Monday, 30 March 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Well today the kittens turn 6 weeks old and I have decided (with at least some help from Mummy) to give the kittens their "official names" at long last... I also have a BIG announcement to make! :)

Firstly there's the kittens names and exactly what they mean:

Boy is El Zehuti, Zehuti is one of the many names of the Egyptian god Thoth. He's a born mediator who is calm in any situation!

BG is Et Seti-Ra, from the Egyptian god of storms, Set, and his companion Ra the sun god. In addition to this SeTiRa is Hebrew for contradiction, coming from the same root as the word SeTeR, meaning hidden secret. So while both the gods little Setra is named for are depicted as male, together they become contradictory and form a female name that we like to think of as our “little bit of sunshine after the storm”. On top of this as many of you know Storm was an amazing ladycat who battled lymphoma not just once but twice! We were greatly touched by her story... Since our human family has been deeply effected in the past few years by cancer, Daddy loosing his father to it and Mummy's Mum battling it at present I thought we could do with some brightness to help keep things in purrspective! :)

LG is Enta Omri, named for a beautiful Egyptian love song meaning "You are my life" famously sung by the amazing Uum Kulthum, who at her peak could sing from the 2nd octive all the way to somewhere between the 7th and 8th octives! This seems most apt as little Enta would scream higher and louder than any kitten of mine to date, right from a few days old! ;) She is also the sweetest and most loving of little girly cats... :)

Now for the big news:
Setra will be staying with us here and coming out to shows with me and then going on to have kittens of her own when she is big enough and old enough to do so! :) Yes that's right my kitty friends, you will be able to watch Setra grow up in front of your eyes via my bloggy - now isn't that going to be fun!? :)

Monday, 23 March 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Well the weekend was kind of hectic here as the kittens are now so much bigger and far more hungry all the time. However Mummy handed out a few nice new toy mice from our goody bag and much of the frustration has now been taken out on these. Tigmut'hep has even managed to de-tail his one already... He says this proves he's far more stressed out than the rest of us (I put this down to his having finished his Matatabi and it being a little early in the catnip season!)

Ooh taking of catnip, Mummy bought us two new varieties of catnip at the garden centre she visited on Sunday with Daddy and D'Boy! She says she's going to look out for a few new planters for the run and redo all out catnip collection so that it's in one or two nice big trough type pots if she can fine some she likes! :) I do so like sniffing the purrty 'nip plants and laying in the middle of them when it's all hot in the summer...

Anyway right now I'm busy keeping the now 5 week old kittens busy and out of trouble! This is a very difficult task at times... However LG had a good bath this morning as you can see. Boy made the most of Mummy allowing the kittens onto the bed for a bit and had a good stretch out, while BG decided to shock Mummy and pose nicely for a photo! :)

As you can see they've been doing a LOT of growing this past week and are now more like mini cats than ickle babies any more. BG and Boy are having 3 good meals of chicken or turkey a day and LG has decided to start on a mixture of meat and formula all mixed up into a smoothy as she just can't quite face proper dinners yet. However she's been packing on the grams on this mixture and is now happy to accept her meals as well as her visits to the milk bar! ;) So I expect that she'll be on proper dinners like her siblings before much longer, with a few good servings of mothers milk each day, especially at bedtime it's no wonder that all of the kittens are now about 600g's! :)

Oh and before I forget to tell you the kittens gave me a nice tinful of Applaws chicken (my personal favourite dinner) yesterday, as well as LG letting me finish up her milk and meat smoothy when she was all full-up! You've just gotta love the perks of being a mummy some days... :)

Monday, 16 March 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Today the kittens are 1 month old, just look at what they've been getting up to. Well more to the point, what BG's been getting up to since she discovered the joys of playing with one of the little toy balls that Tama-Chan and #1 sent over. In fact she's become a little obsessive about it and tends to take it everywhere with her...

As you might notice LG has been working on her modelling career, as she poses so nicely now for every photo. Where as Boy is just happy to cuddle and hug everyone... :)

So as you can see they are all coming along nicely and now that they are walking better and starting to run it's lots of fun, though they still have to learn how to apply the breaks! ;)

Lastly it seems my dear little daughters have both developed a crush on Little "Red", so I have to listen to them talking about him all the time... I don't know how Boy copes with them doing this, at least I have my brother Ramses to talk to when I want some adult cat conversation! Ok, I can listen to Ramses talking about Mummy and chicken! ;)

Monday, 9 March 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Happy 1st Birthday Dandy, Delta-Peach, Django and Dizzy

Wow, can you believe that my first babies are now all cats?! It's amazing to see how much they have grown over the year and wonderful to see how well they are looking (above Dandy and Delta-Peach age 1 yr).

While here my latest kittens are turning 3 weeks old and are starting to get a hang of this walking thing! ;) Honestly it's quite amusing to watch them and I've seen Mummy, Daddy and D'Boy giggling quite a bit when one of the kittens does something funny too - though being their mother I have to do my best not to laugh at their efforts - at least while they can see and hear me! ;) So as you can imagine I occasionally have to make a quick exit from the room in order to keep myself from doing so. In fact Ramses finds he has to do the same, so we've made a bit of a game out of it! :) Above you can see BG doing her best to get into a good position for pouncing the camera, where as little LG is a star model and just sits there happily while having her photo taken! Where as Boy keeps trying to walk off every time Mummy tries to take a photo of him, even when asked nicely to stay still or sit. However he's always first in line when cuddles are being handed out and has never been known to be late for dinner at the milk bar and unlike his sisters, he never falls asleep during a meal! He is now therefore a good 20g's heavier than either of his sisters... Well he does seem to have his father's paws on him, so I expect he'll be a big boy when he's all grown up like his half-brothers are! :)

Anyway today I'm a very proud Mummy to all 7 of my babies, whether they are tiny and here or all grown up and off living with their own families! :)

Monday, 2 March 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Well it's hard to believe that the kittens are already 2 weeks old, they've been such good and well behaved little babies that time just flies by... So far they are quite unlike the 3 boys from my last litter better known and the "Escape Committee", these 3 are content just to cuddle, feed and play! :)

This is BG my biggest daughter practising her cute and innocent look, so far she's probably the best of all 3 at this! However Boy is by far the best at posing like a little lion, which reminds me of his half-brother Django... Boy is the strong silent type at present, but this is probably because he is rarely found without a full mouth! ;) Then comes the little one LG... She is as noisy as the others are quiet! Oh yes, this little girl has always got to get the last word in at the moment, I'm quite hoping that she'll grow out of it in time as she has a particularly shrill wail when she's starts up her complaining - there is one thing that's for sure, no one will ever take this little girl for granted! ;)

But for now they're all fast asleep and I think I shall be sensible and join them, before the next round of demands for feeding start up again! ;)