Friday, 20 June 2008

Free Friday...

Well all the kittens are gone now and I can have a Free Friday... I think like Mummy I have mixed feelings about the kittens leaving home, though my titties are feeling very happy about it and a lot less pink! ;) Which is good as it didn't go that well with the pretty aquamarine and teel of my ribbons! :)

I must admit that the cat show was kind of nice, lots of special people in white coats fussed me and told me I was looking great - silly people I knew that already! ;) But it's nice to hear it all the same... :) The vets at the show loved me and the head vet said he'd been very tempted to become my Daddy when I was little, if only he didn't have so many Abys already at home he'd have happily taken me home too! So he was pleased to see I have a lovely Mummy and Daddy anyway and have had some georgeous kittens recently too. I think he may well keep an eye on my future kittens if he has room for an extra Aby at home! :) He's also trying to get a special study done of a large section of the Aby population over here, mostly to do with our eyes and DNA - so I think I'll be seeing him again later in the year and maybe bringing my vet Hubert along with me! Well Hubert is badly smitten by my beauty and is getting very interested in cat shows now too... I guess I'm starting to think of him as "My Pet Vet" *giggle*

Well I must go and help Mummy pack D'Boy's case for his trip to Yao-Lin's Island next week, I was thinking Yao-Lin and Baby Mao might like me to send them a few of my georgeous furs via D'Boy's clothes, so bringing a little extra female glamour to their Island! ;)


MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Hello dear Isis!
Are you missing your babies? I would be....but I never had any.
Sending you lots of love and Ramses and Tig too:)
Love from your Miss Peach (your LIW)

michico*Adan said...

Dearest Isis~!
You are the best mom~!!!!
I think you could have a very good relax now~! After all, you are too tired to take care your kids~!
Have good time With Ramses and Tig, I am so sure they miss your lovely cuddle!


Tybalt said...

I know you miss your kittens, but I am sure it is good to have some quiet ladycat time back again.

I'm not surprised to hear that your vet has a crush on you. ;)

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Yeah! We will miss them but now you can have some alone time.


It doesn't seem fair that insurance doesn't cover breeders very well. Its such a smart thing to have and we're really happy to have it.

Daisy said...

Isis, I think everyone who sees you is smitten with your beauty!

Lux said...

Hi Isis! I think you are probably the very best mom. Now you can just relax, though.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh I hated it when my kits left home. Sigh. But I think you are suffering through quite well.

How lucky that your people get to go see Yao-lin and Baby Mao--they will get to visit won't they? After all why go?! Of course, Yao-lin may not be taking visitors so who knows?

Team Tabby said...

Hello Isis, we knows you and your beans have picked extra special homes for your kittens, you are a great momma. Congratulations too, on your recent wins. We saw your lovely ribbons, Ramses showed them to us. He is very proud of you. Oh, yes, be sure to pack lots and lots of fur, we would do that too, ha,

Mindy & Moe

Karen Jo said...

I am sure that your kittens went to the very best homes. Time to rest up and get some Isis time. I am not surprised that all the vets fall in love with you. You are so beautiful.

Derby said...

Isis you are now kitten-less, you will have to pick out another fine Aby ManCat for your next motherhood adventure. I have enjoyed watching your kittens grow up.

TT said...

I am sures you gots all the beans at the show excited with yours beauty.