Friday, 23 May 2008

Family Friday and Farewell Bonnie

Here's my sweet little daughter Delta Peach for Miss Peach as she's celebrating her 1st Blog Anniversary. Hasn't she grown into a little beauty, just like her namesake! :) She's such a sweety too and loves to cuddle and is nearly as passionate about all things milky as me, so much so that I occasionally have to point out her age when she starts looking at the milk bar all hopeful like! ;)

Other than that we've had some really sad news that our lovely friend Bonnie Underfoot has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. It seems her little heart just gave out and it's been a dreadful shock to her loving family as it was very much unexpected... Our thoughts are therefore with them and Victor who will be lost without his lovely grumpy Bonnie to thwap him and keep him in his place!

Friday, 16 May 2008

Family Friday

Well it's been rainy here for the past 48 hrs or there abouts and the kittens are driving everyone mad! They want to play, climb and run about and are doing so in the house... They are so bored with not having time in the run that they keep mugging me for more milk too and I have less places to get away from then too! While I understand their boredom and frustration at having to stay inside, they really do have to learn to behave a little better and tone their games down to match their surroundings... Using Mummy & Dad's bed head as a place to practice their tightrope walking skills really shows a lack of maturity and judgement on their part! The fact that they continued to do it until nearly 1am must have gone some of the way to getting all us cats and kittens alike locked downstairs last night... It seems beans don't nap enough during the day time to cope well with kittens landing on their faces while they're trying to get to sleep! ;) I too had to learn these lessons, though mostly the one about putting the bitey onto toes while the owner of said toes is sound asleep...

Other than that my entry form for the big Abyssinian Cat Show next month has been sent off and Mummy's started buying me lots of nice white bits for my show pen! :) They're all for me and will be kept specially clean just for showing me off on... Maybe I'll see a gorgeous mancat or 2 at the show! ;) Oh what do you mean I can't go making myself a belly full of kittens in the middle of the show hall Mummy?! What, not even if they're the bestest looking mancat ever?! Waaaa... It's not fair! Oh ok, I'll accept vast amounts of chicken and 'nip as a substitute for true love, as long as you promise I can have a whole week with a gorgeous mancat at some other time! ;) *giggle*

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Time for myself Tuesday!

Oh yes it's that time at last... Not that the kittens have left home or anything, but that I'm just ready to let them have a few hours on their own playing with Tigmut'hep and Uncle Ramses in the run, while I have a little game of throw the mousie and fetch with Mummy! :) Well ok two big games and a nice long nap on her bed in the sunny patch to be exact... ;)

It seems that Mummy has missed our games a lot and is a little rusty at the mousie throwing, but she'll learn again if I keep making her play the game! *grin* Oh yes we all have our used for Mummy here, I play with her lots and lots, Ramses supplies the snuggles and furs her a lot and Tigmut'hep is always ready for the next meal to go down and likes to play with the boy and spend lots of time with him too...

So you see I'm looking good and getting myself show fit while still looking after my kittens and playing with them quite a few times each day! They're still doing their best to have a top up at the milk bar when they can, but each day it's getting less and less and my bits are going back to where they should be. In fact I reckon within a week or two from now I'll have my perfect svelte figure back and my titty fluffs will be almost grown back in place - though in this heat a little extra bare flesh isn't such a bad thing, unless of course you're silly enough to lay on your back in the sun and burn your private bits! :S Now that would be disastrous, as well as very painful...

Now back to getting myself ready for next month's show... Oh Mummy, I need to look at myself in the mirror for a bit and check and see if I'm purrty enough! ;)

Friday, 9 May 2008

Family Friday...

Well I had a lovely time visiting with some of the kittens Mummy's and Daddy's over the weekend and this Sunday I have Django's Mummy visiting too, so I'm hoping for some more chicken to eat... You see Mummy gave me lots of really yummy chicken while the kittens new bean parents gave them a little too! :) Of course my brother Ramses got lots of chicken too for his Birthday and we're all greatly appreciating his catnip plants out in the run! ;)

Now that the kittens are getting bigger, I've noticed that I'm starting to think about mancats a lot again... ;) Well you need a nice friendly mancat in order to get yourself a belly full of kittens and I'd certainly like another one of those! :) But Mummy says I have to wait until the end of the year before I can go for another "holiday" with a gorgeous mancat... :( So now you know why I was moaning in her ear at 5am this morning! ;)

Oh and it's not my fault that the kittens woke up shortly after that... Nor it it my fault that they were all very hyper and wanted to play the "Bed Moles" game! I'm pretty sure I never told them that a "Bed Mole" can get a better bitey on the toes either... Though I think Mummy was expecting "Bed Moles" as she took the camera to bed last night and had it ready to take photographic evidence of the chronic "Bed Mole" activity! ;)

Anyway Dad's away tonight, so the "Bed Moles" will have more room to play in without nearly pushing Mummy out of bed, so hopefully she won't moan to me about them tomorrow morning... ;)

Friday, 2 May 2008

Family Friday

Well it'll be a busy weekend here, so I doubt we'll get on-line much... But since it's due to my brother Ramses turning 5 yrs old and most of the kittens having visitors, I guess I can't moan at Mummy too much... All by Django will have a visitor or two this weekend, but he has to wait until next Sunday before his visitor comes to see him! I guess that means I'll have to play with him a little more than the others to keep him happy, though knowing Django's favourite game he'll have his mouth too full to complain! Oh yes he's certainly earned his nickname "Django Feed" rather well... ;)

Other than that the kittens had some more half-siblings born yesterday! Three little girls and a boy, it looks like their Dad's been busy! ;)