Friday, 28 March 2008

Family Friday

I was tagged to make a wish by my friend and fellow lovely Abyssinian TT. Well since I'm thinking of my little family today, my wish was easy to make...

The Rules
1. Think about what it is that you want more than anything, what your heart's desire and fondest wish is, and what it is that you would wish for if you were to see the above wishing star flame across the night sky.

2. Right click and SAVE the blank graphic below.

3. Use a graphics program of your choice and place your wish on this picture:

4. Post the Make A Wish Meme and your wishing star on your blog along with these rules.

5. Tag as many people as you like so that there can be wishing stars all across the Blogosphere and ask them to please link back to Linda so that we can see what wishes others have made and share those wishes with others.

Now for who I pass this wish to... Well that would be Daisy as I'm sure she can think of something wonderful to wish for (unlike Tigmut'hep's wish yesterday, though he did a nice thing in passing it to Ruis and all the KaTtEnPrAat's)

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Titty Tuesday!

Wow it's that time of week again and I can't believe how big the kittens are getting! They're all over 330g and toddling about when given the chance... This is making my life rather busy as all this toddling means I have to keep an eye on them, plus they don't half work up an appetite! Some days I feel they would happily spend hour after hour at the milk bar filling their little fat bellies full of yummy milk! ;) Well ok I can see the attraction of having a belly full of milk... Yes I know I have a weakness for it, but honestly it's my only weakness! Well that and cute mancats... ;) *giggle*blush*

The kittens have started to watch me have my main meals, so they start to learn that kitten cannot live by milk alone... They seem to enjoy watching me tuck into my breakfast most of all and you should see their little noses sniffing at the food, it's delightful! :)

Other than that the kittens have been watching a lot of movies on the TV over the Easter long weekend. They're pretty fond of being cuddled and it's nice as it means I can have a good nap and not worry about them for a bit... I trust Mummy to keep an eye on them for me, plus Ramses seems to stand guard too! He's turning out to be a big help all in all... I knew he was a good brother from the first time I met him, but I never knew he was this good! :) Tigmut'hep is slowly becoming less grumpy about the kittens, I think this has something to do with Mummy's new slippers - you see Tigs has unnatural feelings for Mummy's slippers and was devastated that she'd thrown the black suede ones out until he found the new ones with the furry lining! ;)

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Titty Tuesday...

Well here's a photo of my lovely little daughter practising her keep fit and getting some well earned rest at the same time! Note how she's learning to look utterly cute and adorable as well as how to make the most of brotherly mancat heat... :) She really is a peach!

The boys or as they like to be known "The Escape Committee" have been keeping me and Mummy very busy, you see they like to climb over things and for such tiny ickle kittens they're very determined once they've decided to do so! I predict they're going to keep us all very busy in a few more weeks once they've fully mastered the art of walking... Last night one decided to try and chase Uncle Ramses and my poor brother nearly took off vertically and only just missed landing in the water bowl! ;) Please don't tell him that I laughed, but it was so funny to see... :)

Thursday, 13 March 2008

The Family Thursday...

Well my little family is growing every day, though I'm so pleased that horrid, nasty wind stopped howling as it was making me feel really panicky and restless... Mummy said it was ok to love the kittens to my play tent last night as I so wanted them to learn to love it the way I do and since I've played Momma cat and ickle baby kittens in there since I was little myself, I thought it would be nice to be able to do it for real now! :)

As you can see from this photo the Paparazzi caught me and the kittens in our new residence, even though I did my best to turn them away... This is one of the issues with being royalty, the Paparazzi follow you everywhere and want to know about everything your doing! At least I'm blessed with exceptional good looks and even after a night of feeding the ickle babies I'm found looking wonderful... As no doubt HRH Yao-Lin has told everyone, there are at least some advantages to having amazing regal good looks! :)

The kittens are growing up fast and Mummy tells me that they'll have their eyes open in about 5 more days time! :) Oh yes they could well have them open in time for St. Patrick's Day and be able to witness Skeezix Irish Dancing before he has too much of that Mothers Milk he so loves! ;)

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Titty Tuesday!

Thank you all for your lovely comments and wished for me and my new little family! :) You're all very astute to have noticed that they are all utterly gorgeous... ;) I'm thrilled to be able to show you all what I mean as Mummy took some more photos of them for me! :)

So here's my happy little family!

Dandy Jazzman

Django Reinhardt

Delta Peach

Dizzy Gillespie

Right now all they really want to do it line up at the milk bar for a good old suck! After a quick grooming they're happy to go back to sleep and grow big and strong on all the Mothers Milk in their bellies! :)

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Wider Wednesday...

Oh the indignity of it all...! I was just trying to get through the gap and see what Dad was up to and I got stuck. Yep, I was wedged in place by my bump! :S What's worse is that everyone saw me do it... Front paws waggling in mid air, stuck fast by the belly and in capable of getting myself free! :S Those beastly boy cats actually giggled at me, at least Mummy and Dad came running to my aid fast and moved the patio door to give me room to get free fast! :)

Mummy and Dad seemed a little concerned after my little mishap and spent ages looking at my belly, in the end Dad video taped my belly even! Once he's downloaded it to our computer, I may be able to get Mummy to help me put a video link on my bloggy so you can see the kittens kicking my belly about... ;)

Anyway I see the sun shining on Mummy and Dad's bed, so I can feel the urge to have a comfy sunbath and nap coming on fast! :)

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Tummy Tuesday...

Gosh it seems strange to be pawing what will probably be my last "Tummy Tuesday" for a while, if all goes as planned I'll have myself a litter of ickle baby kittens this time next week and it'll be "Milkbar Monday" or "Titty Tuesday" ;) *giggle*

The kittens are very active at present and my belly has been expanding yet further, much to the delight of my brother Ramses and our housemate Tigmut'hep! Honestly Mancats can be such a pain at times... *humph!* For a start I hear Ramses is planning on catching the Stork when he comes to deliver my kittens, he keeps on about how much meat is on a Stork and how many mancats a single Stork could feed... At least he's promised me a good big of Stork iffen he catches it! :)

Tigmut'hep on the other hand is just making fun of my size and ever increasing appetite! He keeps referring to me as Miss Piggy for a start, but it's what he's done to one of my photos that has me most cross with him... Never fear he's in for a good "bop" as soon as I've had a snooze and a little snack or two! :)

Other than that everything is great here and Mummy and Dad have my kittening box in there room with food, water and litter facilities on hand for me too! :) I made the most of sleeping with Mummy and Dad last night and snuggles against Mummy's feet all night, it was lovely and warm... :)