Monday 27 April 2009

Mummycat Monday and Manic Mummy Monday! ;)

Well the kittens are now 10 weeks old and are busy playing most of the time they're not eating or sleeping, this is great as they let me play too! :) It's nice being the biggest and fastest as I win most of the games! ;) Though the kittens then start changing the rules of the game or changing the game entirely, to something like chase *MY* tail! Ah well I'm still faster and can jump higher than them, so they can't catch me! ;)

Other than playing with the kittens, I've been watching Mummy being very busy writing stuff for magazines and filling in forms too. You see my little son Elzar will be going off to Italy in June to live with a lovely family and a purrty sorrel girl called Olivia, who will be his number 1 wife! He'll be getting a few more wives when he's old enough to take care of them though! ;) I'm sure he'll keep then all very happy though, and he'll get plenty of cuddles from his new Mummy & Daddy as well as their son, just like he gets here from Mummy, Daddy and D'Boy! :)

Little Enta will be staying quite locally to us with a lovely family and their little pet rabbit! I'm sure she's going to love the bunny and I know she's going to love the family as she had a really good cuddle with her new Mummy when they visited and even fell asleep in her arms! :)

So I'm one very content Mummycat, now that I know my babies will have wonderful lives ahead of them - though I'm not sure about being a Grandmummycat by about this time next year! ;) After all I'm far too young and glamerous to be considered a Grandmummy... But I shall certainly enjoy playing with Setra's babies and seeing photos of Elzar's when they start arriving too! :) Now I just have to purr that Mummy gets through all this paperwork soon so I can talk to my friends more often...

Monday 13 April 2009

Mini me Monday!

Hi everybuddy, my mummy said I could come and say hello to you all today as I'm now a full 8 weeks old! Mummy says I shouldn't try and talk to you while I haz my brudder's tail in my mouth, but I'm sure you can understand me well enough - that and I fink my brudder's tail tastes kinda good right now! ;) Mind you it's not as good as the roasty chicken we had for supper last night...

Talking of roast chickens, I fink we are getting a likle bit more later! :)

Now I fink it's time for me to go play with my little red ball and see if my sisfur's tail tastes good too, after that I fink it'll be time to try mummy's tail! It sure is bigger and jucier than my siblings tails, as is Uncle Ramses tail... ;) The Mummy says I will grow out of this tail fixation in a few months when I get my bog girl teeth through, and that it's this teething thing that makes a kitten wanna chew stuff all the time, even the Mummy's toes! ;)

Monday 6 April 2009

Mummycat Monday...

Well the kittens are now 7 weeks old and are getting pretty big! They are into everything and anything as well as doing there level best to eat Mummy out of house and home! ;) Oh yes they are just like D'Boy, always looking for their next meal... So much so that they all get together and make sure that I am not withholding milk from them a number of times each day, especially before nap time!

They have been pretty good in learning all about hunting toy mousies this past week, although they don't as yet have the all encompassing enthusiasm for the mousies as I do. Mummy tells me this is because I'm a little nutty about mousies... I assure you Mummy, my mousies haven't got any nuts in 'em or on 'em. I should know I've put the bitey on them good and proper many times now! ;) Oh yes there is little quite like putting the bitey on a toy mousie to make me happy! :)

Other than that Mummy fed us all some roast beef last night and the kittens devoured it like a pack of furry Parana! ;) Lastly Mummy's been planting us some more catnip for the cat run, so we'll have a total of 6 different varieties growing in there this summer! :) As you might have guessed my housemate Tigmut'hep is very pleased about this news...