Thursday, 28 August 2008

Thursday Thirteen

My list of 13 reasons why Mummy's been keeping us cats from the internet lately:

1. Something she calls "having a life", we all disapprove of this as you can imagine.
2. Repainting the dinning room and kitchen as well as retiling the kitchen - it's called DIY I hear...
3. D'Boy came home and bought home the mother of all laundry piles!
4. Getting D'boy ready to go to "Big School" - really Mummy we can teach him all that's needed here at home! ;)
5. Cleaning up after the DIY
6. Getting gorgeous professional photos done of me! Ok, so I don't disapprove of this one! ;)
7. Taking me to cat shows and letting me wow the judges! Ok, so I don't mind that one either... :)
8. Taking me for long car rides in my little luxury PTU, look Mummy I've told you what I think of this one repeatedly and occasionally very loudly too! ;)
9. Researching Aby genetics and looking for good matches for my next eeer professional boyfriend. Well the end results of this are nice, but the rest is boring Mummy!
10. Spending squillions of hours on the phone talking to other Aby breeders about eer professional boyfriends. Again this is boring Mummy!
11. Mummy driving all over the place to look at eer professional boyfriends from her "short list". Errr, Mummy I like my mancats tall and gorgeous, none of this short stuff ok! ;)
12. Mummy spending squillions of hours looking over these lucky few potential eer professional boyfriends. Well at least she comes home smelling Wonderful!!!!!! :) Come on Mummy let me sniff those trousers again before you wash them... ;)
13. Sticking nasty cotton swabs in my purrty little mouth in order to steal my skin cells for genetic testing. Look Mummy I told you I was perfect, but you insisit on having some geek in a white lab coat tell you so too, so don't blaim me for wanting to put the bitey on you! :P


Sen and Tom said...

Yes, my beautiful, you are indeed perfect, and obviously being put through a lot. I wish I was there to comfort you!

Your Loving Boyfriend,

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Your mom sure had been busy!!! I hear there will be a DIY in our house this weekend too. I'm worried. Luckily I do not have to have swabs taken because I lack that general need that you have.


michico*Adan said...

Just simply lovely~!!!!
I like your mom!!

Lux said...

Wow, your mom's been so very busy! Will we get to see the professional photographs of you? I hope so ...

Black Cat said...

Oh, I hope we get to see the pro photos of your beauteousness too, though your Mummy's are so good I wonder why you need professional ones! Your poor Mummy must be exhausted, you must all give her lots of cuddles to make sure she is forced to rest!

Erm, 'scuse my higgorance, but what does "eer" mean? :) xxx