Monday, 28 July 2008

Moaning Monday

Mummy says I've been moaning all weekend, well ok so she's right this time - but if she'd only get me a mancat here and now I promise I'd stop moaning in a few days time once my eer needs had been met! ;) It seems that Dad won't listen to me either even though I keep throwing myself at him he keeps claiming that he's not the right man for the eer job... ;) It seems only my lovely boyfriend Sen-Chan thinks I'm desireable at the moment...

So here I am all hot and bothered, with weather to match my mood so no one's getting much sleep around here. At least we got some icey cool catnip and chicken jelly added to our brekfast meat to help us all cool down and relax! :)

Anyway I'm back off to complain to Mummy some more - I know if I wail loud enough for long enough she'll listen to me, after all when I wailed loudly at New Years I got to go for a week's visit with the lovely Dan! ;) Now I know that moaning works there is no stopping me! ;)

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Thursday 13

At last Mummy's got a little more time to help me type my bloggie! She's had a very busy week so far, but as she's a good Mummy she's taken time to help me post my 13 things I'm feeling glad or greatful about or for that matter have been thinking about today! :)

1) I'm glad that Mummy got a phone call from Canada at 1am to tell her that D'boy had arrived safe and sound - after all this gave me an extra chance to get a fussing! :)
2) I'm glad that Dad was so tired from all the driving yesterday that he didn't want to get out of bed this morning as this gave me more time for fussing! :)
3) I'm glad that I had an e-mail from Delta and Dandy yesterday to tell me all about their nice new names and with photos to show me how much they've been growing! :)
4) I'm glad that Dad appreciated my trying to cover him back up with this blankets this morning, even if I only managed to tuck his feet back in before he decided he really did have to get up for work... :)
5) I'm glad that Ramses had a really good brushing from Mummy this morning as I now have a new fur ball to play with - you can easily roll his soft under fluff hair up into a nice firm but light weight ball to play with - I have less under fluff so my fur doesn't make as good a balls as Ramses' fur does. :)
6) I'm grateful that Mummy and Dad had a nice visit with some stud boys yesterday afternoon, one of them may become my next eer professional boyfriend sometime in December I think... :)
7) I'm very grateful to have a gorgeous boyfriend of my own who's very understanding of my eer needs! :)
8) I'm grateful that live with my half-brother Ramses as he's so much fun to play with, even if he's a total Mummy's boy most of the time! :)
9) I'm also grateful that it's hot and sunny today as we have all the time in the run what we want today, unlike yesterday when we had to stay indoors while Mummy and Dad were out... :)
10) I'm very grateful we have the run to play in and hear that we may be getting a new climbing toy made for it as Mummy and Dad saw some yesterday and think they can make me one too! :)
11) I think Dad is very tallented at DIY and I'm very grateful for this as he can build me more climbing toys with a little help from Mummy! :)
12) I think Mummy left the bedroom door open and has the windows open on the safety latch (so we can't have an accident or get out), so I think I shall go and lay on her new bedspread in the cool and have a nap now that I'm tired out from playing tag with Ramses! :)
13) I think I shall probably dream of my lovely boyfriend Sen-Chan and covering him in kisses like his doggy friend Sweetie-Pie did! :)

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Triumphant Tuesday

Oh yes I'm certainly triumphant this Tuesday as I've got my very own gorgeous French Mancat Boyfriend! Better still he's utterly gorgeous as well as a talented gourmet cook... What more could a ladycat wish for?! Well yes a basket full of sweet little kittens, but I've had one of those already and Mummy says I can have another next year if I'm a good girl - so I guess I have it made! ;)

Sen-Chan is a sorrel just like my half-brother Ramses is, it's such a purrty colour just like my Mummy's head furs in fact! :) This means that Sen-Chan has purrty little pink toes, unlike my lovely black ones. It also means that his nose if a pretty shade of dusky pink, where as mine is more a pale brick red in colour. Like Ramses his belly fluffs are a lovely deep apricot colour, where as mine are more golden. The ticking on his furs is less obvious than mine too as his under fluffs are sort of apricot, then he has a lighter band of colour, another band of apricot and then topped off with cocoa coloured tips to each fur! Mine however go from golden apricot to light, to golden apricot again tipped with black - yes we do have very complicated furs, but they're very purrty furs and soft and shiny to the touch! :)

Monday, 7 July 2008

I Wanna Mancat Monday...

So many of my friends have boyfriends that today I'm thinking about getting myself a mancat of my own really seriously... You see I've seen one I rather like the look of and well I'm not sure what to do next!? I keep looking and I think he's noticed me, but that's it so far...

Ramses says I lack patience, but really I wanna boyfriend now! I've been thinking of placing a wanted ad, but can't quite come up with the wording for one... This is just as good as it gets so far:

Wanted: One gorgeous male Aby for hours of mutual grooming and appreciation. Must be a gourmet cook or have access to one as I like the finer things in life, especially if they contain chicken! ;) Must be able to face the prospects of an open relationship as I wanna be a momma cat again and therefore must like looking at little Aby kittens and telling me how pretty they all are and how wonderful I am for producing them!

Yes, I think that sums it up nicely... All candidates will have to put up with extensive grooming too and can't squirm their way out of ear cleaning time... Come on boys you know I'm worth it! ;)

Friday, 4 July 2008

Free Friday, Family Friday...

I must say I'm really getting into this single life again! ;) I've had the most wonderful games of "Kitty Tag", "Bop" and "Herd of Thundering Elephants" with not just my half-brother Ramses, but the grumper Tigmut'hep! Yes, it's strange but true Tigmut'hep can play games and not constantly moan about how he's Da'Boss and us needing to show him respect... If he keeps this up I may well have to start liking him! ;)

Today is a big day though, it's the day where everyone in the USA celebrated my Nana's Birthday! :) Isn't it fantastic the way Americans have parties and set off fireworks just to celebrate my Nana's special day?! Sadly not many UK residents have taken up this tradition, although Mummy and all our family do and although they can't have a big party this weekend as a lot of them are busy they are having one next weekend! :) Of course we're offering our services in helping to eat up any left over meat, along with Nana's dog Misty... ;) I'm sure many of my Feline American friends will be offering the same sort of services for their own humans, if not please forward all left over steak this way please! ;)

Other than that I've had a few nice messages from my kittens to let me know that their humans are being very good to them and that they are very happy in their new homes! :) I do so love hearing from them and knowing that they are happy and healthy and getting all the love and fuss they require...