Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Trendy Tuesday

Being a budding feline supermodel isn't as easy as it sounds you know... Today I've been trying out a new look and while I rather like it, I don't think I'll be wearing it all the time - well just think of what my hair would look like after a visit to the kitty litter box! ;) Ok maybe that should read, DON'T think what it'd look like! However I do think they've done well to replicate the intricate beauty of each of my furs with this hair purrty blonde and it's great highlights and lowlights...

Oh well it makes a change from my needing a "Candy Stripe" outfit while I work around the clock to make all the family feel better. It seems my tireless devotion as worked wonders and D'boy made it back to school yesterday and today even Daddy managed to leave his sickbed and get back to work - although the vet has put him on yucky steroids until his asthma stops playing up as a result of this nasty case of manflu... Mummy is ok too, even though she had to go and have some of her bloods stolen at the vets this morning before breakfast - though I'm sure if I play my cards right I can have her back in bed for a cuddle soon! ;) I bet Ramses will help me arrange this if I ask nicely... :)

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Tremendous Tattle Tail Tuesday!

Well as promised some weeks back following my interview with Yao-lin's pretty slave lady, I have at last completed my investigative report into where Marie, Cassey and Donny have been for the past few months!

To get to the bottom of all this I have been in secret correspondence with Marie for some weeks now and can confidently tell you that Marie now has good reason to suspect that her Mommy hasn't just been eating too many cream cakes!

In the beginning Marie suspected that her Mommy was just very sleepy and then she started to get a little more comfy to sit on too... This continued for a while and got Marie a little worried for a time as in the past her Mommy's been very ill indeed and only because Marie's Big Brave Daddy could help her Mommy, that she get better again! Even so she's got to watch her health closely for the rest of her life... So you see Marie, Donny and Cassey have all been taking turns to keep an eye in their Mommy now so she stays fit and healthy!

Anyway after weeks of worrying Marie, her Mommy came home with something called a sonogram picture, it seems she's in kitten and is now coming up for week 20!!!! :) It'd be so much easier if humans would just "pink up" you know... So when Marie finally told me this, I was able to reassure her that being in kitten made you very tired at times, as well as hungry, and that she needed to help look after her Mommy a lot now. She assured me that she is doing this, but said that it's taking all her spare time as well as Donny and Cassey's. Sadly this is making blogging impossible for now at least and quite possibly for quite some time to come... After all kittens need a lot of care and feeding, even if you only have one at a time and it's all pink and fur less! ;)

So it seems quite likely that Marie's Mommy will be having her big pink people kitten in early to mid February, in the meantime Marie will stay in touch privatly and keep me up to date with it all. :)

I was also wondering if some kitties would like to help me sort out a little package of goodies for the new people kitten once we know if it's a boy or girly one?! I'm not sure if it would like one of the toy mousies my kittens so enjoyed, and it'll be way too young for catnip, but I'm sure a few of us can come up with some good ideas if we ask our Mummies! :)

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Things on Thursday

Well I've been helping Mummy tidy up some of my things today and even got her to photograph some of them. Oh yes these are my purrty ribbon things from the cat shows as well as my big shiny medal. So that I looked the part I decided to wear my other shiny thing, yes thanks to the gorgeous and adoring Yao-lin I have the most wonderful Coco Chanel diamond collar! :)
Anyway after much assistance and even more close snoopervision Mummy got things right and took the pictures I asked for. Now I can show you all the amazingly purrty rosettes I have been given by nice people wearing white coats recently (I had a good sniff at them all and non smell like vets, so I think they must be show judges!).

Firstly there are all my ribbons and my lovely Best of Breed medal from the Three Counties show where I interviewed Yao-lin's pretty slave lady. I'm especially fond of my medal as I'm sure you can imagain... :)

Then there's the 1st place Open Rosette from the Herts & Midds Show a few weeks ago where I won my second Challenge Certificate and of course the Best of Breed Rosette from there too, it's so purrty and reminds me of a glittering star! :) Lastly there are my 1st, 2nd and 3rd from all the side classes I took part in at the Herts & Midds Show. I think they're all very purrty and have been adding my demands that Daddy hurry up and get my ribbon display case put up in Mummy's study to my list of things to moan and yowl about for now...

Well I do like to moan when things don't get done to my satisfaction! ;)

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Wailing on Wednesday...

Well seeing as I'm on a role I thought I might as well wail all Wednesday too... After a very good sleep snuggled up on Mummy's feet I decided to start off the day on a high note so to speak! ;) Oh yes I was noticed by both Mummy and Daddy too when I decided that I needed to start complaining about the lack of suitable male companionship of the type I desire at 4:55am. In fact they were somewhat of a captive audience as I stood in the doorway and reached for the high notes! ;)

Seeing as I already have hit the big time as a beauty pageant contestant, been very successful as a model as well as breaking into journalism as an investigative reporter and all the while being a mother of 4 at a relativity young age - well you can see why I'm considering taking up Opera singing too! ;) I'm just not sure Mummy and Daddy are as keen on my constant practising of late and for some reason both Tigmut'hep and Ramses have taken to hiding when I do it too... I think this has something to do with Tigs taking too much 'nip, or was it not enough?! I'm not sure which but it's certainly one of the two! ;) Ramses on the other paw is just being a silly Mummy's boy, well honestly he burrowed under the covers when Mummy was making the bed this morning...

Looks like I'll have to make do with gazing at Sen-Chan's picture and dream of a visit to my next professional boyfriend, 'cause Mummy says if I keep up my Opera practice she's going to get some ear plugs!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Traumatic Tuesday

Oh yes it's all very traumatic today... Mummy had to get up extra early to get Daddy and some other people from his company off to London for a seminar today, didn't he know I was having a lovely time fussing Mummy before the alarm went off?! Well I was and it was all very nice, I'd had an ear rub and a chin rub, a nice stroking and was working my way around to getting a good belly rub and on came the alarm! :( Look into these pleading eyes and do you not feel for my plight? Can't you see how much I need a good belly rubbing and maybe 30-40 minutes of good grooming too just to make up for the rude interruption to my pleasure... Oh how I suffer, just like my ardent admirer Yao-lin - he knows how hard it is to get enough attention! I know my gorgeous boyfriend Sen-Chan would have obliged and groomed my belly purrfectly if only he was here by my side... So I think it only fair that I wail at the top of my lungs all day long, demanding the attention of all who hear me even if it's making Tigmut'hep try to cover his eyes and ears with his paws in an effort to sleep through it all! ;) Mummy says he as a hangover and we're not to tease him *all* the time about it - ok Mummy I'll just tease him *most* of the time! :)

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

Well after a very busy morning peace has at last returned to the house here... Dad's off to work and D'boy is at his new school looking very smart in his grown up school uniform! Before he left the house Mummy made sure his collar was done up and that he had his name on everything - I guess this is because she hasn't had him microchipped yet... I'm not sure why this is, as my kittens were a lot smaller than D'boy when they got theirs! Then again they were old enough to leave home a few days later, so maybe Mummy's waiting until D'boy is 16-18 yrs old... ;)
Anyway the thought of collars and getting ready for shows bought me back to the lovely gifts my ardent admirer Yao-lin sent me via his pretty slave lady... I really must get around to posing in my new Coco Chanel diamanté collar for a start, but I think I'd like to twin it with my gorgeous Best Of Breed Medal, so I will be sending Mummy out for a little black velvet ribbon soon. I think I shall pose against either the black or red background for that shot once I have the required ribbon and Mummy has sorted it all out for me. Yes I am sure that not only Yao-lin will like that, buy my beloved Sen-Chan! :) I have also been looking through my new dressing up box also supplied to me by my devoted admirer HRH Yao-lin (well you see he recognizes class and breeding when he sees it) and thinking about trying on that cute little Hawaiian outfit... Tigmut'hep says he has dibs on the nice warm scarf and blue Deer Stalker as he's the biggest Venison lover in the house! Ramses seems to think the leopard print hat will look best against his colouring, but is willing to share it with me in a most sweet and brotherly fashion if I want it too... :)
Anyway for now you'll all have to make do with a few of my professional photos taken by Robert Fox a few weeks ago at the Three Counties Cat Show. Thanks to him my Mummy now has a little handbag with my photo printed on it, just right for taking to cat shows I think! :)
This photo above is the one on Mummy's handbag! :)