Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween!

I've been trying to look for some cute little bags to make for all my treats, but the only ones I have found so far are WAY too small for all the treats I want to get! Honestly they've got the scale all wrong, it should read 1 meter not 1 inch, well ok at least 1 foot... ;)

Happy Halloween Everyone

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Thinking Thursday...

This Thursday I've been thinking about what I could try Trick or Treating for! ;) For some reason it keeps coming back to the same few items that I'm most interested in getting my paws on...

Firstly my Malt Kisses, cause they're so darn yummy even if I don't get hairballs I desire all things malt flavoured!

Secondly there's my Malt Paste for the same reason... ;)

Then there's Nurish-UM, good for helping me keep up my strength and energy when I have kittens. I always look forward to this 'cause once more it tastes like Malt! :)

Now before you all start thinking I only ever think about stuffing my face full of Malt Flavoured Treats, my next most desired treat is Applaws Chicken! Oh how totally yummy, moist and chickeny it is. Although I guess at this time of year I really should be asking for their Chicken and Pumpkin flavour! ;)

Oh and never fear that I'd forget a nice bottle of catmilk to help wash it all down! Now, just how big does my goodie bag have to be and how to get Mummy to part with a little of all my faves on the big day?! ;)

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Winning Wednesday!

Wow, what a great response to my little Competition! I had Mummy put all the names on bits of paper and then put them in a bowl. Then I picked out (and run off with) the bits of paper I wanted most of all - though if I could I'd have let you all win a chance to get your paws on this book as so far I'm rather liking it - in that I'm feeling very sorry for poor A.S. Cat...

The results are as follows:
Sen-Chan - your name tasted really good, but Mummy could still read it! ;)
Kaze, Latte & Chase - it took a while for Mummy to rescue your piece of paper from under the sofa, but you're winners all the same! :)
Skeezix - I was a good girl and didn't yack up your bit of paper, but it did get batted a few times before I'd let Mummy have it back... You win too and will no doubt love the stylish pink and black cover - I'm pretty sure you can find a cute outfit to match it! ;)

Oh well off to e-mail the winners and make sure all the books get sent to the right addresses... Do you think I can now add secratarial skills to the list of my accomplishments? ;)

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Terrific Tuesday Competition Time!

Ok everykitty it's time for a really cool competition here! Since quite a few of you have shown an interest in the book "Life in the Cat's Lane" that I'm reading at present (with a little help from Mummy), the nice Author lady has said I can have 3 copies to offer to my friends who'd also like to review this book by A.S. Cat. If you think you can and would like to read this book in the next few weeks just let me know and make sure that Mummy has your proper mailing address so that she can make sure the books get sent to them...

Just remember that you'll have to put paw to computer and write a review of the book, like it or hate it A.S. Cat needs to know as your feedback is invaluable. Should he really make more time available in which to train his human? Should he give up all hope of ever living a peaceful life again and make an effort to like the strange doggy creature? Or are his gut feelings right and has his human has totally lost the plot?! ;) Be as scathing as you like, just be prepaired to have your review go to print along with a photo of you (just make sure your human remembers to make it a good one and not the one of you after too much nip or a night on the tiles!)

Oh and have fun! :)

Monday, 20 October 2008

Media Monday...

Well I have set myself a new task it seems, with a little help from Mummy I plan to read this fascinating book about a poor cat who's forced to share his house with a dog. What's worse is the dog thinks it's a cat part of the time and I tend to think that his owner isn't a skilled communicator as she doesn't seem to understand poor A.S. Cat's complaints... Well having met her and given her a quick interview it's pretty obvious she doesn't listen properly to A.S. Cat, even if she's quite a nice person! I've started to wonder if she might be related to my poor dear friend Yao-lin's slave as their feline communications skills do seem to be of a rather similar and grossly inferior level... Oh well we shall see as I make my way through this book over the next week or so. Once I've read it all I promise to give you all a proper book review so you can find out what it's all about! :)

Ok time to go drag Mummy off to help me read this, well I do need someone to put the reading light on and turn the pages you know - it's that lack of opposable thumbs thing once more... Dratted evolution

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Thwapping on Thurdsay

I've had a wonderful day thwapping my half-brother Ramses today... Oh yes there is little that beats a good thwapping betweens siblings! ;)

So far this has consisted of Ramses burrowing down Mummy's bed and my pouncing on him repeatedly, then once I got him back out of there I gave him a good chase around the house too... Since then we've been playing in the run mostly as I seem to have woken up with loads of energy today and a real desire for pouncing and thwapping! ;)

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Tremendous Tuesday...

It's defiantly a tremendous Tuesday today, what with Mummy getting older and all that...

To mark the occasion I decided to give Mummy a nice early wake up call, sitting on her chest and gently poking her in the face with my paws. This is exactly the view that she woke up to - personally I think it's just the best! :) Though I didn't manage to get Ramses bottom into the picture as well, he was trying to weld himself into Mummy's armpit as she woke up to this great view of me to make sure she felt extra wanted... ;)

D'boy got up shortly after I'd woken Mummy up and came in with two lovely birthday cards (with cats on them), one from him and one from Daddy (he'd been hiding them from Mummy) and a couple of new sudoku books to add to her presents she already knew about: new fluffy suede slippers, a very cuddly short hooded dressing gown (perfect for cat cuddling in) and a very pretty new nighty to go along with her fantastic new bed! :)

Mummy then had a lovely breakfast of Croissants and tea. She says she's saving herself for later when Daddy and D'boy are taking her out to dinner at a Japanese Tappanyaki Restaurant - I'm just trying to work out how I can smuggle myself into the restaurant as they have all sorts of yummy sounding meat and fish there! Oh and Mummy has a very posh looking chocolate torte thingy for pudding with a little cream, so if I can't make it to the restaurant I'll just have to settle for cream licking! ;)

Friday, 10 October 2008

Facts on Friday...

Well I have a few new and interesting Facts to share with you all this Friday... Oh yes it's far more interesting here than reading those silly bean "Gossip Columns" ;)

Firstly it's true that I'm taking part in the Catster Coolest Cat Competition this year, with that wonderful shot Mummy got of me climbing the cat run wire just like a great big squirrel - showing I'm more than just a stunning beauty, amazing mother and fantastic investigative journalist! ;) So do please take a moment to vote for me if you can...

Secondly I'd like to introduce you to the lovely Sorrel Aby Man, Solo. Seeing as my love Sen-Chan is not only geographically unavailable to me, but physically so, I've had Mummy looking around for the next best Aby Man to father my next litter of kittens! Oh yes it's big news indeed as Mummy has told me that if I want I can keep one of my daughters from this union at home with me here forever!!! :) So when I go to visit Solo in December, can you all keep your paws crossed that I come home with at least a few daughters in my belly, so I can pick my very favourite one to stay with me and my half-brother Ramses... I do so hope that all you girlycats agree with me over my next choice of mate, he really is quite the mancat you know! ;) *giggle*blush*

The last fact of the day is I was awarded this lovely charge card by Castle and this new brother Timmy. I plan to use it to by myself a really good and stinky catnip fishy at the next cat show we go to and then to buy in lots and lots of yummy Bozita cat meat too, as well as stock up on my Queen bikky at the Supreme where I'm Exhibiting myself to the public at the Abyssinian Cat Association stand in Club Row - so do pop along as say hello to me if you can, if not send your beans to the show and they can bring me lots of nice kitty friend smells to sniff! :)

I'd like to award this to Sen-Chan for being the bestest Boyfriend in the World! As well as to My half-brother Ramses pretty girlfriend Marie, so she can help her Mommy buy lots of things for the pink bean kittens she is expecting in the New Year! :)

Link to Catster now fixed, so please vote for me showing off my athletic climbing abilities - after all no feline can do "squirrel" quite like an Aby! ;)

Wednesday, 8 October 2008