Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Talkative Tuesday!

Well so much has been going on since last I put paw to computer it's hard to know where to start... I guess with my Exhibiting at the UK Supreme on Saturday is a good enough place! ;)

As I have mentioned I went to the UK Supreme Cat Show on Saturday and was the first and main Aby to be used in the talk on the breed in general. Showing me off as a wonderful example of type and temperament, with a nice talk from my breeder on the purrty ticking pattens on our furs - being a little lighter than some in the undercoat meant that everyone could see the lighter under furs on me. Though I must admit to sharing my furs around with Daddy as he held me for much of the talk and day in general so that people could come and see me close up and tell me how beautiful I am! I sincerly approved of that bit you know! ;)

Next my friend Baillee's Mum came over squeaking a lot as Baillee had won her 3rd CC and is now a Champion! Baillee is a sorrel girl and quite purrty, so I am very pleased for her, plus her momma cat lives with my big sister Noodle - so she's kinda family! :)

Then I met A.S. Cat in the fur and gave him a good talking to about not appreciating pedigree cats enough! It seems to have worked, well that or he was just mesmerized by my amazing beauty (I understand this can easily happen you know...) because he didn't argue with me one bit! :) I must say he's quite a nice looking mancat, especially for his age (not that my lovely Sen-Chan need worry, there's just no competition that can rival you in my affections!) Anyway A.S. Cat was very sweet and I think someone got a photo of the meeting, hopefully I will get my paws on a copy of this soon so I can share it with you all! :)

When we eventually got home I had a great big bowlful of Applaws chicken with Ramses and Tigmut'hep, while Mummy, Daddy, D'boy and Pete the kitty sitter had fish and chips. The Applaws was so yummy not even Tigs started begging for fish! ;) After that I took myself off to Mummy's corner of the bed and slept lots...

Sunday I did yet more sleeping and a little playing in the run too, even though it was raining most of the day. We also played with the cockerel feather Ramses former owner sent home for him with Mummy. It came off of Ramses fave cockerel! We also got a chicken feather from one of the chickens Ramses used to watch from his stud run - sometimes Ramses missed his chickens you see, although Mummy gets him lots of pigeon feathers it's not quite the same... So we now have some very special feather to play with! :)

Now yesterday we thought was going to be a good day, after all we had Mummy and the house all to ourselves most of the day. Then came the news that we had to go visit Hubert the Vet... Well none of us dislike Hubert, but then again he's a Vet - so it's hard to be sure what to make of him! He's nice to fuss and cuddle with than then the goes and turns on us and sticks needles in us or in my case steals some furs and bloods to do tests on... Though he was gentle and did keep telling me what a pretty girl I am and let me watch him do the lab test on my bloods to show that I'm clear of FIV and FeLV and can therefore go off and breed! This final bit of news is what clinched it for me and I have decided I still quite like Hubert. Ramses even agreed to let Hubert keep all his own bloods in place, which is pretty much a paws up from Ramses for any man - let alone a vet man! ;) Tigmut'hep even decided not to cry or loose control of his bodily functions at the vets, so all in all Mummy is very pleased with everykitty here right now - Oh Mummy doesn't that call for another tin of Applaws?! ;)

Friday, 21 November 2008

Fizzy-O Friday!

Well I certainly don't know what all the fuss about this Fizzy-O thing and Mummy's left shoulder is! I mean I decided to investigate it at 4am and found nothing interesting at all about it... I poked the shoulder, had a darn good sniff and eventually even licked it all over! There is nothing Fizzy at all in the taste or smell of Mummy's shoulder, it was maybe just a little warmer than the rest of her though and felt a little swollen (possibly even sore as she kinda woke up and moaned at me for poking at it). That was just before I started the taste test... The main shoulder just tasted of "Mummy", though when much prodding I did eventually get to try out the arm-pit area too which smelt and tasted a good deal different, kinda floral smelling but unlike any plant I've ever menaced, especially when it came to the taste! ;) I have to admit that by this point Mummy was becoming pretty wakeful and restless so I fled the scene back to the safety of my usual sleeping spot on her toes before I was ushered from the scene like some communal garden type Paparazzi! ;) That's right, nothing worth investigating can be kept from the eyes (or tongue) of this intrepid reporter... :)

Monday, 17 November 2008

We has Squirrel!!!!!!

For many years we have suffered a great deprivation here, one that no amount of manipulating Daddy or purring to Mummy could help with... Yes that most basic of needs for any cat, that of a squirrel of their own. One to plan elaborate attacks on and dream of tasting during the victory celebrations! Oh yes, we may have had doves and a good level of big fat juicy looking wood pigeons to visit the bird table every winter, with a chorus of suicidal frogs being born in our pond every spring, we even had the odd field mouse to watch from the perches in our run, but until yesterday morning we had no squirrel to call our own... :(

It's a hard life being a cat without a squirrel to dream about you know!

Oh yes, but what joy it bought to all of us when yesterday during breakfast that as last we had a squirrel to call our own! As soon as we got past the initial shock and joy, we of course started to dedicate a great deal of time to planning it's demise! ;) So far our planning is going well, we have worked out that the squirrel needs to be tempted down from the apple tree and into our garden. For this we're planning to use a large nut (or Tigmut'hep if we can't find a real nut, after all he's gotta be the next bestest thing!) Then Ramses and I plan to swoop down on squirrel and pounce good and hard. Of course it'll take a lot of training to accomplish this, so for now I'm off to practice my pounces with Ramses, while we leave Tigmut'hep on squirrel watching guard! I'm planning to swat at his tail at regular intervals to make sure he doesn't start sleeping on the job... ;)

Now were did I leave catnip squirrel, I'm sure he needs a good bunny kicking to get me in the mood! :)

Friday, 14 November 2008

Friday Exclusive

I've just got my paws on this breaking news in the cat world! Oh yes, you're right nothing gets past this eagle eyed Abyssinian unseen... ;) It seems that A.S. Cat's latest Press Release made it's way to my secret paw-mail address, so now I can share with you all this excerpt from it. Golly gosh, I think we may well find a new influx of British Cat Bloggers arriving here soon once they read this and come for a visit. I mean who can resist the power of the Blogsphere?! :)

Press Release

Subjest: A.S. Cat has Abyssinians in an Uproar
For Release: Exclusive to Cat World
Today's Date:
12th November 2008

A.S. Cat, emerging literary icon of the UK Pet World with his Life in the Cat’s Lane diary, has at least one breed of pedigree cats “spitting slugs,” if heated comment on the Isis Meows blog is anything to go by.While an online cat crit from one Isis D’Lynx gave the self-made moggy’s book a basic paws up, it nevertheless ended on a tail twitching note. Notably, Isis – who describes herself as “a beautiful pedigree female Abyssinian (cat) who lives in Buckinghamshire with her lovely half-brother Ramses who's a sorrel Abyssinian and Tigmut'hep who's big and black and often grumpy” -- his misguided assumption that all pedigree cats … are over-bred and useless. The result to date has been a furore of whisker-twitching responses posted on the Isis Meows webblog (isismeows.blogspot.com), which is clearly devoted to giving a voice to Abyssinians worldwide.
Now Cat awaits crits from other Abyssinian reviewers from as far a field as the West Coast of America and France who are likely to be heavily biased by Isis remarks.

Never fear I'll be setting A.S. Cat right about the identity of my friends! Honestly I think he sees Abyssinians as elitists... Far from it we like pretty much all cats and most beans too - especially ones who come bearing Malt Kisses! ;)

Thursday, 6 November 2008

World Peace Day, plus my latest review - possible KissMouse presents for the Beans in your life!

Having spent most of yesterday taking Nana (who's blind) out and about, Mummy had to put her feet up yesterday evening to recover for a bit and decided to listen to one of her favourite silly CD's while I snuggled up with her. This was really the first time I've listened to this CD properly and since I found it so very funny I thought I'd share it with you all - well sometimes us kitties do get the urge to treat our beans to little KissMouse presents... ;)

Since I think the first track from the 1st CD pretty much speaks for itself I though I'd just write down the silly poem for you and let you all have a good giggle! :) The rest of the CD is pretty much just as funny, even if it's not all about cats... My other suggestion of good KissMouse presents for your beans are some of the "Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers" of Marc Gunn!

(words by Les Barker/music by Cindy Mangsen)
© 2005 Mrs. Ackroyd Music, MCPS / Compass Rose Music, BMI

The word 'futile' springs to mind;
Mission Impossible; yes, that's
The attempt to harness for mankind
The intelligence of cats.

You've made a basic error;
Now let me expound;
This master/servant thing's OK
But no, not that way round;

We don't do the faithful subject;
We don't do the daily grind;
You should never have attempted it;
Guide cats for the blind.

Give kitty so much trust
And we'll abuse the privilege;
You think you're going out?
You're opening the fridge.

You think I'm trying to help you?
I'm not serving man but mammon;
You think you've gained a faithful friend;
You've lost a plate of salmon.

I might lead you down the High Street;
I'll be back when I have dined;
We get very, very hungry being
Guide cats for the blind

It can't be very pleasant -
Of this I've little doubt -
To have your head stuck in a catdoor,
Whether facing in or out.

You could be here a day or two
One half out in the rain;
I've got to go; I've things to do;
Maybe I'll pass this way again.

A dog would go for help;
Cats are not that way inclined.
Cats have better things to do than being
Guide cats for the blind.

Of some matters I am ignorant,
But this I know for certain;
The best place for a blind man
Is not halfway up a curtain.

And why should he they have to be
Up on a roof at 4am?
It's the perfect place for me
But what's in it for him?

It was where I had to go
And he just tags along behind
I don't know why; only a fool would follow
Guide cats for the blind.

I once met a man called Pavlov;
From time to time, he rang a bell;
Simple toys make humans happy
But I have to say that, well,

I found it a disturbance, and
Poor chap, I think he knew it,
And soon he only rang his bell
When I wanted him to do it.

Did you ask for our assistance?
If you did, well we've declined;
Here we are, an oxymoron;
Guide cats for the blind!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Life in the Cat’s Lane - A Book Review by Isis D'Lynx

Life in the Cat's Lane

At first I was sceptical of this first paw account of life with a Chow Chow and a pretty poor excuse of an owner, but soon I found myself really enthralled by it.

You certainly get a good look at the workings of A.S. Cat’s brain as he works out how to use the invading foe (a.k.a. Dog) to his advantage. Not easy when faced with a dog who seems to be at least part cat, I mean it’s curious and very unpredictable for a member of the canine species! Though not once do you feel the need to pity cat (and a good job too and cats HATE pity), after all if Sooty had only but trained his alleged owner properly to start with, none of this would have happened surely…

Having pawed my way through the book, I feel I have learnt a number of valuable life lessons though. Firstly to extract a vow from Mummy, that I can have her committed if she ever so much as mentions the thought of bringing home a Chow! Secondly that given a good deal of training even the most scurrilous of owners or dogs might eventually be reformed. Lastly I am far more appreciative of Mummy now, seeing that she came to me well trained! ;)

The only bone I have to pick with A.S. Cat is over his misguided assumption that all pedigree cats or house cats are over breed and useless. This is far from the truth, especially where Abyssinians are concerned!

Isis D'Lynx
An Incredibly Superior Abyssinian Cat!