Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Tattle Tail Tuesday!

Well everykitty, here's the latest gossip for you... It seems that Mummy's not content with just helping D'boy with his homework or with helping Daddy and his Post Grad studies - on no, she's gone and enrolled in a course that focuses on Feline Reproduction! Maybe it's something to do with my constant moaning about wanting a nice new boyfriend to eer "play with" that's made her think of this... ;)

However it could well mean that I'm a little more restricted over my blogging time, not that having a total chatter box for a daughter hasn't done that to a great extent all ready! ;) Honestly getting little Setra to stop asking questions for 5 minutes is hard at times, she just has to know what everything is and how it all works too... I have to keep telling her over and over things like; "Lego's don't go in the mouth, but are for batting under the furnature!" It's all a little annoying when my mind is preoccupied with thoughts of gorgeous and muscular Abyssinain males... ;) Well that and how to keep ones cool in all this heat we're having (currently 28-30C) and Mummy says it'll be hotter tomorrow, maybe as much as 32 or 33C!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Marvellous Monday!

Honestly this is just the most marvellous Monday ever! I had such an incredible weekend with Mummy, Daddy, D'boy, Unca Pete and Auntie Gina, plus her Mummy too. First of all I was woken up early after a night of snuggling with Momma Isis on Mummy's legs to a very early breakfast and lots of love. Then after I'd eaten some of D'boy's scrambled eggy and he'd gotten himself all ready I gotted to go for a car ride to collect Unca Pete at Jordan's house - she's the kitty Mummy and Daddy kitty sat the other weekend... The we went off on a long car ride and they let me sing all the way and ask if we was there yet a LOT! :)

When at last we was there, I gotted to have a cuddle with a lovely ladyvet called Sue who seemed to know who Mummy and Momma Isis were and who kept telling me how purrty I am - so you just know she's a very smart ladyvet! :)

After that I gotted to have cuddles with Daddy while I had a look around the hall we were in while Mummy and D'boy made up my "show pen" with my white fuzzy snuggly and one of the little white blankets I used when I was a baby, plus one of my fave little litter boxes, water and food. Then I got to sniff lots of other Abys! There was Auntie Mynx, Momma Isis sister and Granny Candy, Momma Isis and Auntie Mynx's Momma and half-uncle Shanty too. Then Auntie Gina arrived and Unca Pete got all mushy on her and I gotted to see Momma Isis' Cousin Baillee (who some of you might know).

Once all the kitties were in and sorted out all the Mummy's and Daddy's left their kitties to go visit with some vet looking people that Mummy says are called Judges. I did mega cuddling with them and once Mummy and Daddy came back from their walk and lunch they found out that I did the purrtiest cuddling of all the little Aby girls of my colour and age group! :) Then the purrty ribbons started arriving and the nice coloured cards with my name on them, this made Mummy squeal with joy nearly as loudly as Auntie Gina who'd come back to find out that Cousin Baillee had done just as well in her colour and age group! :) Then came the big bits of flappy white paper that Mummy got really squeaky about telling her that I'd won lots of Trophies too. All in all I came home with 4 trophies and Baillee gotted 2 of her own as well, one that's really purrty - a bronze of an Aby stretching out after a nap - that's because she was the purttiest Sorrel at the show! :) Sadly there was a really cute usual boy kitten who won the BOB for usual kittens, but since I'd won the best of the girlies I don't really care at all...

Anyways, Mummy does have a few photos of me and some of Cousin Baillee too, but she has to go see a chiropractor now so they'll have to wait as I can't do the camera downloady thingy without her help... But you will get to see them later this week and Mummy says she'll take photos of my Trophy collection too so you can see them! :)

Guess I'd better let Mummy go get her back cracked now or she'll get all grumpy at me... ;)

Thursday, 18 June 2009

International Box Day!

Well here I am in a bag with my sister Enta shortly before she left home to go live with her bunny rabbit and family!

Then here are me and my siblings in a light box with momma Isis having a little milk break! ;)

Next is me in my cooler bag keeping nice and warm while showing off my wonderful 8mm long ear tufties! :)

Then there are my big half brothers, Dizzy, Django and Dandy in the penthouse area of our cat condo in the run, that's just as small and tight as any box and lots of fun to hide in!

Then it's all my older half-siblings in momma Isis play tent when they were all cute and newborn! Momma Isis loves tents lots and lots and still likes to play in my new one in the run...

Below is momma Isis when she was not much bigger or older than I am now, sitting on one of our great hidey holes with Tigmut'hep laying in front of her. We all love this hidey hole as Tigmut'hep is too big to fit in it! ;)

As you can see even Uncle Ramses can fit into this great little snuggle spot to get away from Tigmut'hep...

It's not surprising really when Tigmut'hep likes to curl up and sleep on top of us (especially Uncle Ramses) if given the chance! ;)

Though given a box of his own that's big enough for him to get into Tigmut'hep is a pretty agreeable chap! ;)

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Wonderful Wednesday...

Well now I'm an only kitten, as not only has my brother Elzar gone off to Italy, but my sister Enta has left now to go live with her family and their bunny rabbit!

So here I am in my Ikea bag pondering the meaning of life and trying to work out how to get Mummy to open her bedroom door, as I quite fancy the idea of napping on her bed with momma Isis and uncle Ramses this afternoon...

The other news is that Mummy has a big cold metal box that works once more and the one she killed off has been taken away. I guess that marks the end of my getting sautéed pork tenderloin for breakfast, roasty chicken for dinner as well as homemade burgers for lunch... Just when I was getting used to all the fine dinning on the meat that was in the old metal box thingy. Oh well Mummy says I can has Sunday roasty with the big cats now and when I go to something called "shows" I can have a whole tin of Applaws to myself while I'm there if I want and share a big tin of it with everykitty when I come home, just like momma Isis does!

Anyway Mummy's looking aweful tired since she had to get up and be all dressed and ready for the 7am delivery of the new big cold metal box, so I think she may just go for a nap and that means I have to be ready to invade her bedroom and stake my claim to a corner of the bed for myself... Oooh and I don't have to sleep downstairs at night anymore I gather, but will be allowed to snuggle with Mummy and Daddy all night if I'm a good girl and don't put the bitey on their toes, like momma Isis used to do! ;) Gosh and there's me thinking that momma Isis was always a good girl... It seems at even 16.5 weeks old you can learn something new about your own momma! ;)

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Kinda Sad...

Well I've had a long cuddle with Mummy and a little snuggle with momma Isis and now I guess I have to tell you all the sad news...

Very early yesterday morning, when just the birdies were awake my Great Grandpur Supreme UK Grand Champion Mikkar Giddy Kipper passed away in the arms of his devoted Mum. He was (to date) the only Abyssinian cat to have won the Supreme and teamed with his amazing relaxed attitude he really was an ambasidor for my breed. My Dad will never forget the wonderful cuddle session he had with Kipper when they went to collect momma Isis. Though Kipper was not just a cuddler, oh no he was very much multi-tallented, and could open any door and get into any place he wasn't really allowed to go, an outstanding food theif and all round fun guy!

Mummy says I should be very proud to have his bloodlines in me, which is probably why I think it's about time for my next cuddle break...

Other than that Elzar has arrived in Italy safe and sound and is making himself very much at home there and tomorrow morning my little sister Enta is off to meet her very own bunny rabbit, as she leaves here to start her life with her new family!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

My first proper posty!

Since I will soon be an only kitten, momma Isis and Mummy said I could join her bloggy properly - though since they are both busy getting things ready for Elzar and Enta leaving home in the next week I will have to wait a little longer before I can tell you all about what I do best... ;)