Monday, 17 December 2007

I wanna Mancat Monday!

Dat's it I'z desperate for a Mancat and I'z goin' to make my point of view known loud and proud! :) In fact I'z not shut up about it for nearly 20 hrs now... Well I'z gotta make sure Mummy knows what I'z after! ;)

I'z been lookin' at d'purrty pictures of Dan and Goldie and Mummy's tolded me a little about each of them... My half-brother Ramses knows Dan, so he's also tolded me stuff about him! :) Purrsonally I'z rather fancy Goldie at dis minute... *giggle* He's quite some Mancat and I'z keeps getting urges when I'z fink about him... *blush* He gotted his second Grand Champion level awarded to him at a show a few weeks ago, so he's only gotta get one more to be called a Grand Champion! *swoon* Mummy likes him as he carries the gene for sorrel, you know d'colour my half-brother Ramses is! There's a chance I carry that too, so I'z could have a litter with a mix of ruddy and sorrel kittens iffen I'z lucky... I'z just love licking sorrel furs, though ruddy furs are good to lick too! :) Ok, so I'z just love to groom.... ;)

It's all very exciting and it's only a few weeks now until I'z get to go on my big date! :) *giggle*blush* Mummy says I'z can visit one of dem for a whole week in January when I'z call then and am over 1 yr old! :) Dat way I'z get my 1st birthday at home with my family and once I'z finished off stuffing my face and playin' with my toys I'z can have a holiday with a handsome Mancat! :) I'z know he won't be Napoleon and will never manage to be just dat cute and adorable, but he'll be all Mancat and mine for a whole week! Den I can come home to my family with a belly full of potential kittens and I'z can catch up with the lovely Napoleon and hope he still finks I'z lovely....


Daisy said...

Isis, this is so exciting! I think you will make a very, very good mommie-cat.

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Hmmm...purrsonally I fancy Goldie myself, hehehe...but only b/c he looks a lot like Ramses!! I can see why you prefer him over Dan (altho I'm sure Dan is a very good Mancat too....)

This will be so much fun...!


Ramses said...

Oh 'sis is this all you can think of at the moment?! Ok you do have Mancat on the brain and I'z fink your visit to one of them better hurry up and get here! :P

But you'z know I'z love you anyway... ;)

Dragonheart said...

Wow, Isis congratulations on getting your own blog! :) I think you will make an excellent momma cat. :) I know you cant' wait to meet your handsome Mancat. :)

Pet's are 4 Life said...

Oh Isis, I is soooo disappointeds that you is going wif one of them for a week. My January is alreadys going to be traumatics, and now you is goigns away for a week? Ands then you is gonna have real ickle kittens??
Its a good fing I still likes you! ;) Some Mancats cans be very fickle whens it comes to beings all faithful, so don't lets that Grand Champions turn your head aways from me!!

Pet's are 4 Life said...

Oh I finks you is pretty no matter how, I mean full of get. ;)
As longs as you finks I is studly too even afte I lose my dangly bits.
Momma was lookings over the photos of Dan and Goldie, she finks you should visit Goldie.

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Isis I didn't know you had your own blog!!!! I hope you get a Man Cat SOON!


Karen Jo said...

This is very exciting, Isis. A very Merry Christmas to all of you.