promise I'd stop moaning in a few days time once my eer needs had been met! ;) It seems that Dad won't listen to me either even though I keep throwing myself at him he keeps claiming that he's not the right man for the eer job... ;) It seems only my lovely boyfriend Sen-Chan thinks I'm desireable at the moment...

So here I am all hot and bothered, with weather to match my mood so no one's getting much sleep around here. At least we got some icey cool catnip and chicken jelly added to our brekfast meat to help us all cool down and relax! :)

Anyway I'm back off to complain to Mummy some more - I know if I wail loud enough for long enough she'll listen to me, after all when I wailed loudly at New Years I got to go for a week's visit with the lovely Dan! ;) Now I know that moaning works there is no stopping me! ;)

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Thursday 13

At last Mummy's got a little more time to help me type my bloggie! She's had a very busy week so far, but as she's a good Mummy she's taken time to help me post my 13 things I'm feeling glad or greatful about or for that matter have been thinking about today! :)

1) I'm glad that Mummy got a phone call from Canada at 1am to tell her that D'boy had arrived safe and sound - after all this gave me an extra chance to get a fussing! :)
2) I'm glad that Dad was so tired from all the driving yesterday that he didn't want to get out of bed this morning as this gave me more time for fussing! :)
3) I'm glad that I had an e-mail from Delta and Dandy yesterday to tell me all about their nice new names and with photos to show me how much they've been growing! :)
4) I'm glad that Dad appreciated my trying to cover him back up with this blankets this morning, even if I only managed to tuck his feet back in before he decided he really did have to get up for work... :)
5) I'm glad that Ramses had a really good brushing from Mummy this morning as I now have a new fur ball to play with - you can easily roll his soft under fluff hair up into a nice firm but light weight ball to play with - I have less under fluff so my fur doesn't make as good a balls as Ramses' fur does. :)
6) I'm grateful that Mummy and Dad had a nice visit with some stud boys yesterday afternoon, one of them may become my next eer professional boyfriend sometime in December I think... :)
7) I'm very grateful to have a gorgeous boyfriend of my own who's very understanding of my eer needs! :)
8) I'm grateful that live with my half-brother Ramses as he's so much fun to play with, even if he's a total Mummy's boy most of the time! :)
9) I'm also grateful that it's hot and sunny today as we have all the time in the run what we want today, unlike yesterday when we had to stay indoors while Mummy and Dad were out... :)
10) I'm very grateful we have the run to play in and hear that we may be getting a new climbing toy made for it as Mummy and Dad saw some yesterday and think they can make me one too! :)
11) I think Dad is very tallented at DIY and I'm very grateful for this as he can build me more climbing toys with a little help from Mummy! :)
12) I think Mummy left the bedroom door open and has the windows open on the safety latch (so we can't have an accident or get out), so I think I shall go and lay on her new bedspread in the cool and have a nap now that I'm tired out from playing tag with Ramses! :)
13) I think I shall probably dream of my lovely boyfriend Sen-Chan and covering him in kisses like his doggy friend Sweetie-Pie did! :)

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Triumphant Tuesday

Oh yes I'm certainly triumphant this Tuesday as I've got my very own gorgeous French Mancat Boyfriend! Better still he's utterly gorgeous as well as a talented gourmet cook... What more could a ladycat wish for?! Well yes a basket full of sweet little kittens, but I've had one of those already and Mummy says I can have another next year if I'm a good girl - so I guess I have it made! ;)

Sen-Chan is a sorrel just like my half-brother Ramses is, it's such a purrty colour just like my Mummy's head furs in fact! :) This means that Sen-Chan has purrty little pink toes, unlike my lovely black ones. It also means that his nose if a pretty shade of dusky pink, where as mine is more a pale brick red in colour. Like Ramses his belly fluffs are a lovely deep apricot colour, where as mine are more golden. The ticking on his furs is less obvious than mine too as his under fluffs are sort of apricot, then he has a lighter band of colour, another band of apricot and then topped off with cocoa coloured tips to each fur! Mine however go from golden apricot to light, to golden apricot again tipped with black - yes we do have very complicated furs, but they're very purrty furs and soft and shiny to the touch! :)

Monday, 7 July 2008

I Wanna Mancat Monday...

So many of my friends have boyfriends that today I'm thinking about getting myself a mancat of my own really seriously... You see I've seen one I rather like the look of and well I'm not sure what to do next!? I keep looking and I think he's noticed me, but that's it so far...

Ramses says I lack patience, but really I wanna boyfriend now! I've been thinking of placing a wanted ad, but can't quite come up with the wording for one... This is just as good as it gets so far:

Wanted: One gorgeous male Aby for hours of mutual grooming and appreciation. Must be a gourmet cook or have access to one as I like the finer things in life, especially if they contain chicken! ;) Must be able to face the prospects of an open relationship as I wanna be a momma cat again and therefore must like looking at little Aby kittens and telling me how pretty they all are and how wonderful I am for producing them!

Yes, I think that sums it up nicely... All candidates will have to put up with extensive grooming too and can't squirm their way out of ear cleaning time... Come on boys you know I'm worth it! ;)

Friday, 4 July 2008

Free Friday, Family Friday...

I must say I'm really getting into this single life again! ;) I've had the most wonderful games of "Kitty Tag", "Bop" and "Herd of Thundering Elephants" with not just my half-brother Ramses, but the grumper Tigmut'hep! Yes, it's strange but true Tigmut'hep can play games and not constantly moan about how he's Da'Boss and us needing to show him respect... If he keeps this up I may well have to start liking him! ;)

Today is a big day though, it's the day where everyone in the USA celebrated my Nana's Birthday! :) Isn't it fantastic the way Americans have parties and set off fireworks just to celebrate my Nana's special day?! Sadly not many UK residents have taken up this tradition, although Mummy and all our family do and although they can't have a big party this weekend as a lot of them are busy they are having one next weekend! :) Of course we're offering our services in helping to eat up any left over meat, along with Nana's dog Misty... ;) I'm sure many of my Feline American friends will be offering the same sort of services for their own humans, if not please forward all left over steak this way please! ;)

Other than that I've had a few nice messages from my kittens to let me know that their humans are being very good to them and that they are very happy in their new homes! :) I do so love hearing from them and knowing that they are happy and healthy and getting all the love and fuss they require...

Friday, 27 June 2008

Free Friday...

It's been a very free week for me here as D'boy's been off visiting Yao-lin's Island, so I've had more Mummy time - especially since Mummy has a sore left shoulder from a big needle being poked in it! She's had to take more rest and relaxing time and she has therefore needed her feet slept on more than normal. This is a job that only I can do properly as Tigmut'hep is so heavy that he cuts off the blood supply to her feet when he tried and my half-brother Ramses is a fidget bottom! ;) I on the other hand have a nicely shaped bottom and don't fidget all the time, so Mummy can almost forget I'm there and really relax properly... :)

This skill of mine is appreciated by the boy cats here as it means that since I'm being good and sleeping quietly on Mummy's feet that they have to be let into the bedroom so that I could get out if I needed to use the kitty litter in the night! Oh yes my sweet ladlylike way of getting my own patch of bed means that even Tigmut'hep is starting to appreciate me more fully and he's only really ever appreciated catnip and a full foood bowl before! ;)

The other great thing that's happened here this week is that the pretty "Candy Cat" catnip plant has been in flower for the first time! This is definatly the sort of 'nip for a ladycat, it's just so pretty! :)
The only downside to this week has been hearing that my Grandmakitty on my Mommacat's side of the family, passed away from cancer at the age of 11 yrs. I knew her well as she lived with me, my sister Mynx, Mommacat "Candy" and Grandmakitty "Bella" as well as big sister Fantasy and lots of my other relatives too until I got big and left home to live with my half-brother Ramses, the grumper Tigmut'hep as well as Mummy, Daddy and D'boy. So having extra Mummy toe snuggle time has been extra special as I've been a little sad about Grandmakitty and knowing that my breeders would be very, very sad as they had been there for Grandmakitty since the day she was born right to the very end... They've had a pretty rough year in fact as this is the 3rd cat they have lost in just about 6 months, one other being my Great, Great Grandpakitty "Buck" at 2 weeks short of his 17th Birthday. The other was my cousin "Vinny" who was born with heart trouble and so who'd stayed with them too and been nursed for close to 3 yrs - it was amazing since the vets didn't think he'd live for more than a few months given his condition...

Friday, 20 June 2008

Free Friday...

Well all the kittens are gone now and I can have a Free Friday... I think like Mummy I have mixed feelings about the kittens leaving home, though my titties are feeling very happy about it and a lot less pink! ;) Which is good as it didn't go that well with the pretty aquamarine and teel of my ribbons! :)

I must admit that the cat show was kind of nice, lots of special people in white coats fussed me and told me I was looking great - silly people I knew that already! ;) But it's nice to hear it all the same... :) The vets at the show loved me and the head vet said he'd been very tempted to become my Daddy when I was little, if only he didn't have so many Abys already at home he'd have happily taken me home too! So he was pleased to see I have a lovely Mummy and Daddy anyway and have had some georgeous kittens recently too. I think he may well keep an eye on my future kittens if he has room for an extra Aby at home! :) He's also trying to get a special study done of a large section of the Aby population over here, mostly to do with our eyes and DNA - so I think I'll be seeing him again later in the year and maybe bringing my vet Hubert along with me! Well Hubert is badly smitten by my beauty and is getting very interested in cat shows now too... I guess I'm starting to think of him as "My Pet Vet" *giggle*

Well I must go and help Mummy pack D'Boy's case for his trip to Yao-Lin's Island next week, I was thinking Yao-Lin and Baby Mao might like me to send them a few of my georgeous furs via D'Boy's clothes, so bringing a little extra female glamour to their Island! ;)

Friday, 13 June 2008

Family Friday and Farewell...

Today my lovely little lion boy Django leave here to go off with his new Mum and explore his own home for the first time! I think I am ready to let go of the kittens now as I'm starting to appreciate the peace of not having them constantly around me... Though I love them and and will miss them, it's time for me to have some "Isis time" and so I've been spending most of the last few days almost attached to Mummy! :) It's so peaceful in her office, though I can hear the kittens in the run below her office window and know that they're playing nice with my brother Ramses and our housemate Tigmut'hep... ;) Although I scratched my chin earlier in the week and made Mummy panic about my even being fit for the big cat show I think it's ok now and so even if I'm not looking quite my best I should be able to show! I just have to hope that all the other Abys at the show have some similar now! ;)

The other reason I'm sticking to Mummy like glue is that I'm sad about my sweet friend Storm leaving us this afternoon... I shall miss her very much, but have promised her to remember her and always be there for her wonderful Mum and loving brother Castle. I shall certainly do all these things my friend and wish you a peaceful crossing over the bridge...

Friday, 6 June 2008

Final Full Family Friday

Oh yes that time has come at last and the first of my kittens Dizzy (with the amazing ear tufts) will be leaving home to go and live with a lovely Fawn coloured lady Aby (Willow) and her humans! :) At least this means that these humans will be well house trained, just like Mummy and Dad are! ;) Actually having met them, I think Dizzy is going to have a wonderful life and I think he and Willow will be great friends in no time! :)

I hear I'm also due a bath! It seems I need to look my level best next Saturday for my cat show debut so will be getting all washed and brushed over the next few days as well as being booked in for a pawdicure next Thursday so that I have a chance to blunt off any little sharp edges they might leave to my full satisfaction. Apparently it's seen as poor form (or should that me paw form?!) to try and blunt your claws off on the Judges! ;)

Anyway since I only have a little while longer with my little Dizzy boy, I shall go now and leave you all with a couple of photos taken of the kittens last night. In the brown bed showing off his spot #13 as well as all his mancat bits is Dandy, cuddled up with is sister Delta. On the black blanket are Django and Dizzy! :)

Friday, 23 May 2008

Family Friday and Farewell Bonnie

Here's my sweet little daughter Delta Peach for Miss Peach as she's celebrating her 1st Blog Anniversary. Hasn't she grown into a little beauty, just like her namesake! :) She's such a sweety too and loves to cuddle and is nearly as passionate about all things milky as me, so much so that I occasionally have to point out her age when she starts looking at the milk bar all hopeful like! ;)

Other than that we've had some really sad news that our lovely friend Bonnie Underfoot has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. It seems her little heart just gave out and it's been a dreadful shock to her loving family as it was very much unexpected... Our thoughts are therefore with them and Victor who will be lost without his lovely grumpy Bonnie to thwap him and keep him in his place!