Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Wonderful Wednesday...

Well yesterday wasn't half as good as we'd all hoped... I mean what's the use of having Daddy home only to have him take Mummy off to the Fizzy-O place for a vet man to come and stick a big needle in her and then to add insult to injury, not bring her straight home for some feline therapy?! Oh no he took her our KissMouse shopping for D'boy - I mean what does he want with catnip stockings and toy mice? It just doesn't make any sense to any of us...

However Mummy's come home now and is very pleased that she's found some local area postcards to send to people in the New Year. At long last she is pleased to say she's found a place that always has them in stock and they told her about 1 or 2 other places as well - so she's no longer feeling all crabby about that. Though I don't understand why she thinks other people will be interested in a herd of concrete cows?! While finding this place she's also seen a very "kyoot" coffee mug that is just right for Daddy to take to work, declaring his love for concrete cows - strange I though Daddy loved Abyssinian cats! ;)

With Mummy home today I'm hopeful of an afternoon chance to snuggle with her and have a good old nap. Mummy however says I must run around and play with the boys as that's more likely to bring on my "whoremoanall" feelings than curling up on her bed and snoozing will. I'll have to see about that though, as it's purrty cold and bed keeps calling to me... ;)

Tomorrow D'Boy is going to a lecture with a lot of the 6th Form at his school - Mummy says they're like Grade 12's in Canada. This is mega cool as D'Boy is only 12 yrs old and it's a science lecuture at the local University, given by a Professor from Harvard! This is because D'Boy is very good at science and is a part of the school's Astronomy and Space clubs. He's the only kid in his year to be a member of the Astronomy Club - the rest are over 3 yrs older than him and studying for their GCSE's and A Levels. I guess he'll need to be on his bestest behaviour for that!

The one redeaming feature of Daddy being off with Mummy yesterday was his bringing home a nice big turkey crown for our KissMouse dinner! What do you mean it's not all for us Mummy?! No, silly Mummy you've got that one all wrong... Turkey is for cats, just look at one of the labels on our Bozita - see it says "TURKEY for cats" - now you can't argue with the experts! ;)


Sen, Tama and Tom said...

Dearest Isis,

So you live in a land of concrete cows? Ours are soft and go "moo"!

I do hope that your Mummy does not deprive you of too much sleep and cuddle time with her in the name of getting your WhoreMoans going. I know I get very crabby if I don't get enough cuddles.

We are all very impressed about your Boy going off with 6th formers. Astronomy is cool! #1 keeps saying she wishes she could tell one star from the next!

Your Ever-Devoted,

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

No way, conrete cows??? We have a concrete Eagle that lives at the train station. That's awesome that your boy is so into science!


Shadow / Molly said...

Con crete cows? We has not heard of those before! What do they do?

Concats to da boy, its furry gud to like dat bean school and stuff.

We rather nap too, its too cold to do other stuff.