Friday, 27 June 2008

Free Friday...

It's been a very free week for me here as D'boy's been off visiting Yao-lin's Island, so I've had more Mummy time - especially since Mummy has a sore left shoulder from a big needle being poked in it! She's had to take more rest and relaxing time and she has therefore needed her feet slept on more than normal. This is a job that only I can do properly as Tigmut'hep is so heavy that he cuts off the blood supply to her feet when he tried and my half-brother Ramses is a fidget bottom! ;) I on the other hand have a nicely shaped bottom and don't fidget all the time, so Mummy can almost forget I'm there and really relax properly... :)

This skill of mine is appreciated by the boy cats here as it means that since I'm being good and sleeping quietly on Mummy's feet that they have to be let into the bedroom so that I could get out if I needed to use the kitty litter in the night! Oh yes my sweet ladlylike way of getting my own patch of bed means that even Tigmut'hep is starting to appreciate me more fully and he's only really ever appreciated catnip and a full foood bowl before! ;)

The other great thing that's happened here this week is that the pretty "Candy Cat" catnip plant has been in flower for the first time! This is definatly the sort of 'nip for a ladycat, it's just so pretty! :)
The only downside to this week has been hearing that my Grandmakitty on my Mommacat's side of the family, passed away from cancer at the age of 11 yrs. I knew her well as she lived with me, my sister Mynx, Mommacat "Candy" and Grandmakitty "Bella" as well as big sister Fantasy and lots of my other relatives too until I got big and left home to live with my half-brother Ramses, the grumper Tigmut'hep as well as Mummy, Daddy and D'boy. So having extra Mummy toe snuggle time has been extra special as I've been a little sad about Grandmakitty and knowing that my breeders would be very, very sad as they had been there for Grandmakitty since the day she was born right to the very end... They've had a pretty rough year in fact as this is the 3rd cat they have lost in just about 6 months, one other being my Great, Great Grandpakitty "Buck" at 2 weeks short of his 17th Birthday. The other was my cousin "Vinny" who was born with heart trouble and so who'd stayed with them too and been nursed for close to 3 yrs - it was amazing since the vets didn't think he'd live for more than a few months given his condition...

Friday, 20 June 2008

Free Friday...

Well all the kittens are gone now and I can have a Free Friday... I think like Mummy I have mixed feelings about the kittens leaving home, though my titties are feeling very happy about it and a lot less pink! ;) Which is good as it didn't go that well with the pretty aquamarine and teel of my ribbons! :)

I must admit that the cat show was kind of nice, lots of special people in white coats fussed me and told me I was looking great - silly people I knew that already! ;) But it's nice to hear it all the same... :) The vets at the show loved me and the head vet said he'd been very tempted to become my Daddy when I was little, if only he didn't have so many Abys already at home he'd have happily taken me home too! So he was pleased to see I have a lovely Mummy and Daddy anyway and have had some georgeous kittens recently too. I think he may well keep an eye on my future kittens if he has room for an extra Aby at home! :) He's also trying to get a special study done of a large section of the Aby population over here, mostly to do with our eyes and DNA - so I think I'll be seeing him again later in the year and maybe bringing my vet Hubert along with me! Well Hubert is badly smitten by my beauty and is getting very interested in cat shows now too... I guess I'm starting to think of him as "My Pet Vet" *giggle*

Well I must go and help Mummy pack D'Boy's case for his trip to Yao-Lin's Island next week, I was thinking Yao-Lin and Baby Mao might like me to send them a few of my georgeous furs via D'Boy's clothes, so bringing a little extra female glamour to their Island! ;)

Friday, 13 June 2008

Family Friday and Farewell...

Today my lovely little lion boy Django leave here to go off with his new Mum and explore his own home for the first time! I think I am ready to let go of the kittens now as I'm starting to appreciate the peace of not having them constantly around me... Though I love them and and will miss them, it's time for me to have some "Isis time" and so I've been spending most of the last few days almost attached to Mummy! :) It's so peaceful in her office, though I can hear the kittens in the run below her office window and know that they're playing nice with my brother Ramses and our housemate Tigmut'hep... ;) Although I scratched my chin earlier in the week and made Mummy panic about my even being fit for the big cat show I think it's ok now and so even if I'm not looking quite my best I should be able to show! I just have to hope that all the other Abys at the show have some similar now! ;)

The other reason I'm sticking to Mummy like glue is that I'm sad about my sweet friend Storm leaving us this afternoon... I shall miss her very much, but have promised her to remember her and always be there for her wonderful Mum and loving brother Castle. I shall certainly do all these things my friend and wish you a peaceful crossing over the bridge...

Friday, 6 June 2008

Final Full Family Friday

Oh yes that time has come at last and the first of my kittens Dizzy (with the amazing ear tufts) will be leaving home to go and live with a lovely Fawn coloured lady Aby (Willow) and her humans! :) At least this means that these humans will be well house trained, just like Mummy and Dad are! ;) Actually having met them, I think Dizzy is going to have a wonderful life and I think he and Willow will be great friends in no time! :)

I hear I'm also due a bath! It seems I need to look my level best next Saturday for my cat show debut so will be getting all washed and brushed over the next few days as well as being booked in for a pawdicure next Thursday so that I have a chance to blunt off any little sharp edges they might leave to my full satisfaction. Apparently it's seen as poor form (or should that me paw form?!) to try and blunt your claws off on the Judges! ;)

Anyway since I only have a little while longer with my little Dizzy boy, I shall go now and leave you all with a couple of photos taken of the kittens last night. In the brown bed showing off his spot #13 as well as all his mancat bits is Dandy, cuddled up with is sister Delta. On the black blanket are Django and Dizzy! :)