Friday, 22 May 2009

Funny Friday

As you can see my daughter Setra has taken possession of one of the lunch coolers here... It doesn't seem to matter where Mummy and Daddy hide it, she still keeps finding it and getting inside for a good nap. I have assured Mummy that she will grow out of this having tried hard to get into the cooler bag myself and finding it just too small and uncomfortable! ;)

However until she's too big to get into it, I think they have accepted the fact that it's her bag! Although her hunt for dietary fibre is to be restricted to actual food stuffs apparently! ;)

So until she grows you'd better remember:

No Cheezburger is safe from Setra! ;)

Monday, 11 May 2009

Minicat Monday!

Yes it's me Setra, pinching mummy's blogspot just for now to tell you my latest saying! Both of my Mummy's (the furry one with all the milk and lovely, cuddly food lady Mummy), think I have Uncle Ramses gift of deep thinking, especially for one so young... :)

Setra's 1st saying:

Cat's live in the present, 'cause it often comes in nice boxes with purrty ribbons on!

PS: Uncle Ramses is still not very well, but doesn't seem to be loosing any more weight at the moment. Mummy keeps giving him all his nasty meds though and he's eating a bit more each day, or so it seems... However he's still one very sick kitty! :(