Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sad Sunday...

While yesterday at the cat show was great and nice people gave me more pretty ribbons for looking wonderful, Mummy came home to find that her Mummy in Canada has taken a turn for the worst... She will therefore be taking herself over there to be with her Mummy and Dad at this time, leaving us in to look after D'Boy and Daddy... I'm not sure how much food they will need, and sure hope they don't want to share from my bowl! However, I have promised Mummy to be a good girl and keep them well fed and safe until she can come back home to us...

Those of you who are on FB or Twitter will possibly get to hear from Mummy while she is away, at least in part - she has promised to look after herself (and bring us something nice home - Tigmut'hep's voted for some Honeysuckle Wood!), so please don't worry about her, just purr for our Grammy as she's a wonderful lady and we all love her so very much. However we have had "The Talk" from Mummy and understand that it is probably "Her Time", even if we so wish it wasn't...

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Wonderful Wednesday and Winnings...

Matching Open Class and Best of Breed Ribbons

As you can see both momma Isis and I have been adding purrty ribbons to the ribbon collection here, having come home from our latest cat show with a matched set of Open Class wins and Best of Breed wins too! :) In fact I won all the classes Mummy and Daddy entered me in, so have 2 more slightly smaller purrty red ribbons too! Momma Isis did well too, winning all but one of her classes and then still managing to come 3rd in a very large class of assorted Foreign type cats...

Then towards the end of the show Momma Isis got taken to visit Robert the professional photographer to took her photos a year or so ago, as Royal Canin wanted my momma Isis to have her photo taken for their website as we eats quite a lot of their bikky and she's gained her Champion title now. So that I didn't feel all left out Mummy and Daddy also took me to visit Robert and have my photos done on the same background as my momma had used for her photos this time. So I hopes to be able to show you lots of purrty pictures of me some time next week, once Robert has gotten home from his photographic assignments this week and had a chance to sort everything out and print and post my glossies to Mummy and Daddy - yep you're right I'll be waiting by the door for the postie lady all week next week, until they arrive here! ;)

So as you see it's a wonderful Wednesday, even if I've been told I have to let Mummy get back to her studying... It's sunny here and I'm feeling all bouncy, so having a great game of bounce and pounce with momma Isis and uncle Ramses, plus soon Emma the goggy will come out for her afternoon woof and run around next door and I just loves saying hello to her from the safety of the cat run! :)

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Tuesday Thrush Therapy

Well it seems that Thrushy is still in our garden, having turned up there about 4 days ago now, we really love watching him hopping around and pecking at stuff. In fact we like him so much that all of us are spending lots of time in the run watching him, including Ramses who has been (and still is to a lesser extent) very sick in deed...

Mummy thinks that Thrush therapy is probably good for him, as all this thinking about birdies is bound to help perk up his appetite and therefore help him gain back the weight he's lost. Mummy says she thinks he's finally on the mend though so we are all greatly relieved at that and just hope he doesn't suffer any more setbacks on his road back to full health... He really is a lovely brother, so I'm purring lots for him that's for sure! :)

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Satistied Sunday

Yes, I'm very satisfied with life today... Yesterday I won my Champion title at the cat show Mummy and Daddy tool me too, even if my dopey daughter Setra wasn't in a fit state to go too. The silly girl went and rendered herself unfit for showing by playing rough with my brother Ramses late last week. The annoying thing is she was sure to have won her Open class too, even if she has no chance of getting Best in Breed over me! ;) I mean I beat a girly cat I know who is already a Champion to get myself another of those purrty Best of Breed medals that this show give you. In fact because of an administrative mix up I even had to beat her to get my 3rd Challenge Certificate to get my new Title! :)

Other than that Mummy and Daddy bought me lots of presents! :) I gotted a little mousie that squeaks if you move it, a purple squidlike Kong toy which has a bell deep inside it and flys a long way when you bat it good and proper! ;) Oh and a rolly ball crunchy dispencer, which really satisfies my urge to clean up and a huge great bench box thingy for the run so I has lots of sitting and sunning space, while they have a place to put some of their garden bits. The nice thing is Mummy and Daddy can both sit on the bench box and I can lay in the middle getting fussed by both of them! :) Yes, all in all I'm very satisfied with my haul and I have some steak promised for my dinner, 'cause Mummy loves me lots and lots...

Friday, 7 August 2009

Friday Flirt and Funtime... ;)

Well hello boys, Setra here! :) It's certainly been a while since I was last aloud to write my bloggy and as I sure hope you can see I've been doing quite a bit of growing-up in that time... ;)

I mean just looks at me in my cute little 'kini top, don't I looks gorgeous (regardless of what momma Isis says...) and I think pink just might be my colour too! :)

Anyway I has been told to hurry it up as Mummy has to go for an MRI on her dodgy knee in a bit, leaving us to play with the Litter Kwitter we is testing for Your Cats Magazine all on our own... That's right Mummy, I is going to practice my fishin' skills again as soon as you is out of the house iffen I still feel like it! Oh and I is not a bratty teen and iffen you and momma Isis keep saying I am I shall go off and trash your bedroom before having a good sulk, you got that 'k?! However iffen you tell me I is beautiful and gives me all the sweeties I want I shall be good as gold you know... ;) Just thought you'd like to know that, 'k... :)

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Tattle Tale Tuesday!

Well it's all kind of busy, but nice here at the moment... Daddy is off work for a few days and he and Mummy have had a sort of mini holiday - thankfully mostly spent with us! :) However they did go and see Bill Bailey Live and so we missed one snuggle night because of him, but since they were home quite early the next day we have decided to forgive them! ;)

They had a lot to celebrate though, as not only was it Daddy's Birthday, but Mummy gotted the results from the first Module of her Feline Studies course back from her tutor and it seems she gotted herself a straight A! So she and Daddy did their usual happy dance... Mummy's now finished Module 2 and is waiting on that being marked, while waiting for the 3rd Module to arrive in the post. This is one I can help her with purrsonally as it's all about feline reproduction, something I'm rather good at you know! ;) I has told Mummy that I is willing to reproduce again for her, but she says she just has to read a lot and write a lot about it and so there is no need for my doing any 'practical' for her... Yes, Mummy this is why I woke you up at 3am and insisted on sitting on your chest and pulling the covers off of you until you fussed me! I demand the right to make myself more cute ickle baby kittens to play with and love... What do you mean I have to wait to later in the year? *pout* What do you mean by saying I can't go back to visit my lovely Solo?! How said he could retire? *double pout* Who's this Howell Dha you're talking about?! You say he carries sorrel and dilute and I can have some ickle blue kittens iffen I feel like it in my next litter!!! Ok Mummy I still loves you bestest of all... ;)

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Meet my new friend Keekai

Here's me and Keekai, we've been playing all day long! Keekai likes letting me pick all the games we play together, she really is so sweet and I loves her lots...
So just you remember she's all mine 'k?! ;)

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Tattle Tail Tuesday!

Well everykitty, here's the latest gossip for you... It seems that Mummy's not content with just helping D'boy with his homework or with helping Daddy and his Post Grad studies - on no, she's gone and enrolled in a course that focuses on Feline Reproduction! Maybe it's something to do with my constant moaning about wanting a nice new boyfriend to eer "play with" that's made her think of this... ;)

However it could well mean that I'm a little more restricted over my blogging time, not that having a total chatter box for a daughter hasn't done that to a great extent all ready! ;) Honestly getting little Setra to stop asking questions for 5 minutes is hard at times, she just has to know what everything is and how it all works too... I have to keep telling her over and over things like; "Lego's don't go in the mouth, but are for batting under the furnature!" It's all a little annoying when my mind is preoccupied with thoughts of gorgeous and muscular Abyssinain males... ;) Well that and how to keep ones cool in all this heat we're having (currently 28-30C) and Mummy says it'll be hotter tomorrow, maybe as much as 32 or 33C!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Marvellous Monday!

Honestly this is just the most marvellous Monday ever! I had such an incredible weekend with Mummy, Daddy, D'boy, Unca Pete and Auntie Gina, plus her Mummy too. First of all I was woken up early after a night of snuggling with Momma Isis on Mummy's legs to a very early breakfast and lots of love. Then after I'd eaten some of D'boy's scrambled eggy and he'd gotten himself all ready I gotted to go for a car ride to collect Unca Pete at Jordan's house - she's the kitty Mummy and Daddy kitty sat the other weekend... The we went off on a long car ride and they let me sing all the way and ask if we was there yet a LOT! :)

When at last we was there, I gotted to have a cuddle with a lovely ladyvet called Sue who seemed to know who Mummy and Momma Isis were and who kept telling me how purrty I am - so you just know she's a very smart ladyvet! :)

After that I gotted to have cuddles with Daddy while I had a look around the hall we were in while Mummy and D'boy made up my "show pen" with my white fuzzy snuggly and one of the little white blankets I used when I was a baby, plus one of my fave little litter boxes, water and food. Then I got to sniff lots of other Abys! There was Auntie Mynx, Momma Isis sister and Granny Candy, Momma Isis and Auntie Mynx's Momma and half-uncle Shanty too. Then Auntie Gina arrived and Unca Pete got all mushy on her and I gotted to see Momma Isis' Cousin Baillee (who some of you might know).

Once all the kitties were in and sorted out all the Mummy's and Daddy's left their kitties to go visit with some vet looking people that Mummy says are called Judges. I did mega cuddling with them and once Mummy and Daddy came back from their walk and lunch they found out that I did the purrtiest cuddling of all the little Aby girls of my colour and age group! :) Then the purrty ribbons started arriving and the nice coloured cards with my name on them, this made Mummy squeal with joy nearly as loudly as Auntie Gina who'd come back to find out that Cousin Baillee had done just as well in her colour and age group! :) Then came the big bits of flappy white paper that Mummy got really squeaky about telling her that I'd won lots of Trophies too. All in all I came home with 4 trophies and Baillee gotted 2 of her own as well, one that's really purrty - a bronze of an Aby stretching out after a nap - that's because she was the purttiest Sorrel at the show! :) Sadly there was a really cute usual boy kitten who won the BOB for usual kittens, but since I'd won the best of the girlies I don't really care at all...

Anyways, Mummy does have a few photos of me and some of Cousin Baillee too, but she has to go see a chiropractor now so they'll have to wait as I can't do the camera downloady thingy without her help... But you will get to see them later this week and Mummy says she'll take photos of my Trophy collection too so you can see them! :)

Guess I'd better let Mummy go get her back cracked now or she'll get all grumpy at me... ;)

Thursday, 18 June 2009

International Box Day!

Well here I am in a bag with my sister Enta shortly before she left home to go live with her bunny rabbit and family!

Then here are me and my siblings in a light box with momma Isis having a little milk break! ;)

Next is me in my cooler bag keeping nice and warm while showing off my wonderful 8mm long ear tufties! :)

Then there are my big half brothers, Dizzy, Django and Dandy in the penthouse area of our cat condo in the run, that's just as small and tight as any box and lots of fun to hide in!

Then it's all my older half-siblings in momma Isis play tent when they were all cute and newborn! Momma Isis loves tents lots and lots and still likes to play in my new one in the run...

Below is momma Isis when she was not much bigger or older than I am now, sitting on one of our great hidey holes with Tigmut'hep laying in front of her. We all love this hidey hole as Tigmut'hep is too big to fit in it! ;)

As you can see even Uncle Ramses can fit into this great little snuggle spot to get away from Tigmut'hep...

It's not surprising really when Tigmut'hep likes to curl up and sleep on top of us (especially Uncle Ramses) if given the chance! ;)

Though given a box of his own that's big enough for him to get into Tigmut'hep is a pretty agreeable chap! ;)

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Wonderful Wednesday...

Well now I'm an only kitten, as not only has my brother Elzar gone off to Italy, but my sister Enta has left now to go live with her family and their bunny rabbit!

So here I am in my Ikea bag pondering the meaning of life and trying to work out how to get Mummy to open her bedroom door, as I quite fancy the idea of napping on her bed with momma Isis and uncle Ramses this afternoon...

The other news is that Mummy has a big cold metal box that works once more and the one she killed off has been taken away. I guess that marks the end of my getting sautéed pork tenderloin for breakfast, roasty chicken for dinner as well as homemade burgers for lunch... Just when I was getting used to all the fine dinning on the meat that was in the old metal box thingy. Oh well Mummy says I can has Sunday roasty with the big cats now and when I go to something called "shows" I can have a whole tin of Applaws to myself while I'm there if I want and share a big tin of it with everykitty when I come home, just like momma Isis does!

Anyway Mummy's looking aweful tired since she had to get up and be all dressed and ready for the 7am delivery of the new big cold metal box, so I think she may just go for a nap and that means I have to be ready to invade her bedroom and stake my claim to a corner of the bed for myself... Oooh and I don't have to sleep downstairs at night anymore I gather, but will be allowed to snuggle with Mummy and Daddy all night if I'm a good girl and don't put the bitey on their toes, like momma Isis used to do! ;) Gosh and there's me thinking that momma Isis was always a good girl... It seems at even 16.5 weeks old you can learn something new about your own momma! ;)

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Kinda Sad...

Well I've had a long cuddle with Mummy and a little snuggle with momma Isis and now I guess I have to tell you all the sad news...

Very early yesterday morning, when just the birdies were awake my Great Grandpur Supreme UK Grand Champion Mikkar Giddy Kipper passed away in the arms of his devoted Mum. He was (to date) the only Abyssinian cat to have won the Supreme and teamed with his amazing relaxed attitude he really was an ambasidor for my breed. My Dad will never forget the wonderful cuddle session he had with Kipper when they went to collect momma Isis. Though Kipper was not just a cuddler, oh no he was very much multi-tallented, and could open any door and get into any place he wasn't really allowed to go, an outstanding food theif and all round fun guy!

Mummy says I should be very proud to have his bloodlines in me, which is probably why I think it's about time for my next cuddle break...

Other than that Elzar has arrived in Italy safe and sound and is making himself very much at home there and tomorrow morning my little sister Enta is off to meet her very own bunny rabbit, as she leaves here to start her life with her new family!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

My first proper posty!

Since I will soon be an only kitten, momma Isis and Mummy said I could join her bloggy properly - though since they are both busy getting things ready for Elzar and Enta leaving home in the next week I will have to wait a little longer before I can tell you all about what I do best... ;)

Friday, 22 May 2009

Funny Friday

As you can see my daughter Setra has taken possession of one of the lunch coolers here... It doesn't seem to matter where Mummy and Daddy hide it, she still keeps finding it and getting inside for a good nap. I have assured Mummy that she will grow out of this having tried hard to get into the cooler bag myself and finding it just too small and uncomfortable! ;)

However until she's too big to get into it, I think they have accepted the fact that it's her bag! Although her hunt for dietary fibre is to be restricted to actual food stuffs apparently! ;)

So until she grows you'd better remember:

No Cheezburger is safe from Setra! ;)

Monday, 11 May 2009

Minicat Monday!

Yes it's me Setra, pinching mummy's blogspot just for now to tell you my latest saying! Both of my Mummy's (the furry one with all the milk and lovely, cuddly food lady Mummy), think I have Uncle Ramses gift of deep thinking, especially for one so young... :)

Setra's 1st saying:

Cat's live in the present, 'cause it often comes in nice boxes with purrty ribbons on!

PS: Uncle Ramses is still not very well, but doesn't seem to be loosing any more weight at the moment. Mummy keeps giving him all his nasty meds though and he's eating a bit more each day, or so it seems... However he's still one very sick kitty! :(

Monday, 27 April 2009

Mummycat Monday and Manic Mummy Monday! ;)

Well the kittens are now 10 weeks old and are busy playing most of the time they're not eating or sleeping, this is great as they let me play too! :) It's nice being the biggest and fastest as I win most of the games! ;) Though the kittens then start changing the rules of the game or changing the game entirely, to something like chase *MY* tail! Ah well I'm still faster and can jump higher than them, so they can't catch me! ;)

Other than playing with the kittens, I've been watching Mummy being very busy writing stuff for magazines and filling in forms too. You see my little son Elzar will be going off to Italy in June to live with a lovely family and a purrty sorrel girl called Olivia, who will be his number 1 wife! He'll be getting a few more wives when he's old enough to take care of them though! ;) I'm sure he'll keep then all very happy though, and he'll get plenty of cuddles from his new Mummy & Daddy as well as their son, just like he gets here from Mummy, Daddy and D'Boy! :)

Little Enta will be staying quite locally to us with a lovely family and their little pet rabbit! I'm sure she's going to love the bunny and I know she's going to love the family as she had a really good cuddle with her new Mummy when they visited and even fell asleep in her arms! :)

So I'm one very content Mummycat, now that I know my babies will have wonderful lives ahead of them - though I'm not sure about being a Grandmummycat by about this time next year! ;) After all I'm far too young and glamerous to be considered a Grandmummy... But I shall certainly enjoy playing with Setra's babies and seeing photos of Elzar's when they start arriving too! :) Now I just have to purr that Mummy gets through all this paperwork soon so I can talk to my friends more often...

Monday, 13 April 2009

Mini me Monday!

Hi everybuddy, my mummy said I could come and say hello to you all today as I'm now a full 8 weeks old! Mummy says I shouldn't try and talk to you while I haz my brudder's tail in my mouth, but I'm sure you can understand me well enough - that and I fink my brudder's tail tastes kinda good right now! ;) Mind you it's not as good as the roasty chicken we had for supper last night...

Talking of roast chickens, I fink we are getting a likle bit more later! :)

Now I fink it's time for me to go play with my little red ball and see if my sisfur's tail tastes good too, after that I fink it'll be time to try mummy's tail! It sure is bigger and jucier than my siblings tails, as is Uncle Ramses tail... ;) The Mummy says I will grow out of this tail fixation in a few months when I get my bog girl teeth through, and that it's this teething thing that makes a kitten wanna chew stuff all the time, even the Mummy's toes! ;)

Monday, 6 April 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Well the kittens are now 7 weeks old and are getting pretty big! They are into everything and anything as well as doing there level best to eat Mummy out of house and home! ;) Oh yes they are just like D'Boy, always looking for their next meal... So much so that they all get together and make sure that I am not withholding milk from them a number of times each day, especially before nap time!

They have been pretty good in learning all about hunting toy mousies this past week, although they don't as yet have the all encompassing enthusiasm for the mousies as I do. Mummy tells me this is because I'm a little nutty about mousies... I assure you Mummy, my mousies haven't got any nuts in 'em or on 'em. I should know I've put the bitey on them good and proper many times now! ;) Oh yes there is little quite like putting the bitey on a toy mousie to make me happy! :)

Other than that Mummy fed us all some roast beef last night and the kittens devoured it like a pack of furry Parana! ;) Lastly Mummy's been planting us some more catnip for the cat run, so we'll have a total of 6 different varieties growing in there this summer! :) As you might have guessed my housemate Tigmut'hep is very pleased about this news...

Monday, 30 March 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Well today the kittens turn 6 weeks old and I have decided (with at least some help from Mummy) to give the kittens their "official names" at long last... I also have a BIG announcement to make! :)

Firstly there's the kittens names and exactly what they mean:

Boy is El Zehuti, Zehuti is one of the many names of the Egyptian god Thoth. He's a born mediator who is calm in any situation!

BG is Et Seti-Ra, from the Egyptian god of storms, Set, and his companion Ra the sun god. In addition to this SeTiRa is Hebrew for contradiction, coming from the same root as the word SeTeR, meaning hidden secret. So while both the gods little Setra is named for are depicted as male, together they become contradictory and form a female name that we like to think of as our “little bit of sunshine after the storm”. On top of this as many of you know Storm was an amazing ladycat who battled lymphoma not just once but twice! We were greatly touched by her story... Since our human family has been deeply effected in the past few years by cancer, Daddy loosing his father to it and Mummy's Mum battling it at present I thought we could do with some brightness to help keep things in purrspective! :)

LG is Enta Omri, named for a beautiful Egyptian love song meaning "You are my life" famously sung by the amazing Uum Kulthum, who at her peak could sing from the 2nd octive all the way to somewhere between the 7th and 8th octives! This seems most apt as little Enta would scream higher and louder than any kitten of mine to date, right from a few days old! ;) She is also the sweetest and most loving of little girly cats... :)

Now for the big news:
Setra will be staying with us here and coming out to shows with me and then going on to have kittens of her own when she is big enough and old enough to do so! :) Yes that's right my kitty friends, you will be able to watch Setra grow up in front of your eyes via my bloggy - now isn't that going to be fun!? :)

Monday, 23 March 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Well the weekend was kind of hectic here as the kittens are now so much bigger and far more hungry all the time. However Mummy handed out a few nice new toy mice from our goody bag and much of the frustration has now been taken out on these. Tigmut'hep has even managed to de-tail his one already... He says this proves he's far more stressed out than the rest of us (I put this down to his having finished his Matatabi and it being a little early in the catnip season!)

Ooh taking of catnip, Mummy bought us two new varieties of catnip at the garden centre she visited on Sunday with Daddy and D'Boy! She says she's going to look out for a few new planters for the run and redo all out catnip collection so that it's in one or two nice big trough type pots if she can fine some she likes! :) I do so like sniffing the purrty 'nip plants and laying in the middle of them when it's all hot in the summer...

Anyway right now I'm busy keeping the now 5 week old kittens busy and out of trouble! This is a very difficult task at times... However LG had a good bath this morning as you can see. Boy made the most of Mummy allowing the kittens onto the bed for a bit and had a good stretch out, while BG decided to shock Mummy and pose nicely for a photo! :)

As you can see they've been doing a LOT of growing this past week and are now more like mini cats than ickle babies any more. BG and Boy are having 3 good meals of chicken or turkey a day and LG has decided to start on a mixture of meat and formula all mixed up into a smoothy as she just can't quite face proper dinners yet. However she's been packing on the grams on this mixture and is now happy to accept her meals as well as her visits to the milk bar! ;) So I expect that she'll be on proper dinners like her siblings before much longer, with a few good servings of mothers milk each day, especially at bedtime it's no wonder that all of the kittens are now about 600g's! :)

Oh and before I forget to tell you the kittens gave me a nice tinful of Applaws chicken (my personal favourite dinner) yesterday, as well as LG letting me finish up her milk and meat smoothy when she was all full-up! You've just gotta love the perks of being a mummy some days... :)

Monday, 16 March 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Today the kittens are 1 month old, just look at what they've been getting up to. Well more to the point, what BG's been getting up to since she discovered the joys of playing with one of the little toy balls that Tama-Chan and #1 sent over. In fact she's become a little obsessive about it and tends to take it everywhere with her...

As you might notice LG has been working on her modelling career, as she poses so nicely now for every photo. Where as Boy is just happy to cuddle and hug everyone... :)

So as you can see they are all coming along nicely and now that they are walking better and starting to run it's lots of fun, though they still have to learn how to apply the breaks! ;)

Lastly it seems my dear little daughters have both developed a crush on Little "Red", so I have to listen to them talking about him all the time... I don't know how Boy copes with them doing this, at least I have my brother Ramses to talk to when I want some adult cat conversation! Ok, I can listen to Ramses talking about Mummy and chicken! ;)

Monday, 9 March 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Happy 1st Birthday Dandy, Delta-Peach, Django and Dizzy

Wow, can you believe that my first babies are now all cats?! It's amazing to see how much they have grown over the year and wonderful to see how well they are looking (above Dandy and Delta-Peach age 1 yr).

While here my latest kittens are turning 3 weeks old and are starting to get a hang of this walking thing! ;) Honestly it's quite amusing to watch them and I've seen Mummy, Daddy and D'Boy giggling quite a bit when one of the kittens does something funny too - though being their mother I have to do my best not to laugh at their efforts - at least while they can see and hear me! ;) So as you can imagine I occasionally have to make a quick exit from the room in order to keep myself from doing so. In fact Ramses finds he has to do the same, so we've made a bit of a game out of it! :) Above you can see BG doing her best to get into a good position for pouncing the camera, where as little LG is a star model and just sits there happily while having her photo taken! Where as Boy keeps trying to walk off every time Mummy tries to take a photo of him, even when asked nicely to stay still or sit. However he's always first in line when cuddles are being handed out and has never been known to be late for dinner at the milk bar and unlike his sisters, he never falls asleep during a meal! He is now therefore a good 20g's heavier than either of his sisters... Well he does seem to have his father's paws on him, so I expect he'll be a big boy when he's all grown up like his half-brothers are! :)

Anyway today I'm a very proud Mummy to all 7 of my babies, whether they are tiny and here or all grown up and off living with their own families! :)

Monday, 2 March 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Well it's hard to believe that the kittens are already 2 weeks old, they've been such good and well behaved little babies that time just flies by... So far they are quite unlike the 3 boys from my last litter better known and the "Escape Committee", these 3 are content just to cuddle, feed and play! :)

This is BG my biggest daughter practising her cute and innocent look, so far she's probably the best of all 3 at this! However Boy is by far the best at posing like a little lion, which reminds me of his half-brother Django... Boy is the strong silent type at present, but this is probably because he is rarely found without a full mouth! ;) Then comes the little one LG... She is as noisy as the others are quiet! Oh yes, this little girl has always got to get the last word in at the moment, I'm quite hoping that she'll grow out of it in time as she has a particularly shrill wail when she's starts up her complaining - there is one thing that's for sure, no one will ever take this little girl for granted! ;)

But for now they're all fast asleep and I think I shall be sensible and join them, before the next round of demands for feeding start up again! ;)

Monday, 23 February 2009

Mommycat Monday...

Well as everykitty might have guessed, it's been a very busy week for me this past one, what with 3 new mouths to feed and all. Not forgetting my usual duties of cleaning out my brother Ramses' ears and squabbling with Tigmut'hep over food and toys, waking Mummy up and depositing furs on Daddy after work! To top it off D'boy has been home all week and Daddy was home for a few days too - they do it to mess with my schedule you know! ;) All the same I manged to get the kittens fed and groomed and did all my jobs too, even if the dropped bikky in the kitchen did have to wait for 2 days for me to catch up on my work. Honestly if only Ramses and Tigmut'hep had been bought up properly that job would not be necessary... *sigh*

So above is my little daughter LG, looking all sweet and angelic for the camera. I have already told her that looking innocent and sweet will get her a long way in this life! ;) However Boy doesn't seem to have taken this on board at all and is constantly caught getting into mischief, mostly down to his insistence that he gets to sleep on top of or in the middle of his sisters and has the right to pull them off what ever nipple they happen to have latched onto if he feels like testing that one for a bit... All in all I'm starting to suspect that he's the trouble maker of the litter. BG is the strong silent type at present, happy just to suckle and sleep, so I wonder if my daughters will ever manage to keep their brother in line...

As you see right now they let Boy walk all over them! ;) However, I have to admit he does look funny having fallen asleep while attempting to get in the middle of his sisters for added warmth! :)

Oh and they've now all doubled their birth weight, so are doing better than their half-siblings did last year. Some of them took up to 9 days to double their birth weight! Maybe I'm producing a better grade of milk this time round?! Maybe this litter are just greedier?! What ever the cause I'm happy they're doing so very well... :)

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Mega Mummycat Monday...

Sorry for not posting to my bloggy yesterday, but I was busy being in labour and having 3 gorgeous ickle baby kittens! :) Yes, I had my Mummy totally fooled by my big belly, but the kittens were all a good size when born and have been sucking the milk bar dry all night and are now 15g's heavier each! You know Mother's Milk is really good stuff, even if it does seem to make Skeezix all silly and his legs all wobbly! ;)

Monday, 9 February 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Ok, so for my finally Mummycat Monday before the kittens are due to arrive, I've caved into popular demand and let Mummy take a photo of my belly with just a week left to go until my kittens arrive! I hope you all enjoy this pose as much as I am currently doing... It sure takes the weight off of your belly resting this way up, as does finding a nicely placed pillow to rest your front half on while your big huge preggy belly rests on your Mummy's bed! I must say I hope that Marie's Mom's found out about these positions too... Her baby girl is due just 5 days after my kittens due date, so she too much be feeling the weight thing by now, though Mummy assurs me that she didn't feel the need to lay on her back on the stairs when she was expecting D'Boy! ;)

Monday, 2 February 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Well it's all white outside and I'm glad to be nice and warm indoors at present, with the yummy cooking smells wafting from the kitchen where Mummy's not only cooking a big batch of chilli up for the family, but some beef, heart and liver for me! :) It seems Mummy hit pay dirt at one of the local butchers and can get me lots of yummy meat there, as well as getting us some frozen from the big pet shop we have just 1.1miles from the house... Heck we even got a little roasty pork last night! :) So as you can see the food round here is really good and I'm making the most of it! ;)

Oh yes my belly is growing and with a little under 2 weeks left to go I can feel the ickle baby kittens having a little move around in there too! Last night I lay on Mummy's chest for ages letting her join in the fun of feeling my babies move, I even let Daddy have a gentle feel... It's a great feeling and I have to admit I'm now spending most of my time contemplating my belly and purring to it! :) By next week the kittens movements will be even stronger and I may well let Daddy video tape it again so you can all have a little look at them. Right now it's pretty subtle and you have to either look very closely or rest your hand softly on my belly and wait for about 10-15 mins to feel a bit of a wriggle going on inside... ;) At this rate they're going to be called names like; Wriggler, Fidget, Squirmer & Wiggler! Though I bet Mummy's got some much cooler names for them, 'cause I'm not sure a future big mancat would like to spend his life being called Mr. Wiggle Bottom! ;)

Anyway it's time for a little nap and maybe a paw massage... Mummy's put up the kittens bed for me, so I can make sure it's all organized to my liking before my due date. I gather Marie's Mommy is doing pretty much the same right now and we've been helping Mummy make the little Blurpy Girl some mega kyoot onesies (though without the pattented Tigmut'hep tail hole!) I'll get Mummy to photograph them once they're finished so you can all have a little look at them, I bet you'll be able to tell which is my purrsonal fave straight off! ;)

Update: It's snowing so much here that they've sent D'Boy home to help snuggle me...

Monday, 26 January 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Well it's now less than 3 weeks until my kittens are due and Mummy seems to think I'm well on track to have another 4 kittens from the size and weight I am at present. I do hope she's right as I rather liked having 4 all at once, where as my litter sister Mynx had 5 in the litter she had last summer and found it utterly exhausting and needed a LOT of help from her Mum & Dad to cope with them all to start with. Our big sister Noodle has had 5 once too and thought it was exceptionally hard going, where as 4 seems just purrfect to her... Anyway we'll see if Mummy's guess is right in only a little while now and I'm sure she'd help me out if I needed it! :)

I'll keep it brief today though as Mummy's exhausted as she and Daddy were at a funeral today and have done a lot of driving and the like. I gather this means that they'll be curling up in bed with Ramses and myself far earlier than normal, so even if I do have to cut my blogging short today because of it I shall certainly make the most of the fringe benefits! :)

Monday, 19 January 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Well my belly is growing and I've gained a whole 200g's since last Mummycat Monday, so things are going well here and I'm exceedingly content! :)

Yesterday Mummy cooked us a lovely roast chicken, which we shared with the family (after all we're very civilized and considerate cats), I must admit that my brother Ramses did scoff rather a lot of this, but I certainly got a good portion of it too! :) Today Mummy is making a pie full of shepherds I gather, I'm a little concerned about this as I'm pretty sure I've never eaten a shepherd before now - but I'm sure they'll be lovely and tender by the time Mummy's finished with them and hopefully I'll get to test a little of the meat along with my usual dinner... ;) I guess there must be good eating on a shepherd as she says the pie will be big enough to feed the family for 2 days!

Other than that the weekend bought us some much warmer weather than we've had for months, so we all got to go and play in the run for a little while. I hear it will rain today and maybe snow in places, so I guess it's back to the cold again... However it was so nice to have a break in the cold and to be able to have a good sniff of that squirrel at last! He's mighty daring you know and will even come along the fence behind the black bamboo while I'm in the run looking at him if there are peanuts on the bird table... Hopefully he'll eat so many of these that he won't be able to run soon and then I can catch him and play with him for a bit - he looks much more fun than Ramses catnip squirrel and I must say he smells much more interesting too! ;) Though if this plan fails one of Mummy's friends has promised to let us have any bunnies he has going spare when he goes hunting. It is a very long time since we all had fresh bunny... Look I wouldn't want to eat a cute pet one, just a wild one that's become a pest and has been culled - I mean why let good bunny go to waist?! It's just a shame there is no such sport as wild chicken hunting, as I believe my dear brother Ramses would be very keen on that! ;)

Monday, 12 January 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Well I have just about 5 weeks to go now until the kittens are due and I'm making the most of my rest time and cuddles with Mummy and my brother Ramses! :) They have both been most supportive over the past few weeks, especially with the sudden and tragic loss of my beloved Sen-Chan... *sigh* Just to have known a mancat like him has been worth the sadness though and I shall do my level best to make sure his dear little sister Tama-Chan goes on to become the ladycat I know she can be! I know he'd have expected that of her, after all he had the most wonderful manners for a mancat! ;) I speak with authority here having shared my home with 2 mancats all my life and them both being messy eaters, who I'm constantly having to clean up after... Until I met Sen-Chan I thought all mancats were like that, but he gave me hope for mancatkind as he was both, gentle and kind as well as far neater than either my dear brother Ramses (who has the excuse of having a few teeth missing) and Tigmut'hep - who's only excuse is that he has a bad case of the munchies (post 'nip abuse hunger pangs) and can't quite remember what he's doing half the time (again down to 'nip abuse I think, rather than him having a seniorcat moment!)

Anyway I'm doing well and my ickle baby kittens are just starting to swell my belly a little, in fact my weight gain is just a little in advance of last time - this means there is a greater chance that I'll either have more kittens than last time or I'll have slightly bigger ones! It's all rather exciting, especially as Marie's Mommy is due just a few days after I am!!! :) Oh yes Marie's Blurpie and my kittens could well share a Birthday even - if so this might well be the same day as Daddy's Mum's Birthday! So you see mid February is going to be a busy time for us here... What's more my second-cousin Baillee could well be going to visit her first real boyfriend Storm by then, which will mean that her Mummy will come to visit with us for an hour or so, on her way home from dropping Baillee off. I so hope that I have some kittens here to show her by then as I know she'd love to see them and I do so love to show my kittens off! :)

Oh well time for another little nap before Mummy has to get ready for her Fizzy-O, you know I really don't know why they call it that as I've licked and licked that shoulder and it doesn't really taste any different than the other one... Maybe I'll have to try it sooner after she gets back to notice any Fizzy-O?! I also think that Mummy may well look for a t-shirt for Tigmut'hep later today when she and Daddy do the weekly food hunting with the D'boy. I think it's very admirable that Mummy and Daddy both try to teach D'Boy about food hunting, although I have noted that Daddy is not allowed to prepare it for eating... I gather this is because he's a little like Tigmut'hep and would scoff the lot before anyone else got a look in, even though Mummy says it's because of something she calls "total incompetence with regard to cooking" - since I understand the word totally to mean "everything" I'm pretty sure I have my own definition correct, in that he'd eat it all, or have to eat it all himself! ;)

Monday, 5 January 2009

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Rest in Peace, my Sweet Sen-Chan...

Oh how can I put into words the feelings I have at the passing of my sweet and loving boyfriend Sen-Chan at the age of just 16 months? I am utterly grief stricken and the world does not seem quite so bright today...

He was the best of cats and the most loving mancat a girly cat could ever know... It is truly a tragedy and I feel deeply for his sweet little sister Tama-Chan, Tom the woffie and #1 - who must all be suffering right now...

Sleep well my darling boy, until we meet again... For now I must be brave and carry on, so I can be a good mother to the kittens we would have both loved...

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy Mew Year!!! - Breaking News!!!!

Well 2009 looks like being a good year for me! :) Mummy tends to think I'm pregnant and keeps inspecting my belly for signs that I'm "pinking up", 'cause I won't tell her if I am yet! ;) Though I think my milk cravings have been on the increase - well that's my excuse for getting caught drinking most of Dad's milk at bedtime yesterday... Well he shouldn't leave it where I can get to it! Other than stealing milk and helping Mummy read her new book that D'Boy got her for KissMouse it's called "The Devious Book for Cats". So far it's a very good read and highly informative too! :) I've also had fun visiting a few new kitty friends here and one woffie who's very cute and shares my name! :) So why not go visit my new friends Aoises, Beethoven, Crazy Meezer, Jeter Harris (who I've known of for ages, but don't know very well) and Princess Isis the Woffie! All of them have something in common with me, either having the same name, or a Birthday or Gotcha Day around this time of year, so I'm sure they'll be friends for ever now... Oh and my friend and second cousin Baillee has just joined our blogging community, so do drop by and make her feel welcome! Gosh it seems all her family are joining, so please say hello to George and Mo - who's almost a clone of Tigmut'hep to look at! :)

Ok, so I can't hide my purrty pinkness from Mummy any longer and that means my kittens are due on Valentines Day which is just so purrfect as I'm sure you'll all agree! Now off to scoff some celebratory tuna! :)