Monday, 2 February 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Well it's all white outside and I'm glad to be nice and warm indoors at present, with the yummy cooking smells wafting from the kitchen where Mummy's not only cooking a big batch of chilli up for the family, but some beef, heart and liver for me! :) It seems Mummy hit pay dirt at one of the local butchers and can get me lots of yummy meat there, as well as getting us some frozen from the big pet shop we have just 1.1miles from the house... Heck we even got a little roasty pork last night! :) So as you can see the food round here is really good and I'm making the most of it! ;)

Oh yes my belly is growing and with a little under 2 weeks left to go I can feel the ickle baby kittens having a little move around in there too! Last night I lay on Mummy's chest for ages letting her join in the fun of feeling my babies move, I even let Daddy have a gentle feel... It's a great feeling and I have to admit I'm now spending most of my time contemplating my belly and purring to it! :) By next week the kittens movements will be even stronger and I may well let Daddy video tape it again so you can all have a little look at them. Right now it's pretty subtle and you have to either look very closely or rest your hand softly on my belly and wait for about 10-15 mins to feel a bit of a wriggle going on inside... ;) At this rate they're going to be called names like; Wriggler, Fidget, Squirmer & Wiggler! Though I bet Mummy's got some much cooler names for them, 'cause I'm not sure a future big mancat would like to spend his life being called Mr. Wiggle Bottom! ;)

Anyway it's time for a little nap and maybe a paw massage... Mummy's put up the kittens bed for me, so I can make sure it's all organized to my liking before my due date. I gather Marie's Mommy is doing pretty much the same right now and we've been helping Mummy make the little Blurpy Girl some mega kyoot onesies (though without the pattented Tigmut'hep tail hole!) I'll get Mummy to photograph them once they're finished so you can all have a little look at them, I bet you'll be able to tell which is my purrsonal fave straight off! ;)

Update: It's snowing so much here that they've sent D'Boy home to help snuggle me...


Tom and Tama-Chan said...

Dear Isis,

I am so enjoying reading about how your kittens are growing inside you. I think the nicknames for them are great! Tee Hee!

It's been snowing here too, although not as much, I think. Tommy is very keen to go out and explore all the white stuff, but I m staying dry and warm!

Your Friend,

PS: We eat pretty well over here but your food sounds particularly yummy at the moment!

The Meezers said...

oh we cannot wait to meet your kittens Isis. you are such a wonderful mommycat!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh Isis, I hope you and the kits keep warm and cozy with the snow outside!

Boy n Beethoven said...

Your kittens sound fabulous! Mr Wiggle-bottom! Hahaha...I can wait to see them!


Shadow / Molly said...

The mom looks forward to seein yer babies Isis. We fink she secretly wants another but yoo know how beans keep secrets. When do we get to see a piccy of yer nice growing belleh?

Princess said...

TOW more weeks Oh goodie and then kittens?
You are a lucky mommie

I hope the snow is not too bad. You can share some with us here in Virginia.

Enjoy your yummy special foods

Derby said...

You stay safe from the snow. I lives in snow country so we are used to it.

Can't wait to see the kittens when they are ready to make their appearance.

Black Cat said...

Oooo, your meats sound yummy. We used to have a butcher just round the corner but it shut down:(

I love the nicknames for the kittens, hee hee!

Sorry I haven't been over for a while - too much time on Facebook, lol! :) xxx

Isis said...

i can't wait to see your kittens!