Sunday 20 September 2009

Sad Sunday...

While yesterday at the cat show was great and nice people gave me more pretty ribbons for looking wonderful, Mummy came home to find that her Mummy in Canada has taken a turn for the worst... She will therefore be taking herself over there to be with her Mummy and Dad at this time, leaving us in to look after D'Boy and Daddy... I'm not sure how much food they will need, and sure hope they don't want to share from my bowl! However, I have promised Mummy to be a good girl and keep them well fed and safe until she can come back home to us...

Those of you who are on FB or Twitter will possibly get to hear from Mummy while she is away, at least in part - she has promised to look after herself (and bring us something nice home - Tigmut'hep's voted for some Honeysuckle Wood!), so please don't worry about her, just purr for our Grammy as she's a wonderful lady and we all love her so very much. However we have had "The Talk" from Mummy and understand that it is probably "Her Time", even if we so wish it wasn't...

Wednesday 9 September 2009

Wonderful Wednesday and Winnings...

Matching Open Class and Best of Breed Ribbons

As you can see both momma Isis and I have been adding purrty ribbons to the ribbon collection here, having come home from our latest cat show with a matched set of Open Class wins and Best of Breed wins too! :) In fact I won all the classes Mummy and Daddy entered me in, so have 2 more slightly smaller purrty red ribbons too! Momma Isis did well too, winning all but one of her classes and then still managing to come 3rd in a very large class of assorted Foreign type cats...

Then towards the end of the show Momma Isis got taken to visit Robert the professional photographer to took her photos a year or so ago, as Royal Canin wanted my momma Isis to have her photo taken for their website as we eats quite a lot of their bikky and she's gained her Champion title now. So that I didn't feel all left out Mummy and Daddy also took me to visit Robert and have my photos done on the same background as my momma had used for her photos this time. So I hopes to be able to show you lots of purrty pictures of me some time next week, once Robert has gotten home from his photographic assignments this week and had a chance to sort everything out and print and post my glossies to Mummy and Daddy - yep you're right I'll be waiting by the door for the postie lady all week next week, until they arrive here! ;)

So as you see it's a wonderful Wednesday, even if I've been told I have to let Mummy get back to her studying... It's sunny here and I'm feeling all bouncy, so having a great game of bounce and pounce with momma Isis and uncle Ramses, plus soon Emma the goggy will come out for her afternoon woof and run around next door and I just loves saying hello to her from the safety of the cat run! :)

Tuesday 18 August 2009

Tuesday Thrush Therapy

Well it seems that Thrushy is still in our garden, having turned up there about 4 days ago now, we really love watching him hopping around and pecking at stuff. In fact we like him so much that all of us are spending lots of time in the run watching him, including Ramses who has been (and still is to a lesser extent) very sick in deed...

Mummy thinks that Thrush therapy is probably good for him, as all this thinking about birdies is bound to help perk up his appetite and therefore help him gain back the weight he's lost. Mummy says she thinks he's finally on the mend though so we are all greatly relieved at that and just hope he doesn't suffer any more setbacks on his road back to full health... He really is a lovely brother, so I'm purring lots for him that's for sure! :)

Sunday 16 August 2009

Satistied Sunday

Yes, I'm very satisfied with life today... Yesterday I won my Champion title at the cat show Mummy and Daddy tool me too, even if my dopey daughter Setra wasn't in a fit state to go too. The silly girl went and rendered herself unfit for showing by playing rough with my brother Ramses late last week. The annoying thing is she was sure to have won her Open class too, even if she has no chance of getting Best in Breed over me! ;) I mean I beat a girly cat I know who is already a Champion to get myself another of those purrty Best of Breed medals that this show give you. In fact because of an administrative mix up I even had to beat her to get my 3rd Challenge Certificate to get my new Title! :)

Other than that Mummy and Daddy bought me lots of presents! :) I gotted a little mousie that squeaks if you move it, a purple squidlike Kong toy which has a bell deep inside it and flys a long way when you bat it good and proper! ;) Oh and a rolly ball crunchy dispencer, which really satisfies my urge to clean up and a huge great bench box thingy for the run so I has lots of sitting and sunning space, while they have a place to put some of their garden bits. The nice thing is Mummy and Daddy can both sit on the bench box and I can lay in the middle getting fussed by both of them! :) Yes, all in all I'm very satisfied with my haul and I have some steak promised for my dinner, 'cause Mummy loves me lots and lots...

Friday 7 August 2009

Friday Flirt and Funtime... ;)

Well hello boys, Setra here! :) It's certainly been a while since I was last aloud to write my bloggy and as I sure hope you can see I've been doing quite a bit of growing-up in that time... ;)

I mean just looks at me in my cute little 'kini top, don't I looks gorgeous (regardless of what momma Isis says...) and I think pink just might be my colour too! :)

Anyway I has been told to hurry it up as Mummy has to go for an MRI on her dodgy knee in a bit, leaving us to play with the Litter Kwitter we is testing for Your Cats Magazine all on our own... That's right Mummy, I is going to practice my fishin' skills again as soon as you is out of the house iffen I still feel like it! Oh and I is not a bratty teen and iffen you and momma Isis keep saying I am I shall go off and trash your bedroom before having a good sulk, you got that 'k?! However iffen you tell me I is beautiful and gives me all the sweeties I want I shall be good as gold you know... ;) Just thought you'd like to know that, 'k... :)

Tuesday 4 August 2009

Tattle Tale Tuesday!

Well it's all kind of busy, but nice here at the moment... Daddy is off work for a few days and he and Mummy have had a sort of mini holiday - thankfully mostly spent with us! :) However they did go and see Bill Bailey Live and so we missed one snuggle night because of him, but since they were home quite early the next day we have decided to forgive them! ;)

They had a lot to celebrate though, as not only was it Daddy's Birthday, but Mummy gotted the results from the first Module of her Feline Studies course back from her tutor and it seems she gotted herself a straight A! So she and Daddy did their usual happy dance... Mummy's now finished Module 2 and is waiting on that being marked, while waiting for the 3rd Module to arrive in the post. This is one I can help her with purrsonally as it's all about feline reproduction, something I'm rather good at you know! ;) I has told Mummy that I is willing to reproduce again for her, but she says she just has to read a lot and write a lot about it and so there is no need for my doing any 'practical' for her... Yes, Mummy this is why I woke you up at 3am and insisted on sitting on your chest and pulling the covers off of you until you fussed me! I demand the right to make myself more cute ickle baby kittens to play with and love... What do you mean I have to wait to later in the year? *pout* What do you mean by saying I can't go back to visit my lovely Solo?! How said he could retire? *double pout* Who's this Howell Dha you're talking about?! You say he carries sorrel and dilute and I can have some ickle blue kittens iffen I feel like it in my next litter!!! Ok Mummy I still loves you bestest of all... ;)

Thursday 9 July 2009

Meet my new friend Keekai

Here's me and Keekai, we've been playing all day long! Keekai likes letting me pick all the games we play together, she really is so sweet and I loves her lots...
So just you remember she's all mine 'k?! ;)