Sunday, 30 December 2007

Birthday Picture! :)

I'z gotted a lovely Birthday picture done special for me by those lovely Zoolatry people... I'z fink it's very purrty and love the colours, purple, lilac and green are all my fave colours... :)

Saturday, 29 December 2007

My 1st Birthday meme! :)

I gotted tagged on my 1st Birthday by Napoleon's little sister Raowr to do this Meme!

Here are the meme rules:
Link to the cat who tagged you and post the rules on your blog, share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself, tag 7 random cats at the end of your post & include links to their blogs, let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. My Momma cat is called Candytuft and she's got what are considered blue furs!

2. I just love to play fetch with Dad in the evening...

3. I only ever sleep with Mummy, iffen I try to sleep with Dad or the boy I get tempted to put the bitey on their toes!

4. Each of my furs has 4 different bands of colour on them!

5. I'm going to be a Momma cat in a few months time! :)

6. I won't sleep next to Tigmut'hep 'cause he snores, but I love to snuggle with my brother Ramses!

7. I can climb like a squirrel!

Since this is an old Meme I'z not going to tag anyone, though iffen you'z not done it and would like to please regard yourself as tagged! :)

Friday, 28 December 2007

First Birthday Friday! :)

Tomorrow I'z turn 1 year old and I'z going to be a big girl! :) I'z very excited at the fact I'z going to get more presents... I'z so fond of my 'nip pillow, maybe I'z getting another one?! ;)

I'z gotted lotsa toy mice with d'feather butts that look so purrty in my stocking and a comfort cushion which Mummy can heat up for me and has tassels I can put the bitey on as well as a wonderful feather wand toy! Oh and I'z gotted treats too and some very yummy Mummy cooked mixed game terrine with carrot in it... 'S very yummy! :) It haded vishus deer, bunny, pigeon, pheasant and partridge in it - oh and I'z gotted some yummy roasty beef too! :) Mummy was so impressed that I was a big girl and chewed up my beef bits and didn't insist on her making them into mush for me... Well I'z purrty much growed up now so I'z gotta do things like a big growed up girl kitty! :)

Anyway it's just one more sleep (or 47 cat naps) until I'z a big girl... I'z so excited! Mummy's helpin' me make sure I'z got all d'bits I'll need here with I'z gotted my kittens... I'z gotted a nice safe place for having my kittens, some nice fuzzy blankets and heating pads for keepin' dem warm... Mummy has to get some human made kitten milk in just in case I'z don't make lotsa milk for my kittens and she's gotta send off for some special cleaning wipes to make sure d'kittens is safe from nasty germs! Oh and I hear she's going to get dem a playpen to play in when they'z big enough to want to get outta d'bed... Just fink of all dos lovely ickle kitten ears I'z can clean out! All dos lovely ickle fluffy bellies to clean and kiss! Oh I'z so lookin' forward to being a Momma cat! :)

Oh Napoleon just fink of what you'z missin' out on by having your dangly bits removed... You'z goin' to need some good nursing for a few days after, but just remember I'z not going to be kissin' it all better! :P But I'z hear your ears need a good clean... ;)

Monday, 17 December 2007

I wanna Mancat Monday!

Dat's it I'z desperate for a Mancat and I'z goin' to make my point of view known loud and proud! :) In fact I'z not shut up about it for nearly 20 hrs now... Well I'z gotta make sure Mummy knows what I'z after! ;)

I'z been lookin' at d'purrty pictures of Dan and Goldie and Mummy's tolded me a little about each of them... My half-brother Ramses knows Dan, so he's also tolded me stuff about him! :) Purrsonally I'z rather fancy Goldie at dis minute... *giggle* He's quite some Mancat and I'z keeps getting urges when I'z fink about him... *blush* He gotted his second Grand Champion level awarded to him at a show a few weeks ago, so he's only gotta get one more to be called a Grand Champion! *swoon* Mummy likes him as he carries the gene for sorrel, you know d'colour my half-brother Ramses is! There's a chance I carry that too, so I'z could have a litter with a mix of ruddy and sorrel kittens iffen I'z lucky... I'z just love licking sorrel furs, though ruddy furs are good to lick too! :) Ok, so I'z just love to groom.... ;)

It's all very exciting and it's only a few weeks now until I'z get to go on my big date! :) *giggle*blush* Mummy says I'z can visit one of dem for a whole week in January when I'z call then and am over 1 yr old! :) Dat way I'z get my 1st birthday at home with my family and once I'z finished off stuffing my face and playin' with my toys I'z can have a holiday with a handsome Mancat! :) I'z know he won't be Napoleon and will never manage to be just dat cute and adorable, but he'll be all Mancat and mine for a whole week! Den I can come home to my family with a belly full of potential kittens and I'z can catch up with the lovely Napoleon and hope he still finks I'z lovely....

Friday, 14 December 2007

First Friday! :)

Hi everykitty, I'z been gived my own blogspot as I'z upset Tigmut'hep this afternoon by pushing my way onto the computer to flirt with Napoleon... It seems Mummy had been planning on giving me a blog for my 1st Birthday in a few weeks anyway, so she's not too cross with me! ;)

Mummy says I'z can blog here a few times a week as long as I try to learn not to put the bitey on her toes... I'z just love to blog, so I'z gotta try hard not to do the bitey thing so often! ;)

I'z will do my bestest to visit with everykitty I'z can when I'z able to blog, but iffen I'z don't get round to saying hello it's all my half-brother Ramses fault, cause he's a chatter-box and blogs almost every day! ;) Well I'z hear the rattle of the food bowl, so I'z off for now and back here next week after a weekend of playing "herd of thundering Elephants" - I'z promised to stop as soon as I'z gets to see the firstest Kissmouse decorations going up here! :) I'z just hope it's a promise I can keep... ;)