Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Back from the Vets

Just a very quick update to let you all know that although I've been off-line most of the day that the kittens were really good at the vets and Mummy nearly had to frisk the vet to see if he was keeping one for himself, he fell in love with them all so much! But of course he saves lots of fusses and praise for me, so he's forgiven for now! ;) Though it's very nice to hear someone saying you make the bestest looking baby kittens in the World, and of course he's right so I didn't have to disagree with him over a single thing! :)

So all the kittens have had their first shots and a full check-up ready to meet their new families! :) The nice thing is that the kittens aren't going to leave with their new families for many weeks to come yet. Mummy is governed by the GCCF guidelines and that means that kittens don't go to their new home until at least one week after their second shots and preferably not until they are 13 weeks old! :)

So I have lots more time to play with my kittens and now they have had their shots as soon as it's a nice hot day they can have a nice long playtime in the run with us all! :) Once they are all gone in mid June I shall have a nice holiday and relax, maybe attend a few shows and show off my beauty to some judges, then in November or December I will have a visit to some gorgeous Stud for a few days of naughtiness so I can come home and percolate kittens over winter and have some more next spring! :) (Just when I've lulled Tigmut'hep into a false sense of security!!!) *giggle* Well I can't deprive Ramses of kittens to play with, now that I've got him so well trained as a Manny! ;)

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Titty Tuesday, or should that be Trash and Torment Tuesday?

Oh yes my kittens are at that stage now! I can't keep them out of stuff and they are constantly tormenting my poor brother Ramses so make him play with them (which luckily most of the time he does) and Tigmut'hep who most of the time runs for cover while uttering curses and other bad kitty words...

Just see for yourself what they do to poor Ramses... I guess I'm going to have to be very good to him when the kittens leave home! ;) Though I'm starting to think he'd be utterly lost without them to brighten his day, I think he'll appreciate a little peace and quiet... As I think will I, because at present they won't take no for an answer when it comes to milk rations, the little horrors mug me for it! Laying in wait for when I have a mouthful of bikky and latching on fast and sucking like a daemon possessed until I manage to get myself free from their clutches! ;) I mean look at the manic expression on Dizzy's face as he plays a very rough game of "bop" with his brother Django... These are some very determined kittens and currently they're determined to get more milk out of me than I'm willing to give! After all they're having 4 meals a day, plus all the bikky they can eat, but they're still after my milky goodness... ;)

They're visiting Hubert my vet tomorrow for their shots, so Mummy'll be making sure they have another pawdicure tonight so that they leave Hubert with all his fingers intact! ;) He's such a nice vet and gives me lots of cuddles and tells me how very beautiful I am you see, so he can keep his fingers... I'm sure he's going to tell me what a wonderful Momma I am and that I'm the best looking Queen he's ever laid eyes on tomorrow! If not I shall apply a good case of the bitey to his fingers and remind him myself... :)

Friday, 25 April 2008

Family Friday

What can I say, but my son Django is a clumsy oaf! He first of all fell into the water bowl last night and in getting out of that stumbled into the food bowl and covered himself in stinky goodness... Well seeing as Mummy's not that fond of the smell of stinky goodness, coupled with the fact that I didn't fancy Tigmut'hep thinking he was a kitten shaped movable snack and was in fact dripping wet already, Mummy decided it best to give the little stinker a bath! While this is not something many cats or kittens appreciate, Django did well and has come out smelling way better at the other end of the process, even if he did have to spend a lot of the evening wrapped in a towel, being cuddled and dried off... ;)

This morning D'boy was running late for school, so the kittens got to go for a ride in the luxury carrier with me and Mummy! They were all very good and didn't do anything icky or antisocial other than mug me for some extra milk! ;)

Late Breaking News!!!!
My older sister Noodle has had 5 lovely ickle baby kittens this morning! Three little boys the same colour as mine, a little girl that colour too and one Blue Aby girl as well, with furs just like our Mum Candytuft has! :) I'm very proud of my sister Noodle and their Dad Frodo - this is his first litter of kittens, so it's all new to him! ;)

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Titty Tuesday becomes Take Over Tuesday!

Apparently we're taking over the house here, especially all the good spots for napping on! At least we gave Mummy a reason for not being able to make her bed today! ;)

Friday, 18 April 2008

Family Friday

Wow, I can't believe the kittens are almost 6 weeks old already! They had a lovely visit with Dad's Mum yesterday and we all enjoyed some of Mummy's roasty turkey, Ramses and I even got gravy too! :) Oh yes the kittens loved having little bits of turkey to chew up and eat, it satisfied their urge to chew as well as the one to eat everything they find! ;)

This is my daughter Delta Peach having her first sniff of fresh air in the run yesterday afternoon with Mummy! :) Of course I came along too to make sure she behaved herself nicely and didn't squirm too much. I've been talking to her about acting in a ladycat like way, just like her namesake Miss Peach! This is all well and good until she sees something she wants to "bop" like a brother or Uncle Ramses tail, then it all goes to pot! ;)

It's only a little over a week to go until Mummy'll be taking the kittens to see Hubert Vet and getting them cuddled and fussed and told how incredibly cute they all are! I think I shall insist on coming along so she cat tell me what a wonderful Momma cat I am and how clever I am at producing such pretty kittens! :) He'll also give them each an injection to help make their immune systems work better at fighting off nasty stuff that could make them sick, so while this may hurt a little bit I've explained that it's to do them good and that they are not to put the bitey on Hubert's fingers, they are reserved for me! ;) We're lucky having a vet like him, as he appreciates the fact that he gets to handle a pretty large proportion of the Abyssinians born in the UK this year when he sees the kittens. Last year there were only 325 Aby kittens born and registered with the GCCF and he'll get to cuddle 4 at the end of the month! :)

Anyway it's nearly time for Mummy to make lunch, so I think I had better go see if there's any more of that yummy turkey around for me and the kittens to put the bitey on! ;)

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Titty Tuesday

Well we made sure there were no repeats of yesterday's abysmal behaviour by waking Mummy up at 6:16am today! The kittens were most cooperative and climbed onto the bed and started to run riot all over it, until both Mummy and Dad were wide awake... :) We all therefore got a good cuddling before breakfast was due and there's little better to start the day off right than a good cuddle and a full tummy!

Following their breakfast the kittens fell back to sleep, leaving me a chance to play with the lovely ying yang scratcher that D'boy made for me! :) Ramses loves it too, as do all the kittens... Last night Delta wrapped her paws around it and tried to climb it like a coconut tree! ;) This made all the beans giggle and I must admit it did look pretty funny...

Anyway I shall take advantage of the kittens having a nap and it not being a mealtime for at least 1 more hour and have a nap myself! The door to the cat run is open and it's cool but sunny outside so I think I may well be able to find myself a sunny patch in the fresh air for it... :)

Some days life is just so darn good! :)

Friday, 11 April 2008

Family Friday... or shoud that be Feeding Frenzy Friday?! ;)

Well as you can see the kittens have not only been growing, but getting into new stuff... Their dinner for a start! Now that Mummy's letting them help themselves from their bowls they have a tendency to just get in with the food and eat their way back out! ;) This does however have one advantage, I get a kitten dinner flavour kitten to groom afterwards and considering some of the other things they've occasionally managed to get themselves covered in this is far nicer on the palate! ;)
It seems that all the kittens like this new found sport, though some have honed their skills a little more... With the kittens tasting this good, I'm kind of surprised that my bother Ramses and our housemate Tigmut'hep haven't started trying to wash the kittens too! ;)

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Titty Tuesday...

Can you believe it my ickle baby kittens will be one month old tomorrow! It's all gone too fast and they have all started to eat solid food, though they still spend a lot of time at the milk bar too, supping on Mothers Milk. :)

Delta Peach aged 23 days

I mean look at the size of my ickle baby Delta! She's huge and that photo was taken a week ago... She's now even bigger and so fast on her paws that she's become a bit of a challenge for Mummy to take photos of, though she has promised to get the camera out today so that there are new photos for "Family Friday" :) She's pretty good as far as Mummy's go I guess... ;)

Last night the kittens discovered chewy cat treat sticks... You see I love these yummy meaty treats and Mummy was a little fed up of Django chewing on her fingers and making them sore with his little fangs! So she thought he might like to chew at one of these for a bit and then I could have it to eat once he'd got over his fit of the bitey... Oh silly Mummy she should have remembered why we all call Django, "Django Feed" 'cause he scoffed nearly half of one of these sticks before Mummy could get it off of him! Next Delta had a go at it and decided she liked it lots too, then came Dizzy and Dandy who also came back with the same verdict - these are a good thing for a kitten to put the bitey on and they taste better than finger and scream a LOT less! ;) Oh well at least Mummy made sure I got two of these after the kittens were satisfied... I just worry that there'll be a shortage of them here now that the kittens know about them! ;)

Friday, 4 April 2008

Family Friday

Well my lovely little family is now nearly a month old and to celebrate this fact those lovely people at Zoolatry made me this picture! :) You can see everyone on it, even Dandy's bottom! ;)

The kittens are getting big and strong on their daily diet of Mothers Milk, though the boys are starting to like solid food too. Delta Peach being so much like me has quite a passion for milk as such she's not shown a lot of interest in solid food yet... The thing I like most about the kittens learning to eat solids, is I get their left overs and they're all milky! Though I do miss the odd bottle I managed to get my tongue around... Maybe I can teach Mummy to give me my cat milk treats in a kitten bottle?! ;) Sometimes I miss being the baby, but mostly I love being a Momma cat!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Titty Tuesday...

Well it's really Teething Titty Tuesday, yes the kittens are only a little over 3 weeks old and the little beasties have decided to sprout fangs! It's enough to make your eyes water just thinking about it... This is the real reason those wimpy Mancats don't have kittens! ;) I bet they'd go crying to their Mums in no time... *giggle*

This photo was taken just before they cut their teeth last Friday, but if you look close you can see their little fang buds just ready to cut through their gums... Oh and it's my dear little Delta Peach who's torturing her brother Dizzy in this shot! That's my girl, keep the boys in line... :)

The other news is that a letter Mummy wrote to "your Cat Magazine" is going to be published soon and might well have a lovely photo of my son Django in it too, well that or that really undignified one that my brother Ramses showed you all the other Saturday... The one of me drinking some yummy formula from my bottle - oh the indignity and the shame of it all... I shall have to dye my furs and change my name at this rate! ;)