Wednesday 27 February 2008

Totally Cool Fact on , and Thankful Thursday too!!!

Well I learnt something really, really cool today... It seems that both Ramses and I are related to the cats from the American Abyssinian Breeder Tausert's, who played Jake in the 1978 Disney movie "The Cat from Outer Space" - now how cool is that?! Ok so we're talking 12 generations or more ago, but never the less we're both related to cats from this blood line and breeder. Now that's gotta be the cat equivalent of finding out you're related to Clark Gable or similar?!

So not only have I become Royalty this year, but I've found a long lost famous relative too! :) Darn shame I'm not due some of the movie royalties, 'cause I'm sure that'd keep me in 'nip and bikkies for a while... ;)

Now for the other reason Thursday's were created... Yes to be thankful for! :) Today I'm feeling thankful for a few things:

  1. I'm thankful that my ickle baby kittens are growing in my belly, I now weigh 4.2Kg thanks to them getting bigger all the time!
  2. I'm thankful that it's only a little over a week now before I have my ickle kittens...
  3. I'm very thankful for big dinners, breakfasts and lunch as being pregnant makes you very hungry!
  4. I'm thankful that Dad's getting better slowly, but surely - 'cause he's ben a dreadful sofa hog all week!
  5. I'm thankful that the boy keeps leaving his bedroom door open 'cause I like it in his room!
  6. I'm so thankful that Mummy bought me a zoom groom last weekend! :)
  7. I'm thankful that I've had a pawdicure - this means I won't need one for weeks to come! ;)
  8. I'm thankful that I have a wonderful Lady in Waiting and friend in Miss Peach and I hope she knows that I loves her lots! :)
  9. I'm additionally thankful for having inspirational ladycats as some of my friends, like Princess and Storm!
  10. I'm very thankful for being awarded an award for Blogging Excellence from Mindy and Moe at Team Tabby! :)
  11. I'm thankful that I can pass this wonderful award on to Daisy as I find her Fashion Friday's inspiring and just love her Sunday Cartoons! :)
  12. I'm also thankful to Kimo and Sabi for teaching me lots about Bean Kittens, so I'm passing them the award too! :)
  13. Lastly I'm extremely thankful that Tigmut'hep doesn't like cat milk or yoghurt, 'cause I can eat them in peace and I love them both! ;)

Monday 25 February 2008

Tummy Tuesday...

Today is my second to last Tummy Tuesday before the kittens are due! Isn't that just amazing... :) In just 2 more weeks I'll have a litter of ickle baby Abys all lined up at my milk bar feeding their lovely little faces on the good stuff! ;)

I just hope that by then Dad's stopped trying to explode his own face and that he doesn't make Mummy sick in the mean time! A sick Mummy this close to my having kittens would be BAD! :(

Today Mummy's gone through her list of stuff to have ready for the kittens birth and/or just after it. Most of the stuff is now in a big bag on the table downstairs ready for Mummy to bring up here! She's also made a fleece cover for my new heating pad, a little washable mattress for the kittens so they can be comfy when she weighs them twice a day and a blanket to use as a backdrop for kitten photos... All I've done while watching Mummy be busy was lay on my back and show her my belly as it moved thanks to little paws pushing at me! ;)

Mummy also bought me some interesting looking new kitty litter that soaks up kitty pee totally and doesn't smell at all. She says it's non tracking too, so that's what I'll have in my upstairs little litter box when the kittens arrive. This will save me having to leave the kittens to go to the litter box, I'll even get my dinners served to me up here! I'm starting to think I'm getting better treatment than ladybeans get when they have people kittens... ;)

Having Dad home sick with Manflu has had one benefit, he found a lot of my little feather butt mice for me under the sofa! Plus I think he could be persuaded to get my zoom groom out and give me a good grooming if I ask him often enough, though I'd settle for him opening my bikky pot again too! ;) It seems Mummy finks there's a downside to my having lotsa feather butt mice again, I'm not sure why? I only wanted to show her 1 or 2 at 3am and play with them in bed between her legs so they didn't escape again! ;)

Thursday 21 February 2008

Two Weeks and Two Days!

Well it's not long to go now, 'til I have a lovely litter of ickle baby kittens to love and clean! As you can see I'm looking rather wonderful and still enjoying posing for lots of photos, as well as playing with my brother Ramses or that grump Tigmut'hep! ;)

I've not gained any more weight this week, but Mummy says my waistline is looking more bulgy! Honestly Mummy yours would too iffen you had a belly full of kittens, especially as they're starting to move a bit now... Just nice gentle reassuring movements, nothing scary like in that movie Alien! ;)

Mummy says I can now count the days until my kittens are here on my paw pads, since Tuesday I've counted off the two dewclaws and am now starting to count off the toe pads of my back left paw - I've been checking the paw every few hours to make sure I still have the same number of toe pads on it! ;) On Monday next week I will start counting off the toe pads on my back right paw... By this time next week I'll be able to start on my left front paw, once I've counted that one off daily and am on my right front paw the kittens could come any time! :) Mummy has warned me that they could be a few days late even so not to get myself worried iffen they like it in the warmth for an extra day or two... ;) Anyway it's not long now! :)

Oh and last night Mummy came home with some new scales for weighing the kittens on! :) She has to weigh them straight after they are born and then twice a day every day for the first few weeks to make sure they're thriving and drinking up all their milk like good ickle kittens should! Once they're a few weeks old, Mummy will only have to weigh them every 2-3 days just to make sure they continue to grow nicely... Next week on "Tummy Tuesday" I'll be going through her list of things she will or might need for the kitten birth with her and seeing if she's remembered it all! Oh yes I'm keeping a close eye on everything from warming pads to kitten feeding bottles... It's surprising how much preparation is needed to make sure everything goes smoothly for me and the kittens, but it does mean that unless it's a real emergency I shouldn't need to see my Vet man, Hubert or even Sally Vet at out emergency vets! :)

Now I fink it's time for a nap before I start asking for my lunch... ;) Oh yes and I'm seeing someone else one of my kittens might own on Saturday morning! :) Plus Mummy'll be going to a cat show this weekend and might come home with treats and toys for us all!

Friday 15 February 2008

Tummy Tuesday!

Well look at what those lovely people at Zoolatry have made me, to make the start of my last 2 full weeks of pregnancy! :) I hope that stork is ready to work overtime, 'cause my belly's getting huge... ;) I've also noticed that my nipples are getting all big, in fact I've become rather fascinated with them and have been spending plenty of time grooming them - Dad keeps teasing me and saying I shouldn't start trying to drink my own milk or there'll be none left for my ickle baby kittens... Silly Dad, just cause I guzzled your tea the other day, you fink I want to drink all the milky stuff I can - well ok mostly you're right! ;) But the kittens will have plenty of milk and Mummy's got a supply of kitten formula in just in case...

Most days now I'm hungry enough to ask for a little extra meat at lunchtime as well as my bikkies and cat milk or yoghurt! The boys are helping me eat it all up iffen I don't get there fast, so Mummy has to stand guard until I've had my fill... Honestly you'd have thought that Tigmut'hep was the one having the ickle baby kittens from the amount he can shovel away! ;) Mummy says it's only 2.5 weeks now until the kittens are due and I may feel like finding a nice spot to have them in soon... I will have to read my pregnancy book with Mummy some more to see what I have to do next - it's a shame they don't have pregnancy classes for ladycats, though at lease I have Mummy as my birth coach! :) She'll be there to hold my paw and see to my every need and that of each and every ickle baby kitten I have - Mummy has pointed out that she may need a few extra hands for all the jobs I have lined up for her... ;)

Let me see, I want her to hold my paw, mop my brow, make sure each kitten stays warm while it's siblings are being born, weigh each kitten at birth and tell me iffen it's a boy or girl kitty - oh yes and put on an ID band so I can tell who is who right from the get go! :) I mean when they are first born all kittens look much the same, and Abys are often exactly the same colour too and have no distinguishing markings, plus they'll smell the same until they start developing their own special individual scent (please make sure none smell like Baby Mao!), so it's kind of essential that Mummy makes it easy to tell them apart! ;)

Fancy Friday! :)

Well I had a fantastic night last night with Napoleon! Though I'm not sure the waiter will ever get over my climbing on the table and drinking the butter than came with my lobster - well that an my asking for a 5th bowl full of yoghurt to finish off the meal with... ;) Oh well Napoleon left him a big fat tip and then presented me with the biggest bestest present a girlycat could ever get - yes I now has more, bigger and better bling than HRH Yao-Lin! After having the royal jeweller work overtime I have had the necklace adjusted to fit me perfectly and the spare diamond drops have become earrings... I must say I'm rather pleased with the end result! :) I can now sit and look at myself in the mirror as I dream of my own little mancat Napoleon, as my belly expands to fit the kittens I've been percolating for most of the past 7 weeks - yes just a few more weeks and I can hatch them out! ;) Till then I shall lounge around in my amazing diamonds and look gorgeous and pregnant... :) Though I think I've developed a craving for melted butter after last night! ;)

Thank you Napoleon for making me so very happy and filling my tummy with food and my neck with amazing diamonds! I'm one lucky ladycat... :)

Oh and Congrats to the lovely Daisy and her mancat Skeezix! :) You two are so right for each other... :)

Thursday 14 February 2008

My Valentines Day...

To all the kittens growing in my tummy
Be good and soon I'll be your Mummy! :)

Well other than finking of my ickle baby kittens in my ever growing belly today, I've been finking of that cute mancat Napoleon and where he might be taking me for our Valentines Day dinner in a bit... Well I've got my priorities at the moment! ;) I was finking an all you can eat buffet would be nice, though right now would probably settle for the drive through at KFC iffen he got me a huge family feast bucket full of chicken... :) Right now I'll settle for quantity over quality in the food department iffen I have to! ;) Oh well better go and demand a grooming so my furs are all purrty for Napoleon...

Wednesday 13 February 2008

Wonderful, Weary Wednesday! :)

Well what a wonderful tea party it was yesterday! Thank you all for coming to visit and for all the yummy treats you bought... I just adored those salmon scones and tuna puffs! :)

I must thank my dear friend and official Lady in Waiting the lovely Miss Peach, so very much for all her help at the party - she is such a gem! :) In fact all of you were perfect ladycats (even Skeezix in his pretty pink outfit!) and so sweet to me... I so enjoyed talking about mancats and ickle baby kittens, Kaze had so many good tips to share as did the other retired queens! :)

So for now I fink I had better rest and recuperate, I mean I need my strength to help my half-brother Ramses snoopervise Dad's DIY over the next few days! ;) I can't wait to have a hallway that's not "rubber duck yellow" any more, but a pleasing sort of vanilla ice cream colour - with will look a lot better with my furs! :)

I have a busy weekend ahead as it seems I have some people visiting me on Sunday! They are interested in adopting some of my kittens once they are old enough to leave home and I have to make sure they smell right for a start... I plan to let them pet me iffen they do, so I can see how good they are at appreciating good furs like mine! Iffen they pass that test I shall let them play with me and my feather wand or one of my other lovely toys, and maybe I'll even let them see our cat run and the new condo! :) Well they've got to understand what sort of standards my kittens will be used to and therefore require - none of these beastly Paris Hilton's (as Skeezix has so kindly explained in his blog today) for my kittens... :( Oh no, I'z making sure they all have nice people to own! :)

The other reason for my deciding to rest today is that it seems Tigmut'hep has another of his famous 'nip hangovers! *giggle*

Tuesday 12 February 2008

Tummy Tuesday Tea Party!!!!

Well hello everykitty! :) I'm so pleased that you're all here for my first Tea Party... Please make yourself comfortable on the sofa, chaise lounge or stool - there is also a large soft cushion in the corner and 2 large cat beds for those who prefer! :) Oh and there are plenty of throws for those ladycats who feel the cold easily...

Help yourself to some of the delicious tea; Twinings Breakfast Blend is my personal favourite at present! :) Though we have peach and redcurrent, lime and ginger, fennel, green and jasmine teas for those who prefer something a little more exotic... I believe my loyal Lady in Waiting, the lovely Miss Peach is coming over with a little of her excellent catnip tea in a bit and maybe a few others for you all to try! :)

There's plenty of nice nibbly food on the table, turkey terrine, poached prawns in a delightful fish broth, a vast array of kitty bikky, including some delightful organic varieties in very pleasing shapes! There is a catnip jelly with thick kitty milk for pudding too, so don't over indulge on the savouries... ;) I'm sorry to say we have to go without kitty paella as I was a little over excited in waking Mummy up and managed to stick one of my claws into her leg with all my weight behind it (while trying to rescue the mousie I took up for her to play with...) - the end result being that Mummy woke everyone in the house up screaming as a result of my claw... :( Apparently being woken up with a claw shoved into ones soft inner thigh is grossly inappropriate iffen you want that self same person to spend the morning cooking for you... ;) Well at least I've learnt that lesson before I have the kittens here, I guess I had better teach them this most valuable of lessons before letting them leave home?! ;)

Oh and before I forget any ladycat wishing to play for a bit can join my brother Ramses and our housemate Tigmut'hep with all the Mancats in the cat run! They are showing everyone our nearly completed kitty condo, so do take a quick look...

Saturday 9 February 2008

Saturday Signposts and similar!

Proof that deer are vishus is here at last! See this sign of a deer attacking an innocent person in a car - please also note that the deer is pushing the car off the road! Oh yes these deer are stronger and more vishus that any kitty thought it seems! Though as a few brave kitties have pointed out in the past they also taste very good, especially with lots of good gravy added... Well I'm pregnant at the moment and will eat anything that's not nailed down! ;)

I'd also like to thank my lovely Lady in Waiting Miss Peach for giving me this wonderful award! :) It seems even a ladycat of Miss Peach's age and fine education can learn a little something interesting about making ickle baby kittens from a young queen like myself! :) I'm so proud of this award I'm practially glowing with pride!

Wednesday 6 February 2008

Awards and Next Week it's "Tea on Tummy Tuesday..."

Firstly I'd like to thank my new friend Chance for giving me this lovely award! :) Apparently my talking about where kittens come from has saved him from asking his Mom a lot of very embarrassing questions! ;)

I'd like to pass this most special award to my other new friend Kaia, as she too is a queen and it's so lovely to have found another one who likes to blog like me! :)

I'd also just to let you all know that I'm having a nice little tea party with lotsa tasty goodies here next "Tummy Tuesday". My lovely Lady in Waiting, Miss Peach, who is famous for her tea parties will be here to make sure the tea is tasty and that I don't over do things at this stage in my pregnancy! She's such a gem... :)

So all you ladycats who like nothing better than to gossip about those silly mancats, who we just love to flirt with, remember the date! I'll be here bright and early because of the time zone I live in... Those in more far flung time zones, please excuse me if I have to go put my paws up and take a bit of a nap later on. :) Oh yes, we can talk about baby kittens too, and fashion, food, what's best in cat toys - you name it, we can talk about it! ;)

In the meantime have a lovely week... I'm off for a spot more breakfast and a morning nap I think! :)

Tuesday 5 February 2008

Tummy Tuesday!

It's amazing how fast these Tummy Tuesdays come around! My tummy is certainly growing with each week now and when Mummy weighed me on Sunday afternoon, I weighed in at 3.6Kg - that's nearly 1/2 Kg more than I normally weigh... Mummy tells me that this week and next are when the kittens grow the most, so it makes sense that I'm very hungry and have gained a lot of weight!

This time next week the kittens should each be about 6cm long, where as they were only 2.5cm long the other week! Mummy estimates that they're about the size of large walnuts about now... :) Though I'm still running around and playing like normal, including climbing the sides of the run!

I've noticed that I don't like some things I used to like eating, and want to eat a lot of other things that I normally wouldn't bother with - such as Ox liver that Mummy's started to cook for me a few times a week! :) It's delicious cut up small and mixed with my usual kitten food - personally I like it best with my chicken flavour pouches!

Mummy's being very good about remembering to give me my kitty tea every lunchtime (that's cat milk with a little added hot water, to make the whole thing slightly warm to drink), it tastes so nice and creamy and I'm happy to suck down a good portion of it. Though I still leave a few drips for my lovely brother Ramses to clean up for me - well it's so sad to see a Mancat cry! ;)

The other thing I've noticed is that I'm feeling the need for more fussing and attention than normal... As such I threw myself at Mummy and Dad as soon as the alarm went off this morning! In face I kept Mummy pinned down for a good long fussing and nearly made everyone late for breakfast... ;)

Monday 4 February 2008

Paella for Kitties!

Since he liked it so much, I'm letting Tigmut'hep post the recipe for Kitty Paella! Both Ramses and I had a little of it too with some tuna and salmon stinky goodness and it was very nice and vanished rather fast - but Tigs just stuck his face in a big bowl full of it and oinked it all back! ;) Typical Tigs!

Sunday 3 February 2008

My Super Bowl Sunday! :)

Oh what a wonderful day! It just couldn't have started any better as far as I'm concerned... You see Mummy bought us the yummiest treat ever! :) She found a local place where she can get hold of Applaws Natural Cat Food and decided to let us all have a little to try it out!

So this morning my Bowl was filled up with this superb food, though sadly it didn't remain full for long! ;) It seems we all like this food, but I got the biggest share - mostly because I decided to sit on one bowl of it, while eating from my own... Oh yes I'm one smart cookie when I'm hungry, so the boys had to share from the 3rd bowl as I stuffed my face full of yummy goodness and then got to the bowl I'd been hiding under my rear end! I managed to eat my way through nearly half of that one before the boys caught on that there was more food left over - by which time I was pretty well stuffed anyway! ;)

Mummy's cooking paella tonight with squid, shrimps, chicken and Spanish sausage in it! So the kitchen is going to get mighty crowded as we all vie for the leftovers... Though I hear that Mummy's taken this into account and will be cooking us one kitty paella of our very own! :) If it turns out as well as her home cooked food normally does I'll get her to write down the recipe for me to post here for you all... So you see I'm having a really Super Bowl Sunday here in the UK! :)