Monday 26 January 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Well it's now less than 3 weeks until my kittens are due and Mummy seems to think I'm well on track to have another 4 kittens from the size and weight I am at present. I do hope she's right as I rather liked having 4 all at once, where as my litter sister Mynx had 5 in the litter she had last summer and found it utterly exhausting and needed a LOT of help from her Mum & Dad to cope with them all to start with. Our big sister Noodle has had 5 once too and thought it was exceptionally hard going, where as 4 seems just purrfect to her... Anyway we'll see if Mummy's guess is right in only a little while now and I'm sure she'd help me out if I needed it! :)

I'll keep it brief today though as Mummy's exhausted as she and Daddy were at a funeral today and have done a lot of driving and the like. I gather this means that they'll be curling up in bed with Ramses and myself far earlier than normal, so even if I do have to cut my blogging short today because of it I shall certainly make the most of the fringe benefits! :)

Monday 19 January 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Well my belly is growing and I've gained a whole 200g's since last Mummycat Monday, so things are going well here and I'm exceedingly content! :)

Yesterday Mummy cooked us a lovely roast chicken, which we shared with the family (after all we're very civilized and considerate cats), I must admit that my brother Ramses did scoff rather a lot of this, but I certainly got a good portion of it too! :) Today Mummy is making a pie full of shepherds I gather, I'm a little concerned about this as I'm pretty sure I've never eaten a shepherd before now - but I'm sure they'll be lovely and tender by the time Mummy's finished with them and hopefully I'll get to test a little of the meat along with my usual dinner... ;) I guess there must be good eating on a shepherd as she says the pie will be big enough to feed the family for 2 days!

Other than that the weekend bought us some much warmer weather than we've had for months, so we all got to go and play in the run for a little while. I hear it will rain today and maybe snow in places, so I guess it's back to the cold again... However it was so nice to have a break in the cold and to be able to have a good sniff of that squirrel at last! He's mighty daring you know and will even come along the fence behind the black bamboo while I'm in the run looking at him if there are peanuts on the bird table... Hopefully he'll eat so many of these that he won't be able to run soon and then I can catch him and play with him for a bit - he looks much more fun than Ramses catnip squirrel and I must say he smells much more interesting too! ;) Though if this plan fails one of Mummy's friends has promised to let us have any bunnies he has going spare when he goes hunting. It is a very long time since we all had fresh bunny... Look I wouldn't want to eat a cute pet one, just a wild one that's become a pest and has been culled - I mean why let good bunny go to waist?! It's just a shame there is no such sport as wild chicken hunting, as I believe my dear brother Ramses would be very keen on that! ;)

Monday 12 January 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Well I have just about 5 weeks to go now until the kittens are due and I'm making the most of my rest time and cuddles with Mummy and my brother Ramses! :) They have both been most supportive over the past few weeks, especially with the sudden and tragic loss of my beloved Sen-Chan... *sigh* Just to have known a mancat like him has been worth the sadness though and I shall do my level best to make sure his dear little sister Tama-Chan goes on to become the ladycat I know she can be! I know he'd have expected that of her, after all he had the most wonderful manners for a mancat! ;) I speak with authority here having shared my home with 2 mancats all my life and them both being messy eaters, who I'm constantly having to clean up after... Until I met Sen-Chan I thought all mancats were like that, but he gave me hope for mancatkind as he was both, gentle and kind as well as far neater than either my dear brother Ramses (who has the excuse of having a few teeth missing) and Tigmut'hep - who's only excuse is that he has a bad case of the munchies (post 'nip abuse hunger pangs) and can't quite remember what he's doing half the time (again down to 'nip abuse I think, rather than him having a seniorcat moment!)

Anyway I'm doing well and my ickle baby kittens are just starting to swell my belly a little, in fact my weight gain is just a little in advance of last time - this means there is a greater chance that I'll either have more kittens than last time or I'll have slightly bigger ones! It's all rather exciting, especially as Marie's Mommy is due just a few days after I am!!! :) Oh yes Marie's Blurpie and my kittens could well share a Birthday even - if so this might well be the same day as Daddy's Mum's Birthday! So you see mid February is going to be a busy time for us here... What's more my second-cousin Baillee could well be going to visit her first real boyfriend Storm by then, which will mean that her Mummy will come to visit with us for an hour or so, on her way home from dropping Baillee off. I so hope that I have some kittens here to show her by then as I know she'd love to see them and I do so love to show my kittens off! :)

Oh well time for another little nap before Mummy has to get ready for her Fizzy-O, you know I really don't know why they call it that as I've licked and licked that shoulder and it doesn't really taste any different than the other one... Maybe I'll have to try it sooner after she gets back to notice any Fizzy-O?! I also think that Mummy may well look for a t-shirt for Tigmut'hep later today when she and Daddy do the weekly food hunting with the D'boy. I think it's very admirable that Mummy and Daddy both try to teach D'Boy about food hunting, although I have noted that Daddy is not allowed to prepare it for eating... I gather this is because he's a little like Tigmut'hep and would scoff the lot before anyone else got a look in, even though Mummy says it's because of something she calls "total incompetence with regard to cooking" - since I understand the word totally to mean "everything" I'm pretty sure I have my own definition correct, in that he'd eat it all, or have to eat it all himself! ;)

Monday 5 January 2009

Saturday 3 January 2009

Rest in Peace, my Sweet Sen-Chan...

Oh how can I put into words the feelings I have at the passing of my sweet and loving boyfriend Sen-Chan at the age of just 16 months? I am utterly grief stricken and the world does not seem quite so bright today...

He was the best of cats and the most loving mancat a girly cat could ever know... It is truly a tragedy and I feel deeply for his sweet little sister Tama-Chan, Tom the woffie and #1 - who must all be suffering right now...

Sleep well my darling boy, until we meet again... For now I must be brave and carry on, so I can be a good mother to the kittens we would have both loved...

Thursday 1 January 2009

Happy Mew Year!!! - Breaking News!!!!

Well 2009 looks like being a good year for me! :) Mummy tends to think I'm pregnant and keeps inspecting my belly for signs that I'm "pinking up", 'cause I won't tell her if I am yet! ;) Though I think my milk cravings have been on the increase - well that's my excuse for getting caught drinking most of Dad's milk at bedtime yesterday... Well he shouldn't leave it where I can get to it! Other than stealing milk and helping Mummy read her new book that D'Boy got her for KissMouse it's called "The Devious Book for Cats". So far it's a very good read and highly informative too! :) I've also had fun visiting a few new kitty friends here and one woffie who's very cute and shares my name! :) So why not go visit my new friends Aoises, Beethoven, Crazy Meezer, Jeter Harris (who I've known of for ages, but don't know very well) and Princess Isis the Woffie! All of them have something in common with me, either having the same name, or a Birthday or Gotcha Day around this time of year, so I'm sure they'll be friends for ever now... Oh and my friend and second cousin Baillee has just joined our blogging community, so do drop by and make her feel welcome! Gosh it seems all her family are joining, so please say hello to George and Mo - who's almost a clone of Tigmut'hep to look at! :)

Ok, so I can't hide my purrty pinkness from Mummy any longer and that means my kittens are due on Valentines Day which is just so purrfect as I'm sure you'll all agree! Now off to scoff some celebratory tuna! :)